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Fundraising Ideas for Non Profit Organizations

Top Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

Sell dough to raise dough for your charity or cause

Snackin in the usa

Smart Snacks

Selection of healthy nuts and snacks, sell easily at $7 each

quote candles

Quote Candles

A choice of 8 beautiful scented candles with an inspirational quote

gourmet carmel popcorn


Sell a great selection of flowers for the Spring season

scratch cards

Scratch Cards

Supporters donate to your cause and get great coupons

candy bars

Candy Bars

Take your pick - Hershey’s, M&Ms, Van Wyk, $1 or $2 bars

flower bulbs

Dinner & Movie Card

Quick sales for non-profits with this high value discount card

pretzel rods


Crazy shapes and tastes to match your cause

Non-profit groups play a crucial role in all of our communities. Non-profit groups may include charities, youth groups, and civic organizations, such as your local scouts organization, team-in-training and run for the cure causes, Kiwanis clubs, and so many others. They don’t only play an important role in your own town but many have local chapters throughout North America and even across the planet. They bring communities, states and countries together to learn, create awareness, solve problems, and celebrate success! The end result is a much stronger community and world.

In order to accomplish their various goals, most non-profit organizations turn to fundraising. These fundraising campaigns can vary from soliciting donations, to holding major events such as galas and run-a-thons, to selling product such as candy bars and gourmet snacks. Funds are what fuels these organizations, so when the group experiences a reduction in funding due to government cuts or other reasons, effective and easy fundraising ideas become even more crucial. JustFundraising.com has created a trusted line of fundraisers for non-profit organizations to help them be more sustainable.

Just Fundraising Wants To Help

JustFundraising has been helping organizations like yours for over 15 years. In fact, our customers have raised over $70 million selling our unique and highly profitable fundraising programs. Whether you’re raising funds for your charity, local youth group, or other cause, we have a proven line-up of successful product fundraisers.

JustFundraising Offers the Following to Ensure You Raise More:

  • Fundraising Experts To Help Guide You
  • Free Order-Takers and Free Shipping
  • High Quality Products That Sell Themselves
  • 20+ FREE-to-Start Fundraisers
  • The Highest Profit Guarantee or Your Order is FREE

So How do You Get Started?

Check out our top non-profit fundraisers listed above. Also, we have specific fundraising recommendations based on some exact group types listed below. Keep in mind, every group is different, so what works for your non-profit may not be the best for another. View the fundraisers, discuss them with others involved in your cause, and please feel free to call our team for any guidance.

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  • Adoption Fundraising Ideas

    Adoption Fundraising Ideas

    We believe child adoption is a truly selfless act and is a decision that is not taken lightly. Aside from the emotional dedication needed to plan an adoption there is a financial aspect as well. Justfundraising.com can help ease that burden with our selection of adoption fundraisers and adoption fundraising ideas.

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  • Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

    Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

    Looking to raise funds to help our smallest friends in need? Animal adoption is a popular alternative to pet shops and expensive breeders. If you wish to adopt an animal from a local shelter JustFundraising.com provides several animal adoption fundraisers and fundraising ideas.

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  • Scouts Fundraising Ideas

    Scouts Fundraising Ideas

    On my honor, I will do my best , To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;  To help other people at all times;  To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. We at JustFundraising.com live by this same creed, Justfundraising.com features a wide range of Boy Scout fundraisers and fundraising ideas.  

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  • Breast Cancer Fundriaisng Ideas

    Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

    Breast cancer fundraising can bring together people. Fundraising for such a cause is an intensely personal mission. We know that raising funds for this cause can be rewarding and healing. JustFundraising.com features a wide variety of breast cancer fundraisers and fundraising ideas. No matter if you are an individual or group you can pick from our vast list of proven fundraising ideas.

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  • Cancer Fundraising Ideas

    Cancer Fundraising Ideas

    Raising money for a cancer related cause? JustFundraising.com offers a wide variety of cancer fundraisers and cancer fundraising ideas. If you need to raise a specific amount our fundraising assistants can provide you with tailor made fundraisers to maximize your profits.

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  • Charity Fundraising Ideas

    Charity Fundraising Ideas

    JustFundraising.com offers a wide variety of charity fundraisers and charity fundraising ideas. Think your group or cause is too small? JustFundraising.com assigns you a personal fundraising assistant to help you no matter how small or large your group.

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  • Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

    Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

    Trying to get the family back together? Large or small, a family reunion can be costly, let Justfundraising.com help with our large selection of family reunion fundraisers and fundraising ideas.

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  • Fund for Walk Fundraising Ideas

    Fund for Walk Fundraising Ideas

    Fundraiser walks have become the ‘go-to’ method to raise funds and awareness to a cause. JustFundraising.com offers a wide variety of walk fundraisers and walk fundraising ideas. Need to raise a specific amount to participate in a walk? Your personal fundraising assistant will be able to tailor a fundraiser specifically for you.

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  • People to People Fundraising Ideas

    People to People Fundraising Ideas

    The purpose of People to People International (PTPI) is to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. JustFundraising.com is proud to offer People to People fundraisers and fundraising ideas.

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  • Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas

    Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas

    Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against all cancers. JustFundraising.com provides fundraisers and fundraising ideas to aid you in your Relay for Life fundraiser.

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  • Reunion Fundraising Ideas

    Reunion Fundraising Ideas

    Getting the old gang back together? What about a college or university fundraiser? Large or small, Justfundraising.com can help with your reunion fundraiser and offer great reunion fundraising ideas. Your personal fundraising assistant will be able to tailor a fundraiser specifically for you.

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  • Special Cause Fundraising Ideas

    Special Cause Fundraising Ideas

    Whatever the cause, JustFundraising.com can help with your fundraising needs. Your personal fundraising assistant can tailor a fundraiser for your group or event, giving you all the tools you need to get the job done!

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  • Team in Training Fundraising Ideas

    Team in Training Fundraising Ideas

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT) offers hands-on training unlike any other program. You'll get more help than with other charities, gyms, online training programs or sports clubs. They are an established network of coaches, mentors and teammates, built by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the past 22 years. To assist you on your way towards a Team in Training program JustFundraising.com features a wide variety of Team in Training fundraisers and fundraising ideas.

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  • Youth Fundraising Ideas

    Youth Fundraising Ideas

    Youth groups provide a place for kids to participate in healthy activity for the mind and the body. These groups often need to raise funds simply to keep the lights on. Are you part of a youth group or wish to help out? Justfundraising.com has a wide variety of Youth group fundraisers and fundraising ideas. Large or small, our personal fundraising assistants are here to help.

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