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Top Graduation Fundraising Ideas

Snackin in the USA

Snackin In The USA

Sell 20 delicious, sweet and savory treats for only $10 each!

Quote Candle Fundraiser

Quote Candles

A choice of 8 beautiful scented candles with an inspirational quote

$16 Gourmet Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

All your favorites in a great $16 format!

Scratch & Help

Scratch & Help

Fun and easy way for your group to earn up to 100% profit!

Graduation Fundraising

Graduating from high school or university is a huge milestone in a young adult’s life. For many, it may be the last time they set foot inside a school—for others it means leaping into the world of post-secondary education. Regardless, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives where opportunity and uncertainty are plenty, and the idea of “responsibility” starts to have new meaning. Graduation is as much about saying goodbye to those formative years as it is celebrating them—and creating a lasting memory of their peers, mentors and parents who have guided them along the way.

Graduation ceremonies can be expensive for schools that want to send their students off smiling. Student trips, yearbooks, awards and graduation rings, bookings and catering—many of these items are required to throw a successful graduation celebration. While some schools expect students and parents to do their part by contributing heavily to the costs of graduation, others choose to involve the community and throw fundraisers in order to subsidize the expenses. Successful fundraisers can mean the difference between a hardcover and softcover yearbook; a restaurant and a church basement; a discount DJ or a professional live band. The trick is choosing the correct fundraiser and ensuring that it will meet your expectations in terms of profitability.

Let Us Help Make Their Graduation Memorable

JustFundraising has helped over 30,000 groups raise more than $70 million and we know that our high-quality, high-profit fundraising solutions will work perfectly to achieve the goals for the graduation year and ceremony you have in mind. JustFundraising knows graduation isn’t just about celebrating the students. It’s a way for parents to celebrate their children’s completion of an important milestone in their lives. We’ve got proven graduation fundraising ideas to make it all happen!

JustFundraising Offers the Following to Ensure You Raise More:

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For helpful fundraising tips on how to setup your graduation fundraiser click here or scroll-down the page.

Browse our Other Categories of Graduation Fundraising Products

JustFundraising offers 2 methods of product fundraising – order-takers (or brochures) and direct-sellers (also known as show-and-sell).

Order Takers

Order-Takers are brochures featuring quality items to sell, such as cookie dough, gourmet snacks and gift items, usually priced between $5 and $25. We’ll send them to you free of charge so you can start selling, and earning up to 55% profit.

Direct Sellers

Direct-Sellers are any product that you have in-hand to sell such as lollipops, Hershey’s candy bars, beef sticks and scratch cards, usually priced between $0.50 and $5. Free Shipping on all.


Fundraising Recommendations for Graduation

Find Your Perfect Fundraiser

Prior to starting your fundraising activities, you should have a really good sense of the demands of your fundraiser and your community. Listed below are some things to consider before deciding upon which fundraising products your fundraiser must offer:

  • Price Point - Get a feeling of the economic circumstance of the areas you may be reaching out to. You want to provide a product that is in line with your neighborhood’s means. Make sure the items provided by your fundraiser will be priced affordably for that community.
  • Demand - Find out what is popular or in-demand inside your region. You want to be sure you are providing a solution that your contributors want. Offering an in-demand product reduces the sales stress on your volunteers by letting the item speak for itself. Follow this straightforward trick and it is going to assist your fundraising sales immensely.
  • Quality - Even though an excellent cause such as a graduation fundraiser is actually a strong incentive for potential supporters, you can’t undervalue the impact of a good quality fundraising item. An awesome item may mean multiple contributions from the same supporters due to the fact you are offering a product they really enjoy. It also implies they’ll be more likely to help your cause next time you come to them.
  • Profit Level - It’s vital you obtain a product that has a good balance of your above listed criteria but it is similarly essential not to forget your profit level. If your product fits each and every other requirement but doesn’t create income for the fundraiser, then it’s not contributing to your school’s fundraising objectives. Choose merchandise that delivers at the very least a 40% profit earning. This will likely drive down the number of unit sales required to reach your purpose.


We want to help. Call one of our experts at 1-888-440-4114. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the perfect fundraiser for your graduation.


Get Organized

If we involve the sellers, their parents, and extended family, in conjunction with teachers and staff, your fundraising project may require you to coordinate hundreds of adult and youth volunteers. So you want to get ultra-organized and create a fundraising program that considers all of your communication and management requirements. Here are several ideas to assist you to get on track:

  • Determine your fundraising profit target, as well as individual sales targets, and make sure they’re communicated routinely to your sellers and parents throughout the fundraiser.
  • Organize a list of adult volunteers and describe their roles - weekly funds collection, distribution day, and so on.
  • Put together a list of dates from kick-off date, to collection dates, to distribution day, and remain faithful to them.
  • Prepare yourself a list of weekly meeting dates for your Fundraising Board, so you can handle any challenges, quickly. Obtain all their emails and make certain your CCed on any fundraising-related topic, so it is possible to stay inside the loop.
  • Put together an incentive plan that is certain to excite the sellers (and their parents!). Be sure to get a spot inside the school where children can see the awards all through the fundraiser.
  • Have the most successful speaker, frequently the principal, be part of the kick-off sales pitch.
  • Prepare weekly letters and or emails to help keep the children and parents informed about the fundraiser status.


Motivate Your Graduation Fundraiser Volunteers

It may be difficult to sustain morale throughout the whole duration of your fundraiser (some can go on the whole school year!) so you, as an organizer, ought to employ tactics to keep motivation elevated. Here is often a list to have you began:

  • Assign private ‘accounts’ for people, groups or classes so their progress and contribution could be tracked separately. This can help add a healthful competitive spirit that will give a nice increase to motivation.
  • Offer gifts or other incentives to individuals, groups or classes that surpass certain milestones like quickest or most sales.
  • Do shout-outs to groups or people who are succeeding or improving. This could be done in a weekly e-mail recap, a social media update or at a school assembly. Public recognition is usually a effective motivator.
  • Don't forget to help keep an enjoyable and light atmosphere so volunteers can go about their tasks inside a pressure-free environment. A lot of pressure on your volunteers can bring about problems with motivation. Remember to have fun!
  • Make certain you as well as your teams thank your supporters for their contributions and inform them of the difference they’ve created in reaching your graduation fundraising goals.


Turn fundraising activities into a useful learning experience

At times the quick pace of a fundraiser can overshadow just how much of a valuable learning experience it can be for kids. Keep in mind to draw focus around the skills children are developing. Set up sessions to discuss and train students and volunteers on how you can create or showcase their expertise. These skills contain:

  • Communication Skills - Students will learn the way to communicate suggestions and objectives to potential supporters. Communication abilities are crucial and establishing them early can be an excellent asset.
  • Math Skills - Even though fundraisers generally only require addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, volunteers will need to carry out these operations on the fly numerous instances throughout the fundraiser. These math skills will continue to be valuable for the rest of their lives.
  • Teamwork – Students working together in the buddy system or in bigger teams get to encounter what it is like to work with others to attain a common target. Also, each seller’s personal efforts are for the good of the whole class or school, not themselves personally. Finding out how to work as an element of a group will become essential in their lives after they progress into higher education and the working world.
  • Sales Expertise – the adolescents will be able to develop skills in salesmanship which benefit more than just persons in sales. A good sales method can be applied in a lot of avenues of life and obtaining this talent early can imply a lot more opportunities for success.
  • Leadership - Young children who desire to improve or sharpen their leadership qualities can take on the function of leader in their specific teams to help keeping their group organized and driven. These experiences can help shape the leaders of tomorrow!


Graduation Fundraising Security Guidelines

There are many positive components to fundraising but even with all the positivity, we cannot neglect to make sure the sellers are conducting themselves in a secure fashion. Make sure to speak thoroughly about fundraising security in the fundraising kick-off meeting. Be sure to utilize the following guidelines to ensure your students are safe and protected while attempting to reach your objective:

  • Always make sure children are with parents when fundraising door-to-door.
  • Older children and teenagers must always use the buddy system and have no fewer than 2 of them selling together. A popular configuration includes 3 older children, two who will be ringing the doorbell and 1 who will remain around the edge of the property to have a safe view in case help must be called for.
  • Do not let your volunteers enter inside the dwelling of strangers when going door-to-door. Instruct them to keep all house-to-house fundraising activities beyond the front doorstep, quite a number of feet away from the door to be sure neighbors and passersby have got a clear viewpoint
  • Do not let your volunteers carry a huge amount of money. Have volunteers keep money in a safe and protected area on a regular basis to make sure they're not keeping too much while going house-to-house.

We needed a fundraiser for our Junior Prom, and and we went with Cookie dough and Justfundraising. The class raised $7,500 towards decorations, hall rental, and a DJ! We told the kids if they sold 30 items each, they'd get a free Prom ticket, and a third of the group scored free tickets! We'd gladly do it again!


Plymouth South High School | Plymouth, MA


We raised over $1,000. The money is for their graduation on to Kindergarten.Thank you so much for the wonderful service. We will definitely be using you guys again for our next fund raiser.


Edgewood Pre-School Graduation Class | New Haven, CT