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Best Online Fundraising Ideas For Schools And Teams

With COVID-19 and the new social distancing guidelines, online fundraising has become a must-have option for schools, teams, churches and other non-profits! Not only is it safer, but it's so much more convenient. It can also result in a much quicker fundraising campaign of 1 week or less, instead of 3 or 4 weeks. JustFundraising now has the following online fundraisers available.

  1. Crazy About Cookies

    8 best cookie dough flavors, that you sell for $20 each, packaged in a 2.25 lb tub. #1 Seller, 10 years straight! The quality of this cookie dough is exceptional – your supporters will love it.
  2. Poppin Popcorn Ship-To-Home Fundraiser

    New - Ship-To-Home gourmet popcorn fundraiser. You can now please your Gourmet Popcorn lovers from coast-to-coast! We will create your group's own online popcorn store, which you will share with supporters, nationwide. When your supporters buy from your store, we'll ship the popcorn directly to their homes and send you a profit check at the end of your fundraiser.
  3. Crazy About Cookies Ship-To-Home Fundraiser

    Available Again September
    New - Ship-To-Home cookie dough fundraiser. You can now reach cookie lovers from coast-to-coast! We will create your group's own online cookie dough store, which you will share with supporters, nationwide. When your supporters buy from your store, we'll ship the cookie dough directly to their homes and send you a profit check at the end of your fundraiser.
  4. $18 Cookie Dough Plus

    6 top flavors, PLUS 2 Super Size options of our best sellers, Classic Chocolate Chunk or White Chocolate Macadamia. Affordable, delicious and super profitable.
  5. America's Favorite Cookies

    America's Favorite Cookies is the ultimate white glove cookie dough fundraiser designed for larger groups like schools and leagues. Sell 6 delicious treats in 2 different formats - Scoop & Bake and Pre-Portioned! Enjoy our convenient online store with ship-to-home option and free student pre-pack. Let's raise some dough!
  6. Snackin in the USA

    Make your next fundraiser a Snackin' in the U.S.A. one! Snack lovers are sure to find all their favorites here! A mouth watering selection of 20 delicious, sweet snacks and savory treats for only $10 each!
  7. Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser

    Our nine irresistible flavors are sure to be a big hit. Your supporters can choose from Chicago Style, Buttery Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, Movie Theatre Butter, and 5 other incredibly tasty flavors. Even better, there are 2 formats available - half gallon bags at only $12 and 1 gallon bags at a great value of $18. This program ships year-round!
  8. Gourmet Popcorn - Sweet Chaos

    This popcorn fundraiser is available year-round! The non-GMO kernels are hand-popped in coconut oil to give them a creamy richness. Our eight irresistible Gourmet Popcorn flavors include Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Cold Stone Cake Batter and Movie Theater Butter popcorn, which are sure to be a huge hit! At only $12 for each family-sized bag, your supporters will want to buy at least 2 or 3 of their favorites!
  9. Quote Candle Fundraiser

    Labeled with Inspirational Quotes such as “Live, Laugh, Love!” Our #1 Selling Candle fundraiser features highly-fragrant candles hand-poured in the USA with lead-free wicks and natural wax, and have a 75-hour burn time.
  10. Earth Candle Fundraiser

    20 fabulous scents, available in 12oz canning jars! Hand-poured with pride in the USA! Beautiful brochure and products photos does the selling for you.
  11. Journey of Faith Fundraiser

    Loved by Church Organizations! They are beautifully labeled with titles such as Hope, Praise and Serve, followed by a corresponding verse. The Journey of Faith candle order-taker features 8 wonderfully scented candles.

1) How Online Fundraising Works

Online fundraising couldn’t be easier! First, decide what fundraiser best suits your school or team’s needs. Then, we’ll make you a customized link to your own online store. Share the link with your friends, family, and community so that they can make their purchases directly online. The store lists all the products and prices the same way that an order-taker does, and lets your supporter clearly see what they are buying. After your fundraiser ends, you pay the cost of the product and keep the rest for profit! We’ll ship a bulk order to one location (with the exception of our direct-to-home cookie dough option) and your sellers will distribute the products to their supporters safely with a big thank you!

2) The Benefits Of Online Fundraising

  • SAFER: Online fundraising eliminates the need to campaign door-to-door. This is safer in general, but also complies with social distance regulations to help keep us safe from COVID-19.
  • QUICKER: Without having to invest time fundraising on foot or driving around the neighborhood, the length of your fundraiser can be shortened significantly! By campaigning online, you can reach everyone at the same time and raise the same amount of money (or more!) much more quickly.
  • MORE CONVENIENT: Online fundraising ensures that you’ll never forget another order-taker on the kitchen counter or spend your lunch hour pitching products to your coworkers. The simplicity of a virtual store is a sweet relief for busy schedules. You can even plan your posts in advance and schedule them automatically so your fundraising game can be on point while you’re off doing something else.
  • GREATER REACH: The opportunity for reach with an online store is astounding. One post can be read by hundreds of people, thus increasing your opportunity for sales significantly. Campaign on different social media platforms to access different audiences, and post to groups that you know would be interested in your product.

3) Benefits Of Ship-To-School Option

  • GREENER: Instead of shipping to hundreds of individual locations, UPS or FedEx only needs to ship to one main location, reducing the amount of fuel, emissions, and packaging used.
  • MORE PERSONABLE: Fundraisers would be futile without the generous folks that support them. Being able to directly hand the goods to supporters and thank them for their generosity goes a long way and increases the chances that they’ll donate again. Just remember to wear gloves and a face mask!
  • MORE CONTROL: By having the products shipped to one location, you have more control over their distribution. You’re able to make sure that everyone is accounted for and that nothing is missing.
  • MORE ECONOMICAL: JustFundraising ships your bulk order to one location free of charge. This means neither you nor your supporters have to pay extra for expensive shipping fees, which can sometimes be as much as the item itself.

4) Benefits Of Ship-To-Home Option

  • CONVENIENCE: With products landing directly at your supporter’s doorstep, it eliminates the work of having to distribute each product individually.
  • SAFER: With less contact between people, shipping directly to supporter’s homes is the safest option for COVID-19.

5) Tips To Boost Your Online Fundraising Sales

  1. Use a social media management program to schedule your fundraising posts in advance. This way you can target the hours when the most people are online without having to be online yourself.
  2. Try going live on social media or recording a video of yourself talking about your online fundraiser. Live and uploaded videos tend to reach more people than just a plain text post, so try getting the word out in a variety of formats.
  3. Post regularly. It’s easy for a social media post to get swallowed up in an overload of content so, depending on your preferred platform, posting once a day or a few times a week makes sure your content will be seen.
  4. Email or PM your network with your store’s custom link and a friendly note explaining the fundraiser. This, in conjunction with posting on social media, is very helpful.
  5. Incentives are a great way to help your group stay motivated to post about the fundraiser and share the link with friends and family. Our online checkout lets people enter the name of the person they’re supporting, making it very easy to offer a prize to whoever raises the most money.

6) What Not To Do

  • Don’t hassle people. These days we all suffer from information overload so try to keep emails about your fundraiser limited to the important ones. Plan your emails advance so you don’t forget any important information.
  • Don’t forget about the rules. Make sure your emails and communication style is conforming to school policy.


Easy And So Convenient
Our PTO loves the idea of online fundraising. We’ve worked with JustFundraising before and had a great experience, and now we’re getting ready to sell cookie dough online in the fall!


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