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Fundraising 101

Fundraising can be a daunting task. That is why we at JustFundraising have created this 'Fundraising 101' page to help you get the basics on fundraising.

Take a look at the topics discussed below to learn more about the basics of fundraising, common practices, and fundemental questions you should be asking your group and yourself.

Still have a question? Scoll down to the 'Ask an Expert' form section, or call us toll free at 1-888-440-4114.

Is your group energetic, motivated and driven to raise a specific sum of money within a short period of time?

If so, I suggest you consider the Scratch & Help program. It's very profitable, hassle-free and unique to your community. We will even print your team name and logo on every Scratch & Help card- excellent for promoting your team in the local community.

Tip: Make sure your kids realize they are responsible for their own scratch card and that all monies with the card must be turned in for a specific deadline.

Have you ever considered selling products in the stands during games, tournaments, and other events?

Check out our lollipop fundraisers. Once your supporters try one, they will be asking for more and so will the rest of the family. Have a few volunteers selling the lollipops during your games or events and you'll make a steady profit. It's truly a simple way to raise extra money, throughout the season.

Do you like candy bars but would like to raise more?!

Take advantage of rebate programs, volume discounts and incentive programs! Hershey's and M&M's may be offering rebate programs that add up to more profit with not effort from your group. The same goes for volume discounts or free case offers. Get your sales up - motivate your fundraising participants with incentive programs offered by your fundraising supplier, usually free of charge. Who wouldn't work harder for gift certificates from their favorite store!? Go to JustFundraising's candy bar page to learn more!

Does your group have little money to buy products up-front? Here's what to do!

Choose an order-taker program. We've got an unrivaled selection the industry's leading order-takers. Getting your order-taker fundraiser started costs you nothing. Simply select the order-taker of your choice and we'll ship you enough order-takers for your entire team or league. Take your orders, collect your money up-front and then place your order with us. A simple way to raise funds without putting any money up-front!

Our Three (3) Favorite Order-Takers

Having product selection is good but too much will simply add administrative headaches to your fundraiser. In addition, you should offer prices that are affordable to everyone and you need products that will SELL, so that your supporters will be tempted to buy two or three items each. Based on these criteria, my three (3) favorites would be:
1- For all of those chocolate lovers; Snackin’ in the USA is Unbeatable- All of the items are only $6.50 each and these chocolates have been tested by yours truly to ensure happy taste buds.
2- Worried about products melting? Play it safe! Try the Smart Snacks Program. Besides producing big results, this simple order-taker offers nuts and snacks of all types but no melting chocolate.
3- Everyone misses the cookies Mom used to make- cookie dough is one of my absolute favorites. The Crazy About Cookie Dough fundraiser has produced outstanding results for almost every type of group.. It features 8 of our best-selling cookie dough flavors. The quality of this cookie dough is exceptional. All your donors need to do is scoop & bake for delicious cookies anytime, all while supporting your group's fundraising efforts. Your profit starts at 25% and can increase to 55%, depending on the number of tubs your group sells. It's an exceptional fundraiser for both teams and leagues.

Are you looking for fundraising products more geared towards women and girls?

We've recently introduced a high quality, but very reasonably priced Candles fundraiser to our line of order-takers. We have added a new candle brochure that will help you raise scents!

Fundraising at Registration with the Scratch & Help cards: Here's a spectacular way for leagues to raise a lot of funds, quickly and hassle-free…but only some leagues can get away with it. As the title says, it's called 'Fundraising at Registration' and this is most successfully accomplished with the Scratch & Help program.

Here's how it works:

Firstly, determine the amount of money that your league needs to raise, for example $15,000. If there are 500 players in your league, that is an average of $30 profit per player that must be raised. The cost per Scratch & Help card is $20, therefore you would need to charge each player/parent a $50 fundraising fee ($30 per child + $20 cost per card) at registration.

• The fundraising objective is planned and reached
• All fundraising is accomplished on one or two days of the registrations
• No following-up on coaches, administrators, players, and parents throughout the season for various fundraising projects
• Everyone can concentrate on their favorite sport NOT on fundraising
• The players/parents can now make their $50 fundraising fee back AND make an extra $50 (each card raises $100) which can go to their individual team or they can keep it to help counteract their registration fees.

As mentioned above, some leagues will have difficulty implementing this dream fundraising plan because many leagues refuse to force an obligatory fundraising fee and prefer to keep their fundraising activities completely optional. On the other hand, numerous leagues have already implemented a forced fundraising fee where the players/parents pay $40 up front for a case of candy bars, then re-sell it to make their money back.

Ask an Expert

Perhaps you have a unique question specific to your group or you'd like to get our feedback on a few of your ideas.

We'd like to assist you in your fundraising endeavors, so simply type in your question or comments below and we'll respond within the next 24 hours. If you need a quicker response, please call us toll-free 1-888-440-4114 .