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Fundraising Ideas for Non Profit Organizations

Top Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

Sell dough to raise dough for your charity or cause

Snackin in the usa

Snackin' USA

20 sweet, salty and sour treats, only $10 each. Absolutely divine!

quote candles

Quote Candles

A choice of 8 beautiful scented candles with an inspirational quote

quality gourmet popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

Raise funds for your cause by selling fresh and tasty popcorn!

scratch cards

Scratch Cards

Supporters donate to your cause and get great coupons

candy bars

Candy Bars

Take your pick - Hershey’s, M&Ms, Van Wyk, $1 or $2 bars

flower bulbs

Dinner & Movie Card

Quick sales for non-profits with this high value discount card

pretzel rods


Crazy shapes and tastes to match your cause

Choosing The Best Non Profit Fundraisers is More Important Than Ever!

Best non-profit fundraising ideas

These days, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, most of your volunteer’s time and resources are already tapped, playing teacher with their children, trying to keep their personal finances in order, and quite possibly helping out on the front line. So, if you’re looking to implement new fundraisers this year, more than ever, it will be crucial to choose the right fundraising ideas for your non-profit. As you can imagine, few volunteers will have the time for resource-heavy fundraising events that yield little financial return.

Thankfully, JustFundraising® offers you a full lineup of fast and easy non-profit fundraising ideas, which include gourmet cookie dough, fresh flavorful popcorn, high profit donation cards, flower bulbs, scented candles with inspirational quotes, custom face masks and much more. Most of our fundraisers require no money up-front and are ideal for non-profit organizations of any size.

In addition, JustFundraising® has recently introduced Contact-Free online fundraising. That means your non-profit members can now fundraise by simply sharing a link to your custom online store with friends, family, and co-workers, without having to sell or pick-up money in person. This can be a great option for non-profits that have had difficulty meeting in-person because of social distancing rules.

How Just Fundraising Can Help Your Non-Profit Raise More!

JustFundraising® has 24 years of experience helping nonprofits raise funds. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our lineup of non-profit fundraisers, only to bring you the very best! So whether you’re raising funds for animal rescue, a charity supporting cancer, cub scouts, a local service club like Kiwanis or another cause that’s close to your heart, JustFundraising® is here to help you reach your goal.When implemented properly, the non-profit fundraising ideas listed below can be hassle-free and deliver your non-profit the financial results it needs.

JustFundraising® Offers Your Non-Profit the Following:

  • FREE Virtual Website For Contact-Free Fundraising
  • Fundraising Experts To Help Guide You
  • Free Order-Takers and Free Shipping
  • High Quality Products That Sell Themselves
  • 20+ FREE-to-Start Fundraisers
  • The Highest Profit Guarantee!

8 Best Product Fundraisers For Non-Profits!

Cookie dough fundraiser

1) Cookie Dough Fundraiser - Your BEST Non-Profit Fundraiser!

No matter what cause you’re raising money for, cookie dough can be an excellent option if you have a group of 10 or more volunteers that are committed to selling. In total sales, Cookie dough is probably the leading product fundraiser after candy bars so it’s truly a popular option.

JustFundraising®’s gourmet cookie dough program offers 6 delicious flavours to your supporters. We have $15 2 pound tubs.

JustFundraising® will now provide your nonprofit with your own online custom cookie dough store so that you and your volunteers can purchase and promote your cookie dough fundraiser through social media tools in a contact-free environment.

Snackin in the USA fundraising program

2) Snackin in the USA - The ‘Just Can’t Say No!’ Fundraiser

If your non-profit organization is looking for an easy fundraiser that is sure to please everyone, our Snackin in the USA order-taker is a great option. Your supporters will have 20 fresh snack items to choose from. Snackin in the USA has the salty, the sweet, the spicy and the sour, so there’s something to please every pallet.

It is easy to get started, since this program requires no money up-front. You can bring the brochure with you to special events or include it at one of your organization’s booths. Each product sells for only $10, so it’s affordable to all and many supporters will purchase two ort three items each. That means that with a profit of 50%, your non-profit cause will be sure to reach and even surpass their fundraising goals.

Candle fundraising program

3) Quote Candle - The ‘Feel Good’ Fundraiser for Non-Profits

Are you raising money for a charity that supports cancer research, Alzheimer’s or another cause that impacts so many families? If so, our Quote candles are your perfect fundraiser. JustFundraising®’s Quote candle collection features wonderfully scented candles labeled with inspiring quotes.

Each candle also comes packaged in a pretty gift box. With 8 fragrances to choose from, the relaxing aromas will let your supporters drift away into total relaxation.My favorite candle is the Lavender Mist which is labeled Live, Laugh, Love.

The candles are high quality, hand-poured in the USA and have a 75 hour burn-time. You sell them for a reasonable $18 each and your charity keeps 50% profit.

JustFundraising® will now provide you with your free online candle fundraiser store, so you can run a Contact-Free fundraiser.

Flower fundraising program

4) Flower Bulb Fundraisers - Loved by Charities

Flowers have long been associated with life and hope, making them a symbolic fundraiser for so many charities. Flower bulb fundraisers are also a perfect fundraiser for environmentally conscious groups like, Scouts and Girl Guides. Recently, demand for flowers has been greater because people are spending more time at home.

What’s more relaxing than tending to and beautifying your own garden?

Getting started is free and easy. Just order one order-taker per volunteer. You can set up a booth at a special event or have your volunteers ask family, friends and neighbors to make a purchase. Your supporters will have 24 items to choose from, with most items priced at a low $6 to $12. This non-profit fundraising program earns you 50% profit, and is sure to become an annual fundraiser.

Scratch card fundraiser

5) Scratch cards - A Fun Way to Collect Donations!

When your non-profit has committed volunteers and a high goal, JustFundraising®’s Scratch Cards are your best choice! It’s simple. Order one scratch card per volunteer. Ask your supporters to scratch 2 or more circles to reveal their donation. Often, they’ll donate even more! You reward your supporters with a sheet of valuable coupon offers, as a Thank-You.

Our Scratch Cards are customized with your non-profit’s name on the front and are easy to carry around. They raise $100 each, with a cost of only $20. Right now, we are offering 20% free cards so your non-profit can reach 100% profit!

Because scratch cards are a fun, interactive, face-to-face fundraiser, it also gives you the opportunity to discuss and spread the word about your charity with your supporters.

Candy bar fundraising program

6) Candy Bars - The Reliable Fundraiser!

Everybody loves candy bars! We offer a great selection of affordable $1, $1.50 and $2.00 candy bars for your non-profit fundraiser. The $1 America’s Variety Pack, $1 Chocolatiers and $2 Community Pack are all peanut-free and there is only a one case minimum, so even organizations with a small volunteer-base can sell them.

Our $1 Chocolatiers have packaging that is more appealing to adults and the carrier can fold into a display case to set-up at a booth or concession stand at your next event.

All candy bar programs provide free shipping to your charity, and you can earn up to 50% profit.

Discount card fundraiser program

7) Dinner and Movie Card - The Charity Fundraiser That Gives Back!

This is a perfect non-profit fundraiser because it’s win-win! The dinner and movie discount card offers some serious value to its card holders. Your supporters will be happy to spend only $10 on a high value Dinner and Movie Discount Card that can save them again and again throughout the year.

We suggest that you order 10 cards per volunteer or seller. Your group’s participants can then sell the discount cards to family, friends and neighbors.

Some groups also choose to set up a sales booth at special events. This will ensure your non-profit group will reach and even surpass their fundraising goals. The Dinner and Movie fundraiser program offers free shipping, the minimums are low and your group will make 65% profit!

Lolipop fundraiser

8) Lollipops - It’s Easy To Sell Sweetness!

Who doesn’t love lollipops? Your non-profit has a variety of lollipops you can choose from to sell at your next event. Our Yummy Lix are colorful and offered in a variety of flavors. A couple of my favorite flavors are watermelon and banana split. We also have Yummy Hearts which could be an ideal theme for your charity.

Selling them for only $1 each means many supporters will want to buy them by the handful. In fact, many charity fundraisers will package the pops in sets of 5 or 10 and generate a lot more sales. Your group can set up a booth or sell them to guests at special events.

The minimum order is only one master case which contains 640 lollipops, comprising 8 bags of 80 pops each. Your non-profit enjoys free shipping and your groups can make up to 62% profit.

DIY Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas and Event Fundraisers

DIY non-profit fundraising ideas

1) Color Run

Promote a healthy lifestyle while raising money for your non-profit cause. A color run is no ordinary race. Participants are given packets of colored powder to add a little color and excitement to the run. Color packets can be made available to the spectators for an extra fee so they can join in the fun, too.

2) Custom T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a new fresh t-shirt featuring a non-profit cause that’s important to them? Have your t-shirt designed with the logo and slogan of your cause or non-profit event. Sell them using a physical order-taker, or use an online platform to share and generate sales. You can also pre-print them and then set-up a booth at your next event to sell them!

3) Crowdfunding

Use the power of social media to raise funds for your organization. There are tons of crowdfunding platforms such as Gofundme or Fundly that make the whole process as easy as possible.

All you need to do is set-up a crowdfunding page, share the link with your group members, and ask them to share it with their family and friends. Set a goal that you’re trying to raise, and be sure to give a good description of your fundraiser so people know where their money is going.

Crowdfunding sites generally take a small percentage of what you raise, but the rest will go straight to your cause.

4) Charity Auctions

Consider hosting an auction and inviting your community to bid on different goods and services. Your organization can gather donations from it’s members, family, friends and local businesses to include in the auction.

Your auction can be done at an organized event, or even online to extend your reach. Local businesses are usually more than happy to donate some sort of prize for auctions such as gift cards or coupons since it will increase their visibility in the community.

5) Homemade Film Fundraiser

This concept requires some dedicated staff, as well as willing, creative participants. Hold a mini film festival with your organization and invite the public to contribute. Charge a small fee for anyone that would like to have their short film included in the festival, and have everyone cast their ballots for their favorite film after the screening.

Filming a video is easier than ever, since anyone with a phone can be a director. You can use social media to promote the event and also post the submissions after your event. Offer a cash prize for the winning short film to encourage more participation.

Use social media to organize and promote your fundraiser. Color Runs have quickly become one of the most popular fundraiser events so don’t be surprised if the turnout is even greater than you expected!

6) Car Wash For a Cause

Who doesn’t love a clean and sparkling car? A car wash is a simple and effective fundraiser that requires little to no up-front cost to organize. All you need is a few volunteers and the basic cleaning supplies and you’re ready to go!

This can be a great team building exercise. Depending on your group size, you can divide members into teams and they can compete for the most customers or fastest clean time.

dog walking fundraiser

6) Dog Walking for Animal Rescue

This is a favorite fundraiser for animal rescue and animal shelter fundraisers. Many dog owners don’t have the free time to walk their dog as much as they would like. This is a great way to give them a helping hand by having your group members volunteer to walk their dog for them.

This fundraiser is so simple since you don’t need any up-front money or materials. All you need is some volunteers that have some time to spare, and maybe a few dog treats. Your supporters will appreciate the gesture and will be more than happy to donate money to your cause. This can easily become a continual fundraiser and your dog walkers can donate all the funds to your cause.

7) Car Wash For a Cause

Who doesn’t love a clean and sparkling car? A car wash is a simple and effective fundraiser that requires little to no up-front cost to organize. All you need is a few volunteers and the basic cleaning supplies and you’re ready to go!

This can be a great team building exercise. Depending on your group size, you can divide members into teams and they can compete for the most customers or fastest clean time.

8) BBQ Lunches

Every organization can find a few members who are spectacular BBQers.. Have them help out and host a delicious meal of BBQ chicken and ribs, hamburgers, sausages and other BBQ delights! Create a menu with a main dish and a couple sides and have your group members whip up some lunches and individually box them to sell.

Be sure to promote your fundraiser online and throughout your community a few weeks before. Post your menu and preparation pictures to get people’s mouths watering and drum up sales.

9) Holiday Gift Wrapping for Charity

The holidays are always a great time to raise money. Everyone is getting into the giving spirit and there are tons of opportunities to offer a service that will be useful during such a busy time.

All you need is a few tables and the basic gift wrapping tools and you’re ready to go! Locate the highest traffic stores that are popular for gift buying and ask permission to set-up a few tables for your gift-wrapping event. Coordinate your volunteers to ensure you’re always well staffed especially during peak hours. You can ask for a specific price or request that they donate whatever they feel comfortable donating but with a minimum fee.

10) Sporting Event Watching Parties

Obviously sport event gatherings won’t be happening anytime before 2021, but when everything is back to normal, it’s a fun and profitable money-maker. Watching the big game is always more fun with a crowd, so why not invite your community to watch along with your group?

Designate a location to host the event. You can charge a small entry fee or request a small donation upon entry. Sell snack favorites like nachos or chicken wings to make some extra profit, and run a 50/50 raffle to raise even more!

So How do You Get Started?

Check out our top non-profit fundraisers listed above. Also, we have specific fundraising recommendations based on some exact group types listed below. Keep in mind, every group is different, so what works for your non-profit may not be the best for another. View the fundraisers, discuss them with others involved in your cause, and please feel free to call our team for any guidance.

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