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Church Fundraisers That Work!

Quick and Easy Church Fundraising Ideas

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

Sell dough to raise dough for your faith-based group

Snackin in the usa

Snackin' USA

20 sweet, salty and sour treats, only $10 each. Absolutely divine!

quote candles

Journey Of Faith

A church favorite - 8 beautiful scented candles labeled with scripture

quality gourmet popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

Sell gourmet popcorn! Your community will love you for it!

scratch cards

Scratch Cards

90% profit - fun way to collect donations and give something back!

candy bars

Candy Bars

Take your pick - Hershey’s, M&Ms, Van Wyk, $1 or $2 bars

flower bulbs

Dinner & Movie Card

Quick sales with this high value discount card

pretzel rods


Crazy shapes and flavors for everyone’s tastes

Better Church Fundraising Ideas are More Important Than Ever!

Best church fundraising ideas

Are you looking for the very best church fundraising ideas that will increase your parishioner’s participation, and increase sales and profit for your church?

As you know, fundraisers can require an enormous amount of human resources, time and even funds, to organize but often do not produce the financial results expected. Many church fundraisers are repeated over and over out of habit, with little regard for an actual pre-determined fundraising goal. Fundraising fatigue can also plague your church members. Having said that, to ensure your time and efforts are well spent, it’s truly important that you make the RIGHT choice of fundraisers for your church.

It’s most probable that your church requires fundraising for such things as choir supplies, audio equipment, church renovations, supplies for youth Bible class, mission trips and even local charities that you support. However, these days, in our battle against COVID-19, you’ll probably also need additional funds to keep your congregation safe, for things such as separators, cleaning supplies and sanitizing equipment.

Your church no doubt plays a key part in building a stronger community by offering your citizens a common meeting place to pray and celebrate. It’s crucial that you use only the best church fundraisers to generate the maximum funds, so that your church can continue to grow and keep offering your congregants and community a place of sanctity and quiet calm.

How Just Fundraising Can Help Your Church Raise More!

JustFundraising® is proud to have helped church groups and other faith-based organizations raise millions of dollars around the country. It feels great because we know that churches are constantly contributing to charitable causes around the world and people of the faith have donated so much time and money to help the needy. With over 40 different ideas for fundraising, most requiring no up-front cost, we’re confident we can help your church reach it’s financial goals.

JustFundraising® Offers the Following to Ensure You Raise More:

  • FREE Virtual Website For Contact-Free Online Fundraising
  • Fundraising Experts To Help Guide You
  • Free Order-Takers and Free Shipping
  • High Quality Products That Sell Themselves
  • 20+ FREE-to-Start Fundraisers
  • The Highest Profit Guarantee or Your Order is FREE

8 Favorite Church Fundraisers (also great for small churches and youth groups):

Cookie dough fundraiser

1) Cookie dough Fundraiser - Keeping Families Close

Cookie dough has been a favorite amongst congregations for years. Many kick-off their cookie dough fundraiser by baking up some samples right after Sunday service to encourage their church members to buy up 2 or 3 tubs of their favorite cookie dough. It also serves as a good kick-off for parishioners to bring their cookie dough order-taker home and sell to friends, relatives and others in their local community.

A cookie dough fundraiser can be an excellent option if you have a group of 10 or more volunteers that are committed to selling. JustFundraising®’s gourmet cookie dough program offers 6 delicious flavors to your supporters. We have two formats - a $15 2 pound tub and a $18 2.7 pound tub. Choose the one that you find will sell best in your community.

JustFundraising® will now provide your church with your own online custom cookie dough store so that you and your volunteers can purchase and promote your cookie dough fundraiser through social media tools in a contact-free environment.

Candle fundraising program

2) Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser - Loved by Churches

Our Journey of Faith fundraiser is absolutely loved by faith-based organizations. The Journey of Faith candle collection features wonderfully scented candles, labeled with inspiring messages, as well as scripture. Here’s one example:
Garden Rain - Praise - “I will praise you O Lord, my God.”

With 8 different fragrances to choose from, the aromas will allow your supporters to drift away into total relaxation.

Each candle also comes packaged in a gift box, making it perfect for gift giving. Our candles are hand-poured in the USA and have a 75-hour burn-time. You sell them for a reasonable $18 each and your church keeps a very healthy 50% profit.

JustFundraising® will now provide you with your free online candle fundraiser store, so you can run a Contact-Free church fundraiser.

Snackin in the USA fundraising program

3) Snackin in the USA

Who can’t do without a fresh bag of their favorite snack? Snackin in the USA has been super popular fundraiser with church organizations for years. The Snackin order-taker features a mix of 20 fresh snack items. They are a mix of sweet, salty, sour and spicy, so there’s something to please every palate. And they sell for only $10 each , meaning many of your church supporters will buy 2 or 3 at a time.

It is easy to get started, since this program requires no money up-front. With a profit of 50%, your church will be well on their way to reaching their fundraising goals.

JustFundraising® will also provide you with a free online Snack Store, so your church members can run a Contact-Free fundraiser.

Flower fundraising program

4) Flower Bulb Fundraisers

This church fundraiser is a favorite. Demand for flowers has never been greater! These days, what’s more relaxing than tending to and beautifying your own garden? So why not raise funds for your church while providing your supporters with ways to color their community.

Getting your congregation started is completely free. Simply order one flower bulb Order-Taker per member and then have your members ask friends, family and co-workers to buy. You can also set up a booth at a special event. Your supporters will have 24 items to choose from, with most items priced at a low $6 to $12. This church fundraising program earns you 50% profit, and is likely to become an annual fundraiser.

Discount card fundraiser program

5) Lollipops - Youth Groups Truly Enjoy Selling These!

Is your church youth group looking for something really easy to sell? Our Yummy Lix are colorful and offered in a variety of flavors. A couple of my favorite flavors are watermelon and banana split. We also carry Color Blasters, Sour Mania lollipops and Yummy Lips to name a few.

Selling them for only $1 each, means many supporters will buy them by the handful. Look for a place with continual traffic and try to have them sold at a concession stand where you know you’ll get the same buyers coming back for more, day after day.

The minimum order is only one master case which contains 640 lollipops, comprising 8 bags of 80 pops each. That makes it easy to break-up between your sellers! Your church gets free shipping and will make up to 62% profit.

Scratch card fundraiser

6) Scratch cards - For High Profit!

If your church organization has a committed group of parishioners wanting to raise funds, Scratch Cards are an excellent option! It’s simple. Order one scratch card per participating member. Ask your church supporters to scratch 2 or more circles to reveal their donation. Often, they’ll donate even more! Reward your supporters with a coupon sheet featuring 10 offers, as a Thank-You.

Our Church Scratch Cards are customized with your Church’s logo and name on two flaps, and they are really easy to carry around. They raise $100 each, with a cost of only $20. With our offer of 20% free cards, your church can actually reach 100% profit!

Because scratch cards are a fun, interactive, face-to-face fundraiser, it also gives you the opportunity to share your church’s vision with your fellow supporters.

Candy bar fundraising program

7) Candy Bars - Your Forever, Dependable Fundraiser

Church and candy bars are both known to bring individuals to a place of calm and peace. Perhaps that’s why our premium candy bar fundraisers are in such consistent demand with church organizations.

Our bars can be sold just about anywhere! Your church youth group can use our convenient carriers to sell them, you can set them up as a display at local retailers or sell them on the way out of Sunday service, all year long.

JustFundraising® offers a great selection of affordable $1, $1.50 and $2.00 candy bars for your church fundraiser. The $1 America’s Variety Pack, $1 Chocolatiers and $2 Community Pack are all peanut-free and there is only a one case minimum, so even small church groups can sell them.

All candy bar programs provide free shipping to your church, and you can earn up to 60% profit.

Discount card fundraiser program

8) Dinner and Movie Card - A Win-Win for Your Church and Community

Church groups enjoy selling the Dinner and Movie discount cards because it’s a true win-win! Your church raises funds while passing on year-long savings to their supporters. And of course, local merchants win by getting elevated foot traffic.

The Dinner and Movie card offers serious value to its card holders. Your supporters spend only $10 on a high value Dinner and Movie Discount Card saves them again and again. Most churches order 10 discount cards for each of their members to re-sell to friends and co-workers.

Every church, no matter the size, receives a 65% profit and free shipping. A small group of 10 congregants, selling just 10 cards each, will generate $650 profit.

Popular DIY Church Fundraising Ideas and Event Fundraisers

DIY church fundraising ideas

1) Easter Egg Hunt

This is an easy-to-organize church fundraiser that requires very little cost. All you need is an area with good hiding spots for the eggs, such as small forests and parks. Consider doing it in a pleasant local park so everyone can enjoy the views. You could even include a “golden egg” to add a little excitement and offer a little extra to whoever finds it.

Simply charge a small fee to participate and let the kids (and even parents) loose!

2) Text to give

A real game changer in the church fundraising industry. Text to give gives you the opportunity to raise money with a quick text to your supporters. Start by choosing the software for your campaign which will send a quick text to your supporters. They can donate in a matter of seconds, it just takes a few clicks!

People always have their phone with them, and rarely carry cash so this is a state of the art way to raise money in the 21st century.

3) Peer to peer fundraising

People are more likely to support a cause or organization that someone they know personally is connected to. That’s why peer-to-peer fundraising is a great personalized approach to raising money.

Your church members can reach out to friends and family in a more personal manner that doesn’t feel forced. This will allow full transparency for the fundraising campaign and facilitate the possibility of someone lending their support.

4) Trivia Night

Invite your church members to a night of family fun at the church. Put together a series of questions on various topics. You can find everything you need online. You can save everything to a computer so it’s all ready for your event.

Simply charge a small entry fee. You can also set up a snack stand to generate additional funds. Designate a host for the evening and enjoy!

5) Garage Sale

A perfect reason for your church members to do a little decluttering of their homes. Ask members to go through some of their old belongings and put aside things they no longer need.

Set up tables in front of the church on a nice sunny day and invite your local community to check out all the goods. Better yet, you can set everything up during Sunday Service so your congregation can browse and buy as they leave the church.

6) Shoe Drive

Have your congregants donate some of their slightly used pairs of shoes to include in the shoe drive. Organize a drop off location that members can easily.

charity concert fundraiser

7) Charity Concert

Does your church have some congregants with special vocal talents? Then why not consider putting on a concert at a local public venue?

Whether you have a choir group, or congregants with musical talents, there are all kinds of options for members to get involved. Promote your event through social media and Invite the whole community Sell tickets at $5 to $10 each (or more), depending on the venue.

8) Babysitting Fundraiser

Parents often have a hard time finding time for a date night, or to just take time for themselves to unwind. That’s why a babysitting fundraiser makes so much sense!

All you need is a few volunteers available with a baby-sitting certification, to offer their services. Be clear about how many babysitters are available so as not to over-book time-slots.

Your congregants can pick the night and amount of time they’ll be needing the sitter, and enjoy some peace and quiet for a few hours. Charge $5-$10 per hour volunteered and have those funds donated to your church.

9) 50/50 Church Raffle

A simple and easy way to spark people’s interest in your fundraiser. Simply sell raffle tickets to your congregants and others in your community. Use social media to give daily updates on the rising jackpot to further spark interest.

On the date of the raffle, either in person to coincide with a special church event or simply through a Zoom call, have a 3rd party pull the winning name of the hat. The winner keeps half, and the other half goes to your church. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

10) Morning Coffee

Treat your early rising congregants to a hot cup of coffee and a little something sweet to go with it. Charge a small fee for the first cup, and allow free refills. Snacks can be sold for an extra nominal fee - something as simple as homemade cookies or muffins is all you need.

Not only is this fundraiser a great way to raise some quick funds on a weekly basis, it’s also a great opportunity for your congregants to socialize.

11) Church Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? A bake sale is a tried and true fundraiser that is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Have a few volunteers from your church whip up some of their favorite homemade recipes and bring in their treats for Sunday Service. Set-up a few tables with the treats, and once the service is done your congregants will surely be tempted to pick up a snack on their way out. Try asking for open donation amounts instead of a fixed price for your baked goods. It almost always raises much more!

Popular Church Fundraisers by Church Type

You may want to implement anything from a large church-wide fundraiser to a small youth group fundraiser. Whatever the case, JustFundraising® can help. Simply select the church group type below, that best fits your situation and check out our recommended product fundraisers.


  • Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

    Church Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups

    JustFundraising® offers an array of product fundraisers that your youth group would truly enjoy selling. Our selection of flavorful lollipop fundraisers, our new chocolate dipped pretzel rods, and our ever-popular One Dollar bars are always a hit with youth groups. We know that if they love them, they’re going to be great at selling them.

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  • Catholic Fundraising Ideas

    Catholic Fundraising Ideas

    Catholic fundraisers can be quite powerful and meaningful because it often results in the entire congregation and sometimes community, coming together for a common purpose. Churches run on donations and in turn give the community a place to worship. The beauty of Catholic fundraising is that the money generated eventually makes its way back into the community. JustFundraising®.com offers a wide variety of catholic fundraisers and fundraising ideas. It’s a wonderful way to make one donation lead to multiple gifts.

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  • Christian Fundraising Ideas

    Christian Fundraising Ideas

    Christian organizations need to raise money to cover costs of their missions, education and special projects. The great thing about Christian fundraising is that you have so much support from your fellow followers to help you accomplish your goal. JustFundraising® offers a wide variety of Christian fundraisers including our renowned Journey of Faith program. Gather your helpers and we’ll show you our best Christian fundraising ideas that will help you succeed at your missions.

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  • Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

    Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

    Your church mission trips are one of the most rewarding, memorable and life-changing events for you, your church and the people you are helping. Whether your mission is to help build affordable housing or cross the seas and help build libraries or fresh water springs, JustFundraising® is thrilled to offer you a powerful line-up of product fundraisers to help you accomplish your mission.

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  • Church Fundriaising Ideas

    Church Fundraising Ideas

    Fundraising for your church has become increasingly more important every year. The extra income covers the basics, to charitable giving and renovations. Church fundraising should be specially designed to generate the most income with the time you have. JustFundraising® offers a wide variety of church fundraising solutions. We’ll help guide you, share our tips and help make your next church fundraiser a success!

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  • Choir Fundraising Ideas

    Choir Fundraising Ideas

    Being part of a church choir is fun and fulfilling, and an opportunity to give your gift of music and song. When it comes to choir fundraising, a group of like-minded people can make some magic happen, in order to cover expenses such as choir robes and music supplies. Checkout JustFundraising®’s line-up of choir fundraisers, from scented candles, to gourmet snacks, high profit scratch cards and much more!

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