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$20 Cookie Dough Plus


Snackin in the USA

America's Favorite Cookies

America's Favorite Cookies is the ultimate white glove cookie dough fundraiser designed for larger groups like schools and leagues. Sell 6 delicious treats in 2 different formats - Scoop & Bake and Pre-Portioned! Enjoy our convenient online store with ship-to-home option and free student pre-pack. Let's raise some dough!

More Than Cookie Dough!

Get Your FREE Brochures – Order 1 per seller

  • No Upfront Cost
  • FREE Shipping
About This Fundraiser

America’s Favorite Cookies: The ultimate white glove cookie dough fundraiser. Perfect for schools, leagues and other larger organizations.

3 Ways to Run This Fundraiser:

  • Option 1: Use Physical Order-Taker Only
  • Option 2: Online Fundraising Only (we can include ship-to-home option if you like)
  • Option 3: A combination of option 1 and 2 (most popular!)
  • This Cookie Dough Fundraiser Offers The Following:

    6 Delicious Choices: Cookie Dough Flavors available in BOTH tub and preformed format.

    Let your donors spoil themselves with our irresistible cookie dough. This 4-page brochure features 6 items at a reasonable price range of $20 to $24! In addition, we provide a free online store so your sellers can easily and quickly sell cookie dough to friends and relatives via text and email. This cookie dough program is pre-pack per seller, so recommended for larger groups such as schools and leagues.

    FREE Pre-Pack Per Seller: Orders will be packed by classroom/team and student/player. Each seller will receive their own box of cookie dough products accompanied with an order sheet indicating who they need to hand-deliver them to. Truly makes your distribution day chaos-free.

    Your group will be provided with a spreadsheet in order to update all of your sellers’ orders. We will combine the order-taker orders with the online orders per seller.

    Free pre-pack is offered on all orders of 150 items or more.

    FREE Online Store (Optional & Free of Charge): Makes it super easy for your sellers to email and text their store to friends, family and co-workers. Yes, your fundraiser can be done, by simply texting 15-20 of your closest contacts! You can see your sales as they happen by looking at your own personal dashboard!

    FREE Ship-to-Home Option: Your supporters can choose to pay a little extra to have the cookie dough shipped right to their home. Great way to generate sales outside of your local area. The shipping fee for the first tub is about $10 to ship, but every tub after that is only a few dollars.

    FREE Shipping and Low Minimums: Your group receives Free Shipping when you sell 150 items or more, easily attainable by even a small school of 100 students group (only 1.5 items each!). And our minimum order is only 84 items!

    Quality & Convenience: Our Cookie Dough may be frozen for up to 1 year and is shelf stable at room temperature for 21 days making it delivery-friendly. It can be thawed and refrozen. Some items may contain traces of nuts. These are all Kosher Products.

    FREE to Start: The America’s Favorite Cookies fundraiser costs absolutely nothing to get started. Simply let us know how many fundraising participants you have and we’ll send 1 order-taker for each of them, at no charge.

    Reach Your Fundraising Goal: Your profitis a flat 35%, meaning you’ll make an average profit of $7.70 per unit sold. A school of 500 with 25% participation, selling 5 units each can profit over $4,800.

    Priced To Sell: Only $20-$24 (much greater value than giving a $50 donation and getting nothing in return)

    Distribution Day Made Easy: The cookie dough, edible dough and all other items in this order-taker can be kept at room temperature (77 degrees or cooler) for up to 21 days before being refrigerated again, so there’s no need to have parents and volunteers rush in to collect their cookie dough during a tight 2-hour time window.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Shelf Stable Cookie Dough: Do you have questions about the cookie dough? Such As - How long can it be left out at room temperature, or are there added preservatives to the cookie dough? We have included the top most asked questions about our shelf stable cookie dough in the pdf document below for your convenience:
    Shelf Stable Cookie Dough FAQ

    Potential Profit

    Your Group Keeps 35% Profit!

    The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

    # of Tubs Sold
    Your Profit
    % Profit
    *Based on an average selling price of: $19

    *Orders less than 150 units incur a shipping fee calculated as follows: $1 x (200 - qty sold)
    The amounts in the Profit Chart is including any shipping costs.

    # of Tubs Sold Your Profit % Profit
    150 $998
    250 $1,663
    500 $3,325
    1000 $6,650
    2000 $13,300
    5000 $33,250
    *Based on an average selling price of: $19

    *Orders less than 150 units incur a shipping fee calculated as follows: $1 x (200 - qty sold)
    The amounts in the Profit Chart is including any shipping costs.

    Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!

    Additional Details

    How Does the America's Favorite Cookies Fundraiser Work?

    1. Order 1 America's Favorite Treats order-taker PER fundraising participant – they’re FREE of charge!

    2.Have your group members show the order-taker to friends, family, neighbors, and or co-workers and invite them to purchase 1 or more tubs of cookie dough.(Note: Your participants will collect the funds up-front, and will take note of their supporter’s name and mailing address on the order form included).

    3. Collect all of the order-takers and all funds raised from your group members, at the end of your fundraiser.

    4. Place your product order with us by completing and submitting the Order Form by fax or email

    5. Count your profits – your group pays only the cost of the product and keeps everything else.

    6. JustFundraising.com will ship the entire order to you, so your group can distribute the products to your supporters.

    Safety Tip
    Please ensure that no minor goes fundraising door-to-door alone. If they choose to go door-to-door, they need to be in two’s or three’s, and or with a parent.

    Product Availability
    Shipping to remote areas... or "off-the-beaten-path" sections of the Western states such as Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, etc may not be possible. Please call us for details.

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