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Sports Fundraising Ideas

Quick And Easy Team Fundraising Ideas

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

The top cookie dough fundraisers for sports teams, 5 years running

Snackin in the usa

Nuts About Sports

20 delicious, sweet and savory treats for only $10 each!

quality gourmet popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

Team up with the best popcorn fundraisers and make top profit.

Quality scented candles

Earth Candles

A choice of 20 quality, scented candles. Hand-poured in the USA

scratch cards

Scratch Cards

Fun and easy way for your team to earn up to 100% profit!

candy bars

Candy Bars

Quality candy bars that are perfect for teams and leagues

flower bulbs

Discount Cards

Select from 4 of the top discount card fundraisers in the industry

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears

Your players will have no problem selling this great product

Why Better Sports Team Fundraisers This Season are a MUST!

Best sports fundraising ideas

This season, with the new reality of Covid19, you’ll need the very best sports fundraising ideas in order to maximize participation, optimize your team sales and keep your athletes safe!

In 2020-21, youth sports fundraising will play an even more important role for your team, whether you’re part of a school sports program or city sports.. Funding for youth sports already had its limitations, but the Covid19 pandemic has brought budget cuts to a whole new level. With the government having injected so much money into the market to keep the economy afloat, funds have already started being pulled from school districts and youth sports programs. The recent news of a college losing 11 different sports clubs is a glimpse of what’s about to happen to youth sports across the country.

The need for quality sports fundraisers that deliver real results and help our kids stay fit, active and competitive has never been greater. The increased lack of funding, coupled with the year over year increase in the cost of travel, registration and equipment will create new and likely uncharted challenges for your team and league. This year, higher quality sports fundraising ideas and products are an absolute must, in order to generate higher player participation, more community support and ultimately, more team profit!

How Can Just Fundraising Help You Team Raise More?

  • FREE Virtual Website For Contact-Free Fundraising
  • Fundraising Experts To Help Guide You
  • Free Order-Takers and Free Shipping
  • High Quality Products That Sell Themselves
  • 20+ FREE-to-Start Fundraisers
  • The Highest Profit Guarantee!

JustFundraising® has 24 years of experience helping leagues, teams, coaches, and parents reach their fundraising goals. Regardless of the sport you’re fundraising for, JustFundraising® can find a solution that suits your needs. We have helped school and community sports teams achieve their goals with fundraising profits as high as 40% to 100%! Our winning line-up of no money-up-front fundraisers means you can run your sports team fundraisers with no financial risk.

And now, to adapt to the new social distancing realities, JustFundraising is also providing all teams and leagues with their own free Virtual Fundraising website, so that your players and parents can conduct safe, contact-free fundraising.

Check out our top 10 sports fundraising ideas and other diy team fundraisers below.

10 Favorite Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas:

No matter what type of sport you play, if you’re looking for a great team fundraiser, you want a fundraising program that is easy to sell, fun to sell, and that will earn your team significant profit.

Cookie dough fundraiser

1) Cookie dough fundraiser

Cookie dough is a no-brainer fundraiser for sports teams. It requires little explanation for the players and parents to sell.

It encourages parents and kids to spend a little more time together baking cookie dough and enjoying the satisfying gooeyness of their next batch of cookies, together as a family.

JustFundraising has put together a complete offering of cookie dough fundraisers to meet the needs of teams and leagues, as well as groups in affluent and less affluent areas. We offer a $15 cookie dough fundraiser, as well as $18 cookie dough fundraiser. We also offer both tubs and preformed cookies in a box.

Nuts about sports fundraising program

2) Nuts About Sports fundraiser!

I love this order-taker. It’s wonderfully themed to sports, with a cover that includes softball, baseball, soccer, cheer and other sports characters. Inside, it offers 20 top-selling snacks for only $10 each.

Your team keeps 50% profit. It’s an easy sport fundraiser, from top-to-bottom.

Popcorn fundraiser program

3) Popcorn fundraiser is perfect for sports teams!

Seriously, who doesn’t love gourmet popcorn?! It’s the perfect snack before, during or after any game, whether you’re a player or fan!

With unique flavors like caramel fudge peanut popcorn, and white fudge popcorn with almonds, as well as popular flavors like Chicago style and cheddar cheese popcorn, fundraising is an absolute breeze.

You can choose $12 popcorn or the larger $18 popcorn, and earn 40% profit on every sale. This simple 1-page order-taker is perfect for individual teams or entire leagues, from baseball to football to dance and cheer teams.

Scratch card fundraiser

4) Scratch card fundraiser is ideal for motivated teams

This fundraiser is ideal for sports teams who are highly motivated and need to raise a substantial amount of funds.

Each player receives one scratch card, which can raise $100 each, with a net profit of $80. So a small team of 15 players can earn $1,200 profit.

Your supporters will scratch off a few circles, pay you the total of the donations amounts revealed, and in return receive over $50 in coupons for local merchants. It’s a great deal for all!

Candle fundraising program

5) Candle fundraisers enjoyed by all youth sports

If you’re looking for a non-food fundraiser, candle fundraisers are one of my favorite sports fundraising ideas.

Our collection of scented candle fundraisers also includes candles labeled with inspirational quotes and bible scripture, and are offered in tumblers and canning jars.

What makes them ideal for team fundraising is because it’s a 1-page order-taker, the selling price is only $18 per candle so they’ll sell ultra-fast, and your team keeps 50% on EVERY candle sold.

Pretzel rod fundraiser

6) $1 Chocolate Dipped pretzel rods

If you are looking for the ultimate one dollar sports fundraiser, I would say without a doubt this is it! Gourmet pretzel rods are pretzel sticks that are dipped in delicious creamy chocolate and then sprinkled with various candies.

They come in 4 delicious varieties and come individually packaged. They are an excellent alternative to the tried-and-true candy bars and are packaged in a convenient carrier case holding 60 pretzel rods each.

Yummy Lix lollipop  fundraiser

7) Yummy Lix Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love lollipops? Our Yummy Lix are colorful and offered in a variety of flavors. A couple of my favorite flavors are watermelon and banana split. Selling them for only $1 each means many supporters will want to buy more than one.

In fact, many fundraising groups will package the pops in sets of 5 to generate a lot more sales. Your group can sell them in school or sporting events.

Candy bar fundraising program

8) $1 Candy bar Fundraiser

Candy bars and team fundraising have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Justfundraising features VanWyk Confections premium chocolate candy bars which sell for only $1 each. There are 5 delicious flavors to choose from and your group keeps up to 50% profit.

They come in professional and fun looking carrier cases that hold 60 bars each, perfect for one player. The minimum order is only one master case which includes 4 carrier cases. And shipping is always free.

Discount card fundraiser program

9) Dinner and Movie card

The dinner and movie cards are a very popular fundraiser amongst football and cheer teams. They offer tremendous value to your buyers. Your supporters pay only $10 per discount card so after just a few purchases, they will make their money back.

The dinner and movie card is good for up to 12 months at over 100,000 restaurants, Cinemas and other retail outlets from coast to coast. Enter your ZIP Code and see what offers are good in your area. your group earns a smashing 65% profit on all sales.

gummi bear fundraiser

10) Gummi Bears

At only $1 a piece, teams are able to rack up some quick profits, selling these gummi snacks. They are perfect to sell inside schools, and at sporting events and parents will find a high demand for them in the office place, too!

Your sports club can order as few as one master case at a time, always get free shipping and earn up to 50% profit. The gummi bear packs also come in handy carrier to make selling super easy!

11 DIY Team Fundraisers And Event Ideas

DIY sports fundraising ideas

1) Dunk The Coach:

Set-up a dunk tank and allow players and parents to take turns trying to sink members of the coaching staff. Players will love the opportunity to get a little payback on their coach, and coaches get a chance to show their sense of humor and further encourage team building.

Throw this fundraiser on a busy night such as the night before the season opener. The cost is very low and your team will have a blast!

2) Shoot-A-Thon, Walk-A-Thon, Or Hit-A-Thon:

Players collect sponsors for every basket made, mile walked, or home run hit. To keep it simple, many teams just ask for a straight out donation or fixed pledge of the supporter’s choice. There are now online platforms available where you can collect pledges online.

3) Host A Sports Clinic For Younger Players:

Come up with a little sports camp with 10 or so drills that your players can teach to younger players. Younger players will look up to them as a role model and will likely want to continue participating if this becomes a bi-weekly event or monthly event.

Participants can register online so you have an idea of how many will take part. Payment can be done in person or online to make it even easier.

4) Sell Team Merchandise:

Sell T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps and Bumper Stickers with your team logo to parents, grand-parents and other family members. If your team is a big thing around town, you can sell throughout your community too!

Printings costs are relatively low, so tag on a good retail price and your team will make a nice profit! You can even put together an order form so your supporters can pre-order.

5) Talent Competition:

Have your team put on a show to show off their talents. This event may be more suited to cheer and dance teams. Host a special evening and invite parents and other supporters to enjoy the show. Your team will have a blast and it will further encourage team building.

Charge an entry fee of $5 per person, or $10 for families.

6) Team Cookbook Fundraiser:

Have your team members contribute their favorite home recipes to put together a cookbook to sell. Make it personal and have each player include a short paragraph about why the recipe is so special to them.

If you’re selling these at a sports event where you can set-up a booth, you can even include samples of a few recipes from your cookbook to entice them to buy.

Bowling tournament DIY fundraiser

7) Bowling Tournament:

Charge a $15 buy-in for anyone that would like to participate in the tournament. Once all participants have bought-in, break them into groups of 3-4 bowlers per game. The winner of each game will move onto the next round until there’s the final face-off between the 2 best.

Offer a prize for the winner - something local is always best such as a gift card to a local restaurant. Consider adding a little twist to the fundraiser by inviting participants to wear their wackiest bowling shirt.

8) Raffle:

Get your team out in the community to sell tickets for a raffle. Prizes can include team gear, a free sports clinic, free snacks at concession stands etc. Collect emails so you can easily email everyone the list of winners and where to pick-up their prizes.

Consider approaching local businesses to donate products for prizes - gift cards for restaurants, grocery stores or the movies. Your supporters will surely be enticed when they see local businesses that they recognize and already frequent.

9) Team Or Celebrity Scrimmage:

Have players invite their teachers, parents and well-known community members to play against them. Each participant would have a fundraising goal to reach by selling tickets to the event or getting sponsors.

This fundraiser is a great way to have a little fun with your team and let them show off their skills. You can sweeten the pot by offering a team prize to the winner of the scrimmage.

10) Potluck Dinner:

Invite your local community to dine with your team! Have each player bring a different food from home to contribute to the meal, be sure to coordinate everything with your group to make sure that everyone brings something different.

Charge each supporter a flat entry fee and let them eat!

11) Rent An Athlete:

This fundraiser involves members of your community hiring your players to complete a common task such as spring cleaning, washing their car, gardening or window washing. Individuals can rent an athlete on an hourly basis, depending on how much time is needed to complete the task at hand.

This is a great way to get your players out in the community to lend a helping hand. Not only will they learn a valuable lesson about hard work, they will learn the importance of giving back to the community.

Helpful Team Fundraising Tips:

  • Some of the best team fundraisers are often the simplest! Sell a product that you feel EVERYONE will love. Everyone loves delicious treats, snacks and other consumable items.
  • Make sure the retail price is right – that means not too low and not too high. Why sell a $5 item, when you could have sold your supporter a $10 or $15 item.
  • Make sure the percentage profit is right - There’s no use having a super-selling product, if you’re making a low percentage profit.
  • Safety comes first – fundraising should be done within family, relatives, co-workers and close friends. If you choose to go door-to-door, make sure you are with a parent, in a safe neighborhood.
  • Communication is key – it’s important that the team manager or fundraising coordinator communicates the purpose of the fundraiser and any incentive prizes prior to the campaign. Also, it’s important to provide a weekly status update and words of encouragement to all, throughout the course of the fundraiser.

Discover The Best Team Fundraisers By Sport Type!

Scroll down to see a list of the most popular sports being played in America today. Each section has more in-depth information about your sport along with great tips on how to manage a successful and safe fundraiser. We work with you to create a tailored fundraising campaign that is profitable & easy.


  • Baseball Fundraising Ideas

    Baseball Fundraising Ideas

    We’ll load the bases in your favor with our easy baseball fundraising ideas! Like any sport, players need money for equipment, uniforms and travel expenses. JustFundraising.com offers a wide variety of baseball fundraisers that work super well, from scratch cards, cookie dough, popcorn and more! Why settle for a homerun, when you can hit a grand slam?!

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  • Basketball Fundraising Ideas

    Basketball Fundraising Ideas

    Looking to raise funds for your next tournament or for new uniforms? JustFundraising’s premium candy bars, delicious popcorn, gourmet cookie dough are just a few of our quality basketball fundraisers. Each sale you make will be a slam dunk!

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  • Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

    Cheer Fundraising Ideas

    Looking to raise money for your cheer or school spirit squad? We know you work hard to represent your school at sport meets and cheer competitions. Whether you need funds for travel, new uniforms, equipment or more, JustFundraising has cheer fundraisers that deliver spirit and profit!

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  • Dance Team Fundraising Ideas

    Dance Team Fundraising Ideas

    Raising money for your dance team? Do you need funds for costumes, competition fees, dance school renovations or other expenses? We have you covered. Many of our fundraising programs are free to start, and we work with dance teams of all sizes. Discover how easily you can reach your fundraising goals, and get your groove back!

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  • Football Fundraising Ideas

    Youth Football Fundraising Ideas

    Raising money for your football team? You’ve come to the right place! If you need money for football uniforms, equipment or travel, JustFundraising has your perfect mix of youth football fundraisers. Our Dinner and Movie card, high profit Scratch Cards and gourmet cookie dough are notable favorites. We’ve got your back!

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  • Little League Fundraising Ideas

    Little League Baseball Fundraisers

    Looking to raise funds for your little sluggers? JustFundraising has a wonderful variety of product fundraisers that Little Leagues have enjoyed since 1998. Our gourmet popcorn and Snackin in USA order-takers are 2 favorites. Come and discover how we can help your team.

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  • Soccer Fundraising Ideas

    Soccer Fundraising Ideas

    As the popularity of soccer grows, more kids are signing up to play the game and teams and leagues are getting bigger by leaps and bounds. Often league-wide fundraisers are needed to help cover basic costs like field rental, referees and uniforms. Travel teams will have much greater expenses such as tournaments and travel. JustFundraising has an excellent array of product fundraisers for your soccer club or team, to help you continue to play this beautiful game!

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  • Hockey Fundraising Ideas

    Hockey Fundraising Ideas

    Hockey can be an incredibly expensive team sport, whether you’re playing recreationally or competitively. A lot depends on what goals your head coach sets for the year and how much is paid for by your city. JustFundraising has an excellent line-up of all-star fundraisers, like our 90% profit Scratch Card program. Find out how we can help your team reach their season goals!

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  • Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

    Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

    Bump, Set, Profit! Our more popular volleyball fundraisers have been our chocolate dipped pretzel rods, Yummy Lix lollipops and scented candles! Most fundraisers require zero funds to start and we work with small teams all the time. Request a free info kit today!

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  • Softball Fundraising Ideas

    Softball Fundraising Ideas

    Do you need money for new softball uniforms or to participate in an upcoming tournament? JustFundraising is the place to find your perfect softball fundraiser. We’ve got over 45 super fundraising ideas, of which most are completely free to start. A few of our all-time favorites have been our gourmet cookie dough and Snackin in the USA programs.

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