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Pretzel Rod Fundraisers - $1 and $2 Rods

The Pretzel Rods fundraiser is an absolute delight for groups of all types. Salty pretzels, dipped in sweet chocolate and sprinkled with candy, who can resist? The pretzel rod fundraiser is an excellent alternative to traditional $1 and $2 sellers - the Original $1 pretzel rod Variety pack, and the new $2 Variety pack. If you’ve yet to run a pretzel rod fundraiser, get ready for big smiles and surprising profits!

  1. $1 Pretzel Rods Fundraiser – Variety

    This Original variety pack, offers salty pretzel rods dipped in 4 different toppings. Now Peanut-Free – candy coated salted caramel, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate bits and crunchy toffee.

  2. $2 Caramel Coated Pretzel Rods

    Double your profits with our pretzel rods that are dipped in creamy caramel with a dark chocolaty drizzle and a hint of sea salt!