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Success Stories

Over $81 Million Raised So Far

Below are fundraising success stories from customers like you. These stories will show you how your group can reach it's goals with help from our fundraiser programs.

Easy fundraiser

"We sold 333 units of cookie dough and raised a profit of $1300. We are very pleased with the program!"
- Lucas Lechman, RVHS Girls Basketball Club

Advise and support

"JustFundraising is very supportive and easy to communicate with. Thanks for all your emails and advise."
- Angie Kleitz, Westport Traditional Middle School

Marching to Honolulu

"We'll do another fundraiser with your company. Here's a photo of the Roosevelt High School Marching/Concert Band in April 2004. We were invited to the Hawaii Invitational Band Festival in Honolulu."
- Chris Perez, Roosevelt High School Band Boosters

Fundraise for mission trips

"Here is a picture of our mission trip team members. These are all the people who went on five different mission trips this summer. Some went to Indiana for Handy Camp, some to Juarez Mexico to build a home, some to Alaska to lead Vacation Bible school, some to Guatemala for Vacation Bible school and others to the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Florida. We used scratch cards for the youth that went to the youth Gathering. Thanks! We are from Peace Lutheran Church in St. Louis, MO!"
- Jamie Truwe, Peace Lutheran Church

Basketball Nationals

"We're using the money raised to go to the Basketball Nationals in Memphis, Tennessee!"
- Kepta C. Mitchell, Sacramento Raiders 13/U Boys AAU Basketball

Wonder Fundraising Products

We have used your company for fundraising for several years now and are very thankful that we have been able to earn funds, to help support our league, so quickly.  We gave the fundraising brochures out to our team members one week in advance with the incentive being that the top sellers would be king and queen for our homecoming festivities.  Through the kids hard work and with your wonderful fundraising products the kids were able to make a good profit to continue to help support their team.  Although our top sellers get the biggest honor we do reward all of our fundraising participants with a prize.  

We truly appreciate the opportunities that your company has given us.  Including the repeat percentage profit and this current opportunity to receive an additional $25 for our league.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future.
- Oletha Grant, Event Coordinator

Always Friendly and Helpful

Thank you! I was so impressed with everything, the people I spoke with on the phone were always friendly and helpful, the brochure looked good and I was so afraid that our order would not come in right because there were so many pieces to it. No need to worry, everything was perfect and came in exactly when I was told it would.
- Julie Leonard, Leonard Adoption

Junior Prom

"We needed a fundraiser for our Junior Prom, and and we went with Elite Retreats. The class raised $7500 towards decorations, hall rental, and a DJ! We told the kids if they sold 30 items each, they'd get a free Prom ticket, and a third of the group scored free tickets! We'd gladly do it again!"
- Kelly Valois, Pymouth South High School

Fundraise for Turtles

"My Girl Scout Troop is taking a trip to South Padre Island to release endangered turtle hatchlings into the sea this summer, and we couldn't have afforded to go if it wasn't for our Home Style candle fundraiser! The girls loved selling the candles!"
- Terry Gore, Girl Scout Troop 127

Give to Receive

"My Fire Academy did the Emma Lou's Cookie Dough fundraiser, and we had a great time! Most of the students have families, as well as working full-time and going to school part-time, so the money will definitely help out a lot. We give a chunk of the $4218 raised to two local charities, and every year, one of the charities gives an academy student a scholarship!"
- Jason Aiello, 133rd Santa Ana Basic Fire Academy

Fundraise for Local Family

"When I heard about a local family in desperate need of medical help, I wanted to do something to help them out. The Mother has cancer, the daughter has leukemia, and they have no medical insurance. We sold snacks and treats from the Simply Tasteful brochure, and we're able to use the profits to help them out!"
- Mary Jakubowski, High School

Cookie Dough to the Rescue!

"I operate a No-Kill dog shelter, and thanks to JustFundraising and their Emma Lou's Cookie Dough fundraiser, I was able to purchase medicine and food for these neglected animals! It was fun and easy, and the customer service was great!"
- Elizabeth Pawlak, Mostly Mutts No-Kill Shelter