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Over $81 Million Raised So Far

JustFundraising is committed to providing unparalleled customer service so we are proud to share our customer comments. As you will read, you are in good hands with JustFundraising for your next fundraiser.

"The kids loved doing the Cottontail Collection brochure. One of our 7 year old boys sold $330 all on his own!"
- Donelle Anderson, Wood Elementary

"We had a great time selling the chocolates, and we were extremely happy with the service!"
- Derrick Johnson, Carson Way Kids

"My youth group has worked with JustFundraising on 4 occasions now, because of the good service, and the fun fundraisers!"
- Angie Bryant, Newcomerstown Youth Group

"The funds we raised came in very handy for our annual Pinewood Derby! The Cubs enjoyed selling the chocolates."
- Cheryl Briand, Cub Scouts

"We have 12 Baseball Tournaments this season, and the Emma Lou's Cookie Dough fundraiser will go a long way in helping us reach our goal!"
- Kathy Dugas, Mississippi Wolves

"My elementary school loved selling the cookie dough! We rewarded the kids with a huge Pizza Party!"
- Jane Montano, Hyde Park Elementary

"The Simply Tasteful snacks and the lollipops were easy to sell, most of it within the school!"
- Carlos Gonzalez, PS # 6JW Wakeman Elementary

"Our Snax Pak fundraiser went incredibly well! We raised $4922.50 in profit, and it was easy because $5 items sell well."
- Tammy Yale, Firthtown Boys Club

"I like that all the items in this fundraiser are $7! The fundraiser went smoothly, and we were very happy with the service."
- John Hayfield, Riverdale High School

"Our group got a very enthusiastic response to the Simply Tasteful snacks, and everyone enjoyed selling them."
- Angela Wagner, Spaulding Parent-Teacher Group

"We loved doing the Safety First Kits fundraiser! It's very different from everything else out there"
- Roland Gosselin, Main Street 7th Graders

"The cookie dough sold very well, and we did great, considering we only had 7 participants!"
- Rebecca Bruckner, Busy Bee Childcare

"My group is raising money for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and working on the cookie dough helped bring in $2000!"
- Wanda Wosika, Families of SMA