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Scratch Card Fundraisers

Scratch Card Fundraisers are an easy, fun and highly profitable fundraiser. Everyone loves to scratch off - it's engaging and exciting! What makes scratch off fundraiser cards even more amazing, is that there are no large products or inventory to handle and store, and no product deliveries to make. Your donors scratch off, donate, you give them coupons on the spot, and you're done! They receive a Coupon Sheet with over $50 in coupon savings. The pocket-sized scratch cards are easy to carry. We print your group name on every scratch off card. And we give you 20% FREE cards with your order - they money raised with them covers the entire cost of your fundraiser, which means 100% profit for your team or group.

  1. Scratch & Help

    Scratch & Help cards are the most preferred scratch card program in fundraising. They offer a fun and unique way to raise significant funds. Your group will earn up to 100% profit, and your supporters receive exclusive coupon offers!
  2. Victory Scratch

    Victory Scratch cards are a fun and positive way to collect donations. They are perfect for charities and non-profit organizations, where supporters are comfortable giving and not receiving anything in return.

How Does a Scratch Card Fundraiser Work?

A scratch card fundraiser is simple and profitable. You order 1 scratch card per seller in your group. We’ll customize the scratch cards with your group name and logo. Your sellers will ask friends, family, and co-workers to scratch off a few circles and donate the total of the amounts they reveal. The amounts vary from 50 cents to $3. In return, as a THANK YOU, you’ll give your supporters a full coupon sheet with 10 different coupon offers. (Note: The Victory Scratch Card is strictly a donation card and there are no coupons included). Then they’ll ask the next supporter to do the same, until all dots are scratched off. Each scratch card will raise a total of $100 to $115.


There are 2 Types of Scratch Card Fundraising Systems:

JustFundraising carries the BEST Scratch Off Fundraiser Cards. The first type is a Scratch Card WITH Coupons fundraiser, where supporters scratch off their donation to your fundraiser, and receive a sheet of coupon savings in return. The second type of scratch off card is called a Donation Scratch Card. The Donation Scratch Card has no coupons for the donors. When they scratch off a few circles, they will reveal a donation amount and an inspirational quote. The donation cards are more commonly used by charities, where donors are pleased to support a cause without expecting anything back.


JustFundraising Offers the Best Scratch Card Fundraisers, From Top to Bottom!

  • You make 80% - 100% profit. We say ‘up to 100% profit’ because we give you enough free scratch cards to cover the entire cost of your fundraiser.
  • Our Scratch Cards are customizable - get your group name and logo printed on each card. This way people know what cause they’re donating to. In addition, it helps to promote your organization within the community.
  • Custom coupons are available – if you want more local coupons, we will work with you to create a coupon sheet with offers from your local merchants.
  • We offer 30 days financing – fundraise now, pay later! We understand you’re fundraising because your organization has limited funds, so we give you the time to raise the funds before expecting payment.
  • Your donors get more value – each donor gets a full coupon sheet containing great offers from nationwide retailers such as Subway, Pizza Hut, TCBY, Jiffy Lube, JC Penney, Target and many more.
  • We GUARANTEE the Highest Profit or your order is FREE – if we can’t match a competitor’s price for the exact same product, we’ll give you the full order, free of charge!
  • Free Shipping – other companies charge $20 or more – we charge nothing.
  • We give 20% free scratch cards with every order – these cards will cover 100% of the cost of your fundraising campaign.


You Said It!

A Scratch Card Fundraiser With No Equal
This year, we raised more with Scratch Cards than we did last year with our chocolate bar sales, car wash and spaghetti dinner combined.


Tim Keese, Seneca Basketball


Less Hassle For Teams...
Fundraising is something I don't like to spend too much time on and I found Skratchers didn't take much time or effort. With 40 players we raised $3,300. We'll definitely use Skratchers again next year.


Darrin McComas, Burroughs H.S. Baseball Team


1-Day Fundraising For League's...
Last year, our little league of 438 players raised $35,000 in 1 day with Skratchers' "1-Day Fundraiser"! They played ball free all summer long and their uniforms, hats and diamond fees were all paid.


Todd Meyers, Lakeland Little League


How to Get Started:

Check out our two scratch card fundraisers above and decide which is best for you. If you need help, call one of our personal fundraising assistants at 1-888-440-4114.