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Popcorn Fundraisers

Our popcorn fundraisers are some of the tastiest treats you and your supporters will ever eat! We offer 3 different popcorn brochures. Poppin Popcorn is our newest program and offers 9 delicious flavors at as low as $12 per bag. Another is our Sweet Chaos Gourmet Popcorn which offers a combination of 8 traditional and newly trending popcorn flavors, all at only $12 each. Our third popcorn fundraiser offers 6 mouth-watering caramel corn flavors, in a larger format, all priced at $17. Our quality and freshness is truly second-to-none!

  1. Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser

    Our nine irresistible flavors are sure to be a big hit. Your supporters can choose from Chicago Style, Buttery Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, Movie Theatre Butter, and 5 other incredibly tasty flavors. Even better, there are 2 formats available - half gallon bags at only $12 and 1 gallon bags at a great value of $18. This program ships year-round!
  2. Poppin Popcorn Ship-To-Home Fundraiser

    New - Ship-To-Home gourmet popcorn fundraiser. You can now please your Gourmet Popcorn lovers from coast-to-coast! We will create your group's own online popcorn store, which you will share with supporters, nationwide. When your supporters buy from your store, we'll ship the popcorn directly to their homes and send you a profit check at the end of your fundraiser.
  3. Gourmet Popcorn - Sweet Chaos

    This popcorn fundraiser is available year-round! The non-GMO kernels are hand-popped in coconut oil to give them a creamy richness. Our eight irresistible Gourmet Popcorn flavors include Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Cold Stone Cake Batter and Movie Theater Butter popcorn, which are sure to be a huge hit! At only $12 for each family-sized bag, your supporters will want to buy at least 2 or 3 of their favorites!
  4. Caramel Popcorn

    Our six irresistible Caramel Popcorn flavors are sure to be a big hit. At only $20 a tub, your supporters will want to try one of each! Choose from Buttery Caramel, Chicago Style, Chocolately Delight, Louisiana Hot & Sweet, New England White Cheddar, Peanut Butter Delight. Important: This popcorn program only ships in weather cooler than 65 F.

Popcorn Fundraising Reviews From Just A Few Of Our Customers:

We Raised $1,324 Profit! review by Lyshonda on 4/24/2023
Customer Service

Only 7 of our 13 players participated and we still managed to sell $3,310 worth of popcorn! Parents found the sales came really easily, simply by selling them to co-workers, family and friends. The $1,324 profit will pay for new uniforms and upcoming tournament fees! Thanks JustFundraising

Customer service associates were very helpful and answered all my questions. review by Melissa on 3/15/2023
Customer Service

Our soccer team raised over $1,000 profit for our tournament fees and travel expenses.

This fundraiser was so easy! review by Demetrice on 2/19/2023
Customer Service

Our dance troop raised over $800 for travel expenses!

Softball team raises funds review by Barbara on 12/20/2022
Customer Service

We are a non-profit organization raising funds to pay for equipment fees and tournament expenses!! Our family and friends love the popcorn tubs ($16) they literally ask for us to sell them!! Thanks for helping us!

Weightlifting Club Raised Funds For New Equipment review by Anthony on 12/5/2022
Customer Service

Our weightlifting program sold the popcorn for only a week and ended up raising over $1,000 profit for new equipment.


Why Choose a JustFundraising.com Popcorn Fundraiser?

  • Pure Deliciousness Sells: Who doesn’t love to snack on deliciously flavored gourmet popcorn? We’ve carefully chosen only the tastiest and freshest popcorn suppliers and programs to ensure your product sells, year-after-year! Get ready for repeat customers!
  • Highest Profit Guaranteed! As withal of our fundraisers, if you find another company that offers a higher percentage profit on their popcorn program, we’ll match or beat it!
  • Pricing is Very Reasonable: Our $12 and $17 programs offer your supporters a generous size that allows them to feel just as good about their snacking as they do about their giving!
  • Free Shipping: when your group sells over $1000 retail of popcorn, you get free shipping. A small group of 10, selling 10 units of popcorn each, is $1000 retail – easy, peasy.
  • Personal Fundraising Assistance: our team loves to help groups reach their goals. Call us and provide tips on how to choose the right popcorn fundraiser, and execute your fundraiser to optimize your results.
  • No Minimums: whatever you sell, you order – there are no restrictions on your popcorn order size.
  • Free to Start: We’ll send your free popcorn order-takers so you can start fundraising immediately.


How To Raise Money With a Popcorn Fundraiser?

To start, select which popcorn fundraiser you feel is best for your group (we have a few tips below). Then, order 1 popcorn order-taker per seller in your school, class or team. Have them ask friends, family, close neighbors if they’d like to support your cause by purchasing one or more bags of delicious gourmet popcorn. Have the parents bring it to the office place for extra sales – who doesn’t like to snack on the job? After your two to three week fundraiser, tally up all the sellers’ orders on the master order form and fax or email it to JustFundraising. We’ll invoice you a percentage of the sale, and you keep the rest as pure profit. We’ll deliver your popcorn to you within 2 weeks, at which point you’ll hand deliver it to your kind supporters!


Which Popcorn Fundraiser is Best For Your Organization?

Firstly, figure out if a $12 or $17 price-point is best for your area. If you live in a more affluent area, I would recommend the $17 popcorn. Another big factor is the weather. The $17 popcorn can only be shipped in weather that’s 65 F or less, so it’s definitely a Fall, Winter and early Spring fundraiser depending where you live. The $12 Gourmet Popcorn program which has many fudge flavors, can be shipped in weather up to 85 F. Once your weather goes above 85 F, your only choice will be the year-Round Popcorn Fundraiser. So price-point and weather are 2 important considerations.


Tips To Help You Sell Even More Popcorn:

  • Pick up the Phone: Tell your group members to pick-up the phone and call their close family and relatives and ask if they want to buy some of the best gourmet popcorn around.
  • Use Facebook: Have them (or their parents if they are younger than 14) add a Facebook post encouraging their friends to support your fundraiser by buying a bag of popcorn – make sure to collect from them before they place their final order. We had one person sell 160 items all by herself, using Facebook alone.
  • Communication: Clarify the financial goals and where the funds will be going. Throughout your popcorn fundraiser, communicate sales to date, tips on how and where to sell, and remind them of the importance of their participation.


Groups are Popping Popcorn Profits Across America:

We had a group of 17 sellers and we raised over $1,300 in profit to help pay for competitions fees for our dance studio.



We just raised $570 profit for our youth group at church - the profit we raised will allow us to cover costs for our Fall Festival including prizes and treat bags for our youth. Our sellers and supporters alike were really impressed with the unique flavors including white fudge with cranberries and caramel fudge popcorn. We were very pleased with the fundraiser!

Douglas E P


My husband and I sold 68 tubs of popcorn on our own! All of the money raised will go towards care packages for the homeless.



Get Your Popcorn Fundraiser Started Now!

Determine which of the three popcorn fundraisers above are best for your group, request your free order-takers and you’ll be fundraising in less than 1 week.