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Because You Can Achieve Anything...

Because You Can Achieve Anything

We've Helped Over 34,500 Groups Raise Over $81 million So Far!

Dear Fundraiser
Thank you for taking the time to visit us. The JustFundraising.com team has assisted over 34,500 groups raise a combined $81 million to date. Our customers’ needs vary from a soccer team needing $1,000 to attend an out-of-state tournament, to an elementary school needing to raise $25,000 for a new playground. We even help individual students raise $2,000 or more for their dream school trip to Europe.

Whatever the group or cause, and whatever the fundraising objective, we always do our very best to help our customers achieve their goals. Our entire team has one common goal – to help you raise more.

We are firm believers that you can achieve whatever goals you set, and we are thrilled to help you reach yours!

Beyond Raising Funds
We also believe fundraising isn’t just about raising funds - it’s about building our children’s sense of worth, self-confidence and leadership skills. Fundraising is about helping our children realize that they can achieve anything.

Fundraising can be used not only to raise money for your group needs or cause but is an opportunity to teach our children and adolescents team-building, communication and money management skills.

Fundraising can give people the wonderful feeling of rallying behind a cause or a group goal, reaching it and celebrating it. It gives individuals that ultimate feeling that they can make a difference, and that they can achieve anything.

Whether you’re a coach, PTO member, pastor, principal, or volunteer, you have a reason or cause that’s greater than winning or raising money. You’re a leader and your instinct drives you to have a positive impact on the children and people around you. You want to make sure they’re given the right tools and opportunities so they can achieve their full potential.

Keep up your great work! Continue to empower the children and others around you…show them they can achieve any goal or dream they set.

Happy Fundraising!
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Jolian Grant

Jolian Grant


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