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25 No Money Up-Front Fundraisers!

Start Now with our Free Order-Takers and up to 55% Profit!

From cookie dough to candles, flower bulbs to re-usable shopping bags, shoppers to popcorn, JustFundraising.com has you covered with the highest quality products and best profit in the industry.

Order-Taker fundraisers are simple to run! Choose your favorite brochure below, order 1 for each of your sellers, and canvas your community for sales, collecting your funds up-front. After 2-3 weeks of sales, send us your full order and we’ll ship you your products, which you’ll distribute to your supporters.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

One of the most popular and fastest growing fundraising programs. We offer an incredible selection of quality cookie dough fundraisers. They are all delicious.

Nuts & Snacks

Who doesn't love eating snacks? These order-takers offer a wide selection of tasty snacks from crunchy nuts, to chocolate delights and assorted candies.

Popcorn Fundraisers

Our popcorn fundraisers are some of the tastiest treats you and your supporters will ever eat! From 7 flavored, caramel and fudge popcorn, to 6 caramel corn flavors.

Candle Fundraising

Our 7 candle fundraisers have been very carefully chosen to ensure quality in the waxes used, and a selection of scented candles that will really sell.

Holiday Shoppers

Try one of our Seasonal Shoppers. We'll pack your sales by student absolutely free of charge, for your most convenient fundraiser.

Flower Fundraising

Only choice premier quality bulbs. Your supporters shouldn't be surprised if these flowers are the most beautiful that they've ever seen.

Cinnamon Rolls & Pretzel

Everyone loves cinnamon rolls and pretzels of all types, so why not sell them for your next fundraiser?


The Ultimate Coffee Collection fundraising program is one of our top choices for all the coffee lovers out there.