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Nuts & Snacks Fundraiser

Who doesn't love eating snacks? These order-takers offer a wide selection of tasty snacks from crunchy nuts, to chocolate delights and assorted candies. Your supporters will be tempted to buy several items each, so wait no longer- select your favorite snacks order-taker and get started today!

  1. Snackin in the USA

    Make your next fundraiser a Snackin' in the U.S.A. one! Snack lovers are sure to find all their favorites here! A mouth watering selection of 20 delicious, sweet snacks and savory treats for only $8 each!
  2. Smart Snacks

    Temporarily Out Of Stock

    The Smart Snacks brochure offers 10 fruit and nut products, all designed to meet the no sugar, low fat guidelines being promoted now by many states and school districts. They're absolutely delicious and sell for only $7 each.