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Flower Fundraisers

JustFundraising.com offers a vast selection of flowers for the Spring season, guaranteed to bloom! ‘The Art in Nature Flower Bulbs’ collection has been around for over 30 years and quality has always been their tradition. They sell only choice premier quality bulbs. Your supporters shouldn't be surprised if these flowers are the most beautiful that they've ever seen. No one can resist adding floral beauty to his or her home, garden, porch or patio, so start fundraising with this fine selection now.

  1. Nature In Bloom Flowers

    Available Again August 2017

    Beautify your neighborhood. Every bulb is guaranteed to bloom. Here's a simple, colorful, earthly fundraiser that your group and your entire community will enjoy.
  2. Art In Nature Flower Bulbs

    Available Again January 2018
    The Art in Nature Spring Flower Bulbs offers a wonderful and affordable selection of 29 items, including an absolutely spectacular Colorfest Collection an 80 bulb collection at $0.32 per bulb! as well as a Garden Spectacular Collection a thrifty collection of 56 bulbs at only $0.39 per bulb! Grow profit!

JustFundraising is the Smart Choice for your Flower Fundraiser!

  • Flower fundraisers have no up-front cost!
  • Flower bulbs are a great easy-to-sell fundraising option!
  • Our line-up of flowers makes it possible for your to do flower fundraising all year-round!
  • You make 50% profit on every sale!


Fundraising Ideas and Tips For Your Flower Fundraiser:

  • Make sure you let them know when the bulbs need to be planted
  • Become knowledgeable about flower planting do you can offer tips to your potential supporters
  • These bulbs make excellent gifts so use this to your advantage when selling
  • Don’t forget to bring the brochure with you! The beautiful pictures of these flowers I bloom will do most of the selling for you!


Your Flower Fundraiser is FREE To Start!

It costs nothing to get started! Let us know which flower program you want and we’ll send you order-takers for each of your sellers, absolutely free of charge! If you need help deciding, let our fundraising experts help! Our friendly staff can be reached at 1-888-440-4114.