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School Fundraising Ideas

Fast And Easy School Fundraising Ideas For Spring 2024

crazy about cookies fundraiser order-taker

Cookie Dough

The top cookie dough fundraisers for schools 5 years running

snackin in the usa cover order-taker

Snackin In The USA

Students sell 20 delicious, sweet and savory treats for only $10 each!

quality gourmet popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

The 3 most popular popcorn fundraisers available for schools.

quote collection candle order-taker

Quote Candles

A choice of 8 beautiful scented candles with an inspirational quote

art in nature flower bulbs order-taker


Students sell a great selection of flowers for the Spring season

pretzel rod carrier and 3 pretzel rods covered in chocolate

Pretzel Rods

Chocolate covered pretzels dipped in candy coated chocolate chunks

scratch & help  scratch card

Scratch Cards

Fun and easy way for your school groups to earn up to 100% profit!

hershey's candy bar carrier box

Candy Bars

Quality candy bars that are perfect for classes and groups of all sizes

Choosing The Best School Fundraisers Is More Important Than Ever!

Best school fundraising ideas

As if school fundraising wasn’t challenging enough, now schools will have to deal with the aftermath effects from COVID19. With almost all school fundraising activities cut short since March, schools will have much less money in their activities funds than they’re accustomed to. That means this Fall, school accounts will be almost empty.

For your next school fundraiser, it will be more imperative than ever to come up with easy and highly profitable fundraising products and ideas that generate the income that your school needs. With fundraising participation levels already at all-time lows, and now with the importance of minimizing social contact and gatherings, the school fundraisers that you choose need to have a one-two punch! No time for cute fundraisers that take up everyone’s after-school time and deliver poor financial results!

How JustFundraising® Can Help Your School Raise More!

JustFundraising has 24 years of fundraising experience working with schools. We’ve tried and tested close to one hundred different fundraisers over time. Below, we’re featuring some of the top school fundraising ideas that have consistently far outperformed other school fundraisers! Consider implementing them this Fall for tangible financial results!

JustFundraising Offers the Following to Ensure You Raise More:

  • FREE Virtual Website For Contact-Free Fundraising
  • Fundraising Experts To Help Guide You
  • Free Order-Takers and Free Shipping
  • High Quality Products That Sell Themselves
  • 30+ FREE-to-Start Fundraisers
  • The Highest Profit Guarantee!

8 Best School Fundraisers For All School Levels!

crazy about cookies fundraiser order-taker

1) Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraisers For Schools

Cookie dough is our top fundraising product for schools with an irresistible selection of 6 scrumptious flavors It is available in both tub format and pre-formed cookies. This cookie dough program will become their go-to. Your supporters will want to purchase multiple tubs. This is a no-money upfront fundraiser.

The cost for one tub of cookie dough ranges between $15 and $20 making this cookie dough affordable to all. We offer up to 55% profit on the cookie dough program. And now, your school can promote and sell your cookie dough fundraiser through our new online platform. A drive thru pickup can be set-up at your school for safe and timely distribution.

snackin in the usa cover order-taker

2) Snackin USA Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA has been a school fundraising favorite for close to a decade! These days and into the Fall, more families will be staying at home, which means even more demand for movie nights and great snacks!

The Snackin in the USA order-taker is a fun, easy selling program with each product selling for only $10. Your supporters will have 20 fresh snack items to choose from.

We know they will want to purchase multiple items. That means that with a profit of 50% your group will be sure to reach and even surpass their fundraising goals.

It is easy to get started, since this easy school fundraiser program requires no money up-front. You can bring the brochure with you to special events or share it online with your supporters. A drive thru pickup can be set-up at your school for safe and timely distribution.

america's favorite treats cover order-taker

3) America's Favorite Treats

If your school is searching for a white-glove school fundraiser where almost everything is taken care of, our America's Favorite Treats is an excellent option. This school fundraiser offers a selection of 6 delicious treats in 2 different formats - Scoop & Bake and Pre-Portioned!

With this program, your school will receive our free student pre-pack service. In addition, we can set your school up with a free Online Store for safe online fundraising.

Your students and parents can easily text and email local friends, family and co-workers and ask them to support your school by purchasing one or more items at your online store. We can add a ship-to-home option to your online store, as well, so you can sell across the US.

great gifts seasonal shoppers order-taker

4) Shopper Fundraiser

Seasonal shoppers offer a marvelous variety of gifts that are sure to attract buyers from all your family and friends. There are scrumptious snacks like my favorites, mint melties and pecan caramel clusters. The dip trios and soup trios, four varieties of popcorn, tons of frozen desserts and other delicious snack items are among some of the many food products that can help your supporters with their holiday party preparations.

The Hello Spring brochure also includes festive items and ornaments, jewelry, flower bulbs, kitchen items and yes, beautiful reversible gift wrap. This shopper program will be a great seller for your school group. This school fundraiser requires no money up front, shipping and pack-to-the-student services are free and your group can make up to 45% profit.

quote collection candle order-taker

5) Candle Fundraisers

Quote Candles is a highly popular school fundraiser and our number one selling candle program. The wonderful fragrances will help you relax and drift away. These are great quality candles and hand-poured in the USA.

Each year, I select at least 10 for my daughter’s teachers. They make such great gifts and already come in their own gift box.

They’re also labeled with unique inspirational messages on each candle. Teachers and friends always appreciate them.

This program requires no money up-front, shipping is free and your group can make up to 50% profit. Simply request your free order-takers and start raising funds for your school.

art in nature flower bulbs order-taker

6) Flower Bulb Fundraising Program

This green fundraiser is a perfect school fundraiser for the Spring. Who doesn’t want to beautify their garden with bright colorful flowers? I personally love selecting a variety of bulbs that I plant in the Fall each year. My garden becomes a welcome surprise each Spring. This program is an easy seller and will surely become an annual one with many repeat supporters.

Your group can get started quickly, with no money up-front and free brochures. Shipping for these items is free and your group will make 50% profit. Consider ordering a few extra flower bulb collections to bring your school garden to the next level!

pretzel rod carrier and 3 pretzel rods covered in chocolate

7) Pretzel Rods & Pretzel Twists

These delicious treats are a new welcome addition to school fundraising! A truly refreshing alternative to candy bars! The pretzel rod carrier cases include 60 rods, each individually wrapped for freshness. There are 4 different gourmet coverings and I must admit I like them all, but if I had to choose my two favorites, they would be the rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate bits. These are such a great idea for an on-the-go snack and so affordable.

The Pretzel Rods sell for $1 each and the Caramel Coated Rods are $2...so affordable that your supporters will likely buy them by the handful. My son’s soccer team set up this program at the stands during one of their games and outside the school doors at the end of the school day. They sold several master cases in just a few hours. The minimum order is only 1 master case and shipping is free.  Your group can make up to 50% with the Pretzel Rods and 55% profit with the Caramel Coated rods, so your profit can add up quickly.

scratch & help  scratch card

8) Scratch Cards Fundraisers

The Scratch Card program offers the highest profit out of all fundraisers! It’s so simple to use and easy to carry around in your pocket. Your school group’s name and logo is printed on the front of the cards and inside there is a pad of 30 coupon sheets, containing 10 coupon offers each.

Once your supporter scratches off a few scratch dots to reveal their donation, they receive a sheet of coupons that has a value of over $50 at local restaurants and other retailers.

Everyone wins and people love to scratch, so it’s a real fun way to raise funds!

Each card raises $100, and the cost of one scratch card is only $20.  A small school team of 20 students can raise $1,600 profit!

america's variety candy bar carrier box

9) Premium Candy Bar Fundraisers

Candy bars are a quick, impulsive purchase for just about everyone! Our One Dollar Bars and Chocolatiers brands are tasty bars and uniquely packaged specifically for school fundraising. These quality candy bar programs are guaranteed hot sellers. Your group can choose from the $1, $1.50 or $2 candy bars. The candy bar program works well with any size group, whether it’s your entire school, team or individual club.

You can set up a candy bar stand at school events and they are sure to sell out super quickly. Our candy bars are peanut-free programs, so perfectly safe for school fundraising. The attractive carrier case makes the chocolate irresistible and easily transportable.

Your group can make a profit of up to 60% on the $2 Community Chocolatiers Candy Bars or up to 50% on the $1 Chocolatiers or America’s Variety Packs. The minimum order is only 1 case and shipping is free. JustFundraising also offers three Hershey’s candy bar assortments to choose from.

Popular DIY School Fundraisers and School Event Fundraising Ideas

Daycare and Preschool Fundraising Ideas:

Daycare and preschool fundraising ideas

1) Ice Cream Taste Test and Decoration:

Have your pre-schoolers pay about $5 each to participate in an ice cream taste test. They will get to choose 5 flavors to try. The child who guesses the most correct flavors can receive an extra prize, as well. In addition, let them choose their favorite flavor and decorate it to their heart’s content, with gummies, sprinkles and other candy. Try and get your ice cream and other supplies sponsored by a local store.

2) Custom Calendars:

Kids love to draw, and this is a great way to encourage them to get creative. Have your students work on drawings of their favorite things, or other custom themes. You can then scan the drawings and compile them into a calendar featuring a new drawing each month.

Parents and other family members will love the opportunity to hang their child’s drawing on their wall along with everyone else’s creations.

3) Toy Sale:

Kids lose interest in their toys quickly, so why not consider selling old and unused toys as a fundraiser? Parents can donate old toys that their child doesn’t use anymore, and you can hold a sale at the pre-school.

Pick a day to have your sale and invite parents so they can pick up a new/used toy for their child. This is a quick and easy fundraiser that can be done in a day. Better yet, it promotes reusing old goods that could otherwise go to waste.

4) Bake Sale:

Who doesn’t love baked goods? A bake sale is a simple and delicious way to raise funds in a short amount of time. Have parents donate any type of sweet treat to include in your sale.

To make selling easier you can post pictures on social media and even take orders online. Having good quality images will entice your supporters and make selling even easier! Time your bake sale for when they are picking up their children or co-ordinate it with another daycare event.

5) Family Craft Night:

Invite families to attend a special craft night at your daycare. Tap into some of the parents’ talents and ask them to lead a few separate craft workshops such as building a kite, birdhouse, paper airplane designs, paintings, making tie-dye shirts, etc.

Simply charge an entry fee and have the craft leader and materials ready for participants. This is a great activity for families to have some fun and spend time together.

Discover other fundraising ideas and products for your preschool.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas:

Elementary school fundraising ideas

1) Winter Carnival:

Just because the weather is getting colder, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play outside! A winter carnival is a great way to raise some money towards Christmas break. Sell tickets for entry and serve hot chocolate along with other yummy baked goods for extra profit.

There are tons of awesome activities that you can incorporate into the event such as a snowman building competition, snow bowling, sledding etc. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

2) Pyjama Day:

Better than a casual Friday, give your students the opportunity to wear their pyjama’s to school for the day. Ask for a simple donation from any student that would like to wear their pyjamas for the day. This is a simple school fundraising idea that is sure to get students excited (maybe even some teachers)!

3) School Picnic/BBQ Fundraiser:

Pick a nice sunny day and throw a school picnic. The cost is extremely low and potential profit extremely high!

You can sell all the favorites like hot dogs, burgers and baked goods for dessert. You can also add some excitement by including activities like a raffle, or soccer tournament. Simply charge an entry fee to enter and put together a cash or food prize for the winner. Try and get your local grocery store to sponsor all or part of the food costs.

4) Walk-a-thon:

Encourage your students to get out in the community and get some exercise at the same time. Students can ask supporters to sponsor them based on the distance of the walk.

Walk-a-thons are easy to customize to your school’s needs. They’re also a fun and appealing way to encourage exercise. Not to mention students love an idea that lets them get out of school on a nice sunny day.

5) Movie Day:

Students are always eager to get out of class and having a movie showing is a great way to give them some time to relax and be with their friends while enjoying a good flick. Have your students vote on the movie they’d like to watch to make it more interactive.

The cost is extremely low, and you only need to ask for a few dollars per student to watch the movie. Don’t forget to sell popcorn and drinks to boost your profit even more.

Discover other fundraising ideas and products for your elementary school.

High School Fundraising Ideas:

High school fundraising ideas

1) Talent show:

Let your students show off their talents by throwing a talent show. Host an evening at the school and charge an entry fee of 5-10$.

Students always have all sorts of eclectic talents and this is the perfect opportunity for them to show what they can do. Teachers can even get involved and have a little fun by doing things such as doing a musical number.

2) Dress Down Day:

If your school has a uniform dress code, then a dress down day is a sure fire way to raise some quick and easy funds. Ask for a small donation of only a few dollars and students can ditch the uniform and wear their own clothes for the day.

Students always appreciate the opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy a nice casual Friday at school.You could raise over $1,000 profit in just one day, with zero costs.

3) Halloween Party:

Throw a school dance at halloween and deck the school hallways with spooky decorations. Turn it up a notch by sectioning off part of the school and turning it into a haunted house.

Students can dress up in their costumes and you can even have a contest for best costume. Charge a fee to enter the dance and a small extra fee for the haunted house.

4) Book Sale Fundraiser:

Have students bring in some of their slightly used books and organize a day to have a book sale. This is a great way to encourage reading while helping your school raise money.

Schools often have a surplus of books in their library, so consider dusting off some of the old books that aren’t being used to include in your sale. This is a quick and easy fundraiser that requires very little set-up and can be done in one day.

5) Community Service:

Your high school can raise some money while encouraging your students to help out in the community. Students can offer their services in a variety of fields - you’d be surprised to see the different skills that many of your students have acquired. Some community services may include Washing windows, painting, helping repair a deck, washing cars, spring cleaning, grocery shopping, managing a bbq, babysitting and even running a sports clinic.

Host a school fundraiser event and have your community place bids for the students services. This is a great way to teach students the importance of giving back to their community.

Discover other fundraising ideas and products for your high school.

Discover Top Fundraising Ideas By School Type!

Are you looking for easy, proven fundraisers for your specific school type or school group? Over 22 years, JustFundraising has worked with every school group imaginable, from the Robotics club and Chess club, to sororities and nursing, and pre-schools and High school football. We know that different school fundraisers work for different school types and clubs. Check out more school fundraising ideas below to find your next perfect fundraiser!

And don’t worry, even if your particular school group isn’t listed below, you can give us a call at 1-888-440-4114 and we will be happy to provide you with personalized fundraising recommendations!


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    Band Fundraising Ideas

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  • Booster Club Fundraising Idea

    Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

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  • Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

    Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

    Catholic school fundraisers are a vital source of income for cash-strapped schools. Many Catholic schools have relied on donations and major event fundraisers for years. However, these days, product fundraisers are becoming more needed to fill the financial gap. JustFundraising features some of the finest school funding programs, including our Journey of Faith campaign.

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  • College Fundraising Ideas

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  • Daycare Fundraising Ideas

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  • Elementary Schools Fundraising Ideas

    Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

    As you know, elementary schools teach more than the A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s. They teach life skills to our children and lead them down the correct path to higher education. Unfortunately, many elementary schools are extremely cash-strapped and need to fundraise in order to maintain their level of education. Justfundraising.com offers a wide variety of industry-leading elementary school fundraisers including Holiday Shoppers, gourmet cookie dough, scented candles and much more. Let us do the hard work for you!

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  • High School Fundraising Ideas

    High School Fundraising Ideas

    Need to raise funds for the yearbook, class trip, team travel, new uniforms or your robotics club? JustFundraising.com offers a wide variety of fundraisers for your high school including our popular chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, gourmet popcorn, Jack Links beef sticks and more... Whatever your goal, we're here to help!

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  • Graduation Fundraiser Ideas

    Graduation Fundraising Ideas

    Organizing the perfect prom can be costly and time consuming. JustFundraising.com can ease that burden with our huge variety of prom fundraisers. Whether you’re looking for $0.50 to $2 treats to sell during lunch hour, or order-taker programs like cookie dough or popcorn, JustFundraising will help you get the funds to graduate in style!

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  • HS Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

    Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

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  • HS Football Fundraising Ideas

    HS Football Fundraising Ideas

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  • HS Sports Fundraising Ideas

    HS Sports Fundraising Ideas

    Need to fundraise for your next team trip, for new team uniforms or to upgrade sports training equipment? JustFundraising.com features a wide variety of fundraisers for your school teams. Our fundraisers are perfect for small 10-person teams or larger clubs of 100 or more athletes.

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  • Library Fundraising Ideas

    Library Fundraising Ideas

    Does your library need to raise additional funds? Many school libraries need additional funds to upgrade their book inventory, for renovations and to upgrade their technology so they can be up to today’s standards. JustFundraising offers a wide variety of library fundraisers and other DIY fundraising ideas. Our attractive product line-up and professionally designed order-takers practically sell the items themselves!

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  • Middle School Fundraising Ideas

    Middle School Fundraising Ideas

    Whether you’re fundraising for your entire middle school or an individual club, the JustFundraising team can help you choose a middle school fundraiser that suits your needs. From easy in-hand sellers like lollipops, candy bars and pretzel rods, to quality order-taker fundraisers like cookie dough, holiday gift shoppers and popcorn, we’ll help your middle school reach it’s fundraising goals.

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  • Preschool Fundraising Ideas

    Preschool Fundraising Ideas

    Are you looking for new fundraisers for your pre-school, so you can cover learning supplies, equipment and other needs. JustFundraising offers a large variety of preschool fundraising ideas, from candy, cookie dough, snacks, holiday shoppers and much more! We can even offer student pre-pack for some programs, for your convenience.

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  • PTA/PTO Fundraising Ideas

    PTA/PTO Fundraising Ideas

    PTA and PTO groups work tirelessly on behalf of their children. Let us do some of that work for you! JustFundraising offers the widest variety of quality school fundraisers to get you the funds you need. Some of our programs offer free student pre-pack, to help you save time. We’ve recently introduced Virtual Fundraising sites so that your students can conduct safe, contact-free fundraising.

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