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Success Stories

Success Stories and The Game-Changing Ideas That Made All The Difference.

Discover our customer’s success stories and learn from their powerful ideas, tips and tricks that turned their ordinary fundraiser into extraordinary profit. You’ll notice they are all very simple fundraising ideas, yet have managed to make a significant impact on their fundraising results! Learn from the best, to make your next fundraiser, your best ever.
  • Softball And Bulbs

    Our softball team raised $1300 profit with just 10 players. One of our players single-handedly raised $500 profit by herself by bringing it to the hospital where she is a nurse. Nobody had sold flower bulbs in our town, so it really helped having a fundraiser product that was unique.

    The catalog provided to us by JustFundraising had amazing photos and really helped generate sales. We also used Facebook to get the word out in our community. Thank you to all who supported us!
    Shannon, Stillwater Oklahoma Softball

    Game-Changing Fundraising Ideas:

    1. One of their players brought it to the office place where she single-handedly sold $500 worth. Office place sounds like a great place to get support!
    2. They chose a product that was both new to their area, and loved by the community.
    3. They used a catalog that literally sold the product itself.
    4. They used Facebook communicate their fundraiser to the community and to solicit support.

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