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Welch's & Gummies

From a healthier alternative fundraiser with Welch's fruit snacks and rollups to the awesome gummies and worms everyone loves (Gummi Bears, Sour Jacks, Sqworms). You will easily hit your fundraising goals with these amazing products. Choose your favorite below and get started today.

  1. $1 Albanese Gummi Bears

    Enjoy the world's best gummi bears in 12 fresh fruity flavors in a fun-size pouch. All of your favorites... all in one place! Order as little as 1 case at at time and get free shipping. Made in the USA.
  2. $2 Welch's Fruit Snacks

    Are your supporters looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate fundraising? Welch's Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and real fruit juices. They also contain 100% recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. The variety pack offers an assortment of 4 popular flavors!
  3. $1 Welch's Fruit Rolls

    Temporarily Unavailable
    Welch's Fruit Rolls are a great healthier alternative for your fundraiser. Made with real fruit juices and no preservatives. The variety pack contains 3 popular flavors - Berry, Tropical Punch and Strawberry.
  4. $2 Main Street Sweet Shoppe

    This is a great alternative to other fundraisers. Reach your fundraising goal with gummies and worms everyone knows and loves. 2 popular packs - Nuclear Sqworms and Sour Jacks Watermelon.