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Top Cheerleading Fundraisers

Crazy About Cookies

Crazy About Cookies

The top cookie dough fundraiser more than 5 years running

Snackin in the USA

Snackin In The USA

Sell 20 delicious, sweet and savory treats for only $10 each!

Quote Candle Fundraiser

Quote Candles

A choice of 8 beautiful scented candles with an inspirational quote

Scratch & Help

Scratch & Help

Fun and easy way for your group to earn up to 100% profit!

Cheerleading Fundraising Fuels Inspiration And Dreams

Best cheerleading fundraising ideas

Cheerleading has its roots as a way to inspire crowds to be more involved during school and professional sporting events but has since evolved into a sport in its own right featuring coordinated and often daring acrobatic movements and elaborate cheers. Being a cheerleader today requires dedication and many hours of training each week.

Many cheerleading squads compete regularly in national and regional events across the country. Like any other sport, cheerleaders need coaching support, camps, trainers and uniforms while competitive bodies require participants to pay for registration fees and location rentals. A traveling competitive squad could see costs ranging from $1500 - $5000 per cheerleader every season.

Cheerleaders, coaches and parents are no strangers to fundraising but are often in need of new ideas. On top of raising money for their own team, cheerleading squads often help with the fundraising efforts of the teams they support. Common fundraising solutions include raffle tickets, bake sales, silent auctions, fashion shows, and car washes. Other solutions include selling products like t-shirts, hoodies, bags and other spirit wear. What fundraisers are best suited for your cheerleading squad?

Get Into Perfect Routine with a Just Fundraising Cheerleading Fundraiser

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JustFundraising® has 24 years of experience helping cheerleading squads that belong to organizations within schools, as well as the National Cheerleaders Association and the UCA, successfully reach their fundraising goals. We know that fundraising can be challenging so we work with you to make the experience safe and easy and of course, profitable. We have helped cheerleading squads achieve their goals with fundraising profits as high as 90%! Our winning line-up of no money-up-front fundraisers, means you can run your fundraiser with no financial risk.

For helpful fundraising tips on how to setup your cheerleader fundraiser click here or scroll-down the page.

Top 8 Cheerleading Fundraisers That Sell Best!

Product fundraisers require very little advance planning compared to event fundraisers. If you’ve got quality products at reasonable prices, they can bring in some serious scratch, too. Here are 8 product fundraiser ideas we think will work best for your cheer squad.

Nuts about sports fundraising program

1) Popular Cheer Fundraiser - Nuts About Sports

Cheerleaders know all too well the importance of snacks to keep your body fueled and ready for action. This is why we put this collection of sweet and salty treats at the very top of the pyramid.

Supporters can choose from a fun assortment of healthy, protein-filled nuts and trail mix, or indulge with candy and chocolate. In other words, this fundraiser has got something for every snacker in your midst. Plus, every item is priced at $10, with up to 50% of profits going to your group. This fundraiser will have you spelling out V-I-C-T-O-R-Y in no time.

Cookie dough fundraiser

2) Gourmet Cookie dough

Is there a cheerier snack than fresh-baked cookies? We don’t think so. Not only are these gooey treats irresistible, the ability to bake fresh cookies within minutes and without the mess is a huge draw as well.

Our quality cookie dough is available in a variety of formats, from 2-lb tubs to pre-portioned, to dry mix. It also comes in various price points - including a $15 option! This allows you to choose the product that best suits your demographic. In turn, your squad is able to raise even more of that (pun alert!) sweet, sweet dough.

Pretzel rod fundraiser

3) New Cheer Fundraiser - Chocolate-dipped Pretzel Rods

One of America’s favorite snacks, but with a twist, these delicious and uber-affordable chocolate-dipped treats are sure to be a hit. Priced at $1 each and available in 4 fantastic candy-coated flavors, your supporters won’t be able to stop at one!

Pretzel rods, contrary to order-taker products, can be purchased and enjoyed on the spot. This makes them perfect for selling at rallies, sports games, and in school. It's also great for combining with your cheerleading fundraiser events. They also come in convenient carrying cases, so you can raise funds wherever, whenever.

Scratch card fundraiser

4) Scratch Card Fundraiser

Being a cheerleader often means lugging your entire life around with you all day. Perhaps, then, an even more compact fundraiser is in order. This is where Scratch & Help scratch cards come in. They're small enough to fit in your pocket, but still have a big potential for profit.

Supporters simply scratch off one or more dots on the Scratch & Help card. Each dot reveals an amount ranging from $0.50 to $3. In exchange for their contribution, donors receive a coupon card with up to $50 in savings.

This fundraiser allows supporters to scratch off as few or as many dots as they wish. Donors with smaller incomes might appreciate the flexibility. Another bonus: you can have your squad’s logo printed on each card for a personalized touch.

Popcorn fundraiser program

5) Gourmet Popcorn - Cheer Fundraiser

This fundraiser, with its seven irresistible popcorn flavors, are a snack-lover’s dream. It's also affordable, at $12 per item. And, like many of our fundraisers, it has zero startup costs.

It also includes free shipping for orders over $1,000 (a super easy goal to reach: if your squad has 20 participants, that’s only 5 units per person!). And with 40% of profits yours to keep, your squad will be turning cartwheels all the way to the bank!

Pizza fundraiser program

6) Premium Pizza Fundraiser

Like most athletes, cheerleaders - and their families - lead very busy lives. This leaves little time for even the most basic activities, and dinner is often grab-and-go. Our Premium pizza, featuring of 4 delicious flavors, is the perfect solution. Pop it into the microwave and 4 minutes later you've got a piping hot pie.

Give parents - and friends and neighbors - a break from planning meals or resorting to takeout with this easy, affordable option. And you get to keep a hefty piece of the pie, too, with a generous 40% profit margin.

lollipop fundraiser

7) Cheer Teams Love Our Yummy Lix Lollipop Fundraiser

Your cheer team will love selling Yummy Lix lollipops. It's a fun and easy way to raise money for your squad. Since lollipops are a classic treat they appeals to a wide range of people, making them a great option for a fundraising campaign.

Selling them for only $1 each means many supporters will want to buy more than one. In fact, many fundraising groups will package the pops in sets of 5 to generate a lot more sales.

Online fundraisers

8) Run An Online Cheerleading Fundraiser!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but cheerful. However, one of the positive outcomes we’re seeing is the push to make everything accessible online across all industries. This, of course, includes the fundraising industry.

Many of our fundraisers now have an online store option. It includes a link you can share across all online channels so you can cast a wider net and increase sales. Personalized online fundraising stores are available for our cookie dough, popcorn, snacks, face masks, and more!

We'll help you tailor your store to your squad, so you can keep the personal touch of traditional fundraising. There is even the option for buyers to give credit to the participant they are supporting. This allows you to capitalize on your squad’s competitive spirit, encouraging each member to, as they say, “bring it”.

Browse our Other Categories of Cheerleading Fundraising Products

JustFundraising offers 2 methods of product fundraising – order-takers (or brochures) and direct-sellers (also known as show-and-sell).

Order Takers

Order-Takers are brochures featuring quality items to sell, such as cookie dough, gourmet snacks and gift items, usually priced between $5 and $25. We’ll send them to you free of charge so you can start selling, and earning up to 55% profit.

Direct Sellers

Direct-Sellers are any product that you have in-hand to sell such as lollipops, Hershey’s candy bars, beef sticks and scratch cards, usually priced between $0.50 and $5. Free Shipping on all.

8 Best DIY Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas During COVID-19

Traditional event fundraisers involving community gatherings might be on hold for a little while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! DIY cheerleading fundraisers require a bit more planning and commitment. However, they’re a great way to put yourselves out there and raise your squad’s profile, which can lead to future funding and sponsorship.

Here are 8 of our favorite COVID-friendly DIY fundraiser ideas to help your cheer squad really stick the landing when it comes to fundraising.

DIY cheer fundraising ideas

1) Food truck party

A slightly different take on the classic restaurant takeover fundraiser, a food truck party offers the same money-making potential but with social distancing in mind.

Set aside a time and place (preferably a park) and invite supporters to come enjoy local street food fare. Ask food truck owners to donate a portion of profits in exchange for advertising the heck out of your event. Don’t forget music and decorations to give it a party feel, and make social distancing easy by painting (temporary) circles in the grass.

You can also use this opportunity to sell raffle tickets for various prizes, or hold a silent auction to boost your revenue.

2) Virtual cheerleading fundraiser show

What better way to hone your chops and get ready for cheer season while raising money than putting on a live show? Use YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook Live to stream your performance. Remember to include a link to your donation page (try a user-friendly platform such as Fundly or Qgiv).

Not only can you wow your supporters with a killer performance, you can show them some of the behind the scenes action as well. Interview members of your squad, give viewers a tour of your practice space, and talk about your goals for the season. Anything that might help create a connection with your viewers is a plus.

You can also make it interactive by creating audience polls, answering questions, and giving a basic cheer lesson. Embrace the silliness by having viewers post their own cheers online with your event’s hashtag.

Don’t be shy to mention that you’re raising money throughout the event. After all, your focus is fundraising!

3) ‘Cheer up the neighborhood’ fundraiser

Print and distribute flyers offering to perform various outdoor tasks in your neighborhood over the course of a week or a weekend. These can include mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling driveways, running errands, and anything else that can be done safely outdoors in teams of two.

Simply let residents know that you’ll be ringing doorbells on certain dates. Better yet, leave a phone or email contact so they can book in advance. You can choose to have fixed rates or make them donation-based with a recommended rate. The latter might be helpful for people who have less financial flexibility, and may also prompt those who can to give more.

4) Drive-in or outdoor movie night fundraiser

Drive-in theaters are making a comeback thanks to COVID-19. If there’s one near you you might consider approaching management about holding a fundraiser night, with a portion of ticket sales going to your group. You can also offer your squad’s volunteer services at the concession stand in exchange for keeping the profits.

If there’s no drive-in theater nearby you can simply project a movie onto a wall in a park or empty parking lot and charge admission (be sure to have social distancing measures in place). You can even make it a weekly summer event, with a different classic cheerleader flick each week!

5) Virtual silent auction

Approach local merchants and ask them to donate items to be auctioned off online. Many stores have items from last season that they won’t mind parting with, and restaurants will gladly donate gift certificates if it means bringing customers into their establishment.

There are plenty of online auction platforms, such as Auctria and BiddingOwl, to make your event go super smoothly.

The beauty of a virtual silent auction as opposed to a live one is that you can draw out the event to last several days. This means people can pop in at their leisure as opposed to a set time. You can also add new items as you go to entice bidders.

6) Car wash

Everyone loves a good car wash fundraiser, and there’s no reason to put the kibosh on it this year. Just make sure your squad wears masks and people either stay in their cars or stand at a safe distance.

If you really want to go contact-free, you can hold a mobile car wash fundraiser, where you invite people to book ahead and pay in advance via Paypal or e-transfer. Simply ask them to park their car in their driveway during their designated time slot, and to leave their garden hose accessible. Then, split up into teams and have mini car wash parties all across town.

7) Virtual fitness challenge

This cheerleading fundraiser lets your team members showcase their fitness in a fun and profitable way. Have your squad prepare a series of increasingly challenging workout videos to stream each day. Not only can they ask their friends and family to donate to their cause, they can encourage them to join in and collect donations too!

Make it fun by posting videos to social media documenting your struggles, soreness, and of course, and your progress. Encourage your supporters to do the same. You can even offer a reward for most improved at the end of the challenge, most enthusiastic, and most money raised.

8) Fundraiser un-gala

For a surprising number of people, the only thing they’d rather spend more money on than attending a gala is, well, not attending one. Advertise your event as you would a normal fundraiser gala, with a set date and time, and sell tickets. The catch is that attendees can dress however they want, and do whatever they feel like.

Create a hashtag for your non-event and encourage supporters to post pics of whatever they end up doing, whether it’s gowns and cocktails in the backyard, or PJ’s and ice cream on the sofa. Offer prizes - donated by local businesses - for most creative night and most uncreative. And most importantly, let them know that their donation is needed and appreciated.

Cheerleaders are inspirational and persuasive by nature, and this gives them an advantage in fundraising. With a positive attitude and competitive spirit, any one of these cheerleader fundraiser ideas is sure to be a smash hit.

Check out our step-by-step fundraising guide for helpful tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect cheerleading fundraiser. Gooooooooo team!


Fundraising Tips For Your coming Cheerleading Fundraiser

Look at Your Fundraising Solution Requirements

  • IS THE FUNDRAISER SOLUTION OF HIGH QUALITY? There are plenty of people that will gladly contribute to an excellent cause but an incredible solution is an amazing motivator. Selling something that everybody loves will ensure your cause is remembered and quite often your supporters are going to be asking when the following fundraiser will be! If you distribute excellent quality fundraising goods, you will guarantee satisfied supporters which will order from your Cheerleading team once again.
  • CAN IT OFFER A DECENT EARNINGS LEVEL? As pointed out above, great products can create a helpful change to your fundraising functions, but when they don’t generate income to your Cheerleading team they aren’t of any benefit to your goal. Make sure all of your dedication is a good idea by selling something that yields a minimum of 40% profit for your team. More money stands for a lot more time on the getting fans into the game!
  • DOES IT HAVE THE BEST PRICE POINT? Nearly every city is different - their price limit for any fundraiser item may differ between $1 to $20 - guarantee the product you’re supplying is costed reasonably for the community.
  • IS IT IN HIGH DEMAND?Pay attention to your town. You will need to sell something people Want. Follow this easy tip and it will increase your fundraising sales immensely. What’s greater than an item which promotes itself?


We want to help. Call one of our experts at 1-888-440-4114. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the perfect fundraiser for your cheerleading team.


Gather and Entice Your Cheerleading Team

When you have picked a fundraising product that you will have confidence in, you can now to teach your team, often both players and parents, to hit the pavement. Interacting with people and being able to express your targets is important for sales success. Make sure that everyone understands what your financial targets are and just what the amount of money will be used for. Below are a few tricks for good sales:

Here are a few tips for solid sales:

  • Look at giving each volunteer their own personalized ‘account’, so they’re specifically compensated for the funds they personally raised.
  • Challenge your team with gifts for quickest / most sales.
  • Split up into teams and reward a winner for biggest revenues.
  • Publicly honor your team for a great job.
  • Keep the feeling light and interesting so there is no hassle involved.


Think of Communication

  • Volunteers and players need to realize the total number of items you need them to sell so you can reach your Cheerleading team’s goal.
  • Volunteers should know about for what reason they may be fundraising and where the money may go - e.g. We must have an additional $2k for bus rentals for the remaining portion of the away games this season.
  • Supply volunteers with the ideal sales pitch inside of a letter. It should incorporate a list of your fundraiser product benefits and features, along with the objective of your fundraiser, to enable them to appropriately spread the word and generate sales among friends, neighbors and co-workers easily.
  • Use social media every week to get the word out with regards to your fundraiser to parents and friends to guarantee the word can extend further with a click of a button.
  • Make sure that a huge “Thanks!” goes out to all parents, supporters and volunteers right after the fundraiser. It’s an excellent thing for them to unite under your cause so make sure they are cognizant just how much you appreciate their commitment!


Cheerleading Fundraising Basic Safety

Cheerleading Fundraising is unquestionably a positive campaign that literally brings the best out of folks in your community nevertheless that doesn’t imply both you and your members shouldn’t act in a protected way. Abide by these steps to make certain your team stays safe and protected while you’re approaching your fundraiser ambitions:

  • Little children should be coupled with adults when going house-to-house.
  • Teens of an older age must always employ the buddy system making certain to have no fewer than 2 players walking together.
  • Do not enter into the household of people you don't know whenever going house-to-house. Fundraising activities should happen outside the door step, several feet from the door to ensure neighbors and passersby have a very good clear viewpoint.
  • Do not carry copious amounts of money currency. Have volunteers store cash in a safe and secure spot on a frequent basis to be sure they're not toting an excessive amount when going house-house.

We completed a very successful fundraiser with the $10 Cookie Dough and managed to raise over $1,800. See you next year!


Orosi Cardinal Cheerleaders | Orosi, CA


We conducted a fundraiser with the Ten @ Ten program in order to raise money for new uniforms. We raised over $1600.00.


TCYFL Rainier Mountaineer Cheerleaders | Rainier, WA