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Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the most popular and fastest growing fundraising programs. We offer an incredible selection of quality cookie dough fundraisers. They are all delicious, convenient and reasonably priced for quick sales.

Our cookie dough programs are available in many formats, including tubs (scoop-and-bake), pre-portioned (place-and-bake), and dry-mix cookie dough, and we have many options depending on your group size. Choose your perfect cookie dough fundraiser, below:

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Programs
  1. Preformed Cookie Dough

    Our Preformed Gourmet Cookie Dough is delicious and convenient. That’s right, it’s already shaped and ready to bake. Even better, your supporters can now choose from 8 flavors, including Chunky Chocolate Chip, Rainbow Candies, White Chocolate Macadamia and more. At only $20 per box, they are affordable for all!
  2. $20 Cookie Dough Plus

    6 top flavors, PLUS 2 Super Size options of our best sellers, Classic Chocolate Chunk or White Chocolate Macadamia. Affordable, delicious and super profitable.
  3. Crazy About Cookies

    8 best cookie dough flavors, that you sell for $20 each, packaged in a 2.25 lb tub. #1 Seller, 10 years straight! The quality of this cookie dough is exceptional – your supporters will love it.
  4. Cookie Time Fundraiser

    Sell our delicious cookie dough this summer and have your cookie dough shipped out end-July. Share cookies with friends by the pool-side or inside after a busy day playing outdoors. Our chocolate chip includes Hershey's chips, and our premium flavors include white chocolate macadamia and Candy cookie.

  5. Crazy About Cookies Ship-To-Home Fundraiser

    Available Again September
    New - Ship-To-Home cookie dough fundraiser. You can now reach cookie lovers from coast-to-coast! We will create your group's own online cookie dough store, which you will share with supporters, nationwide. When your supporters buy from your store, we'll ship the cookie dough directly to their homes and send you a profit check at the end of your fundraiser.
  6. $20 Gourmet Cookie Dough

    6 flavors, that you sell for $20 each, packaged in a 2 lb tub. Excellent price - many supporters will buy 2 tubs!
  7. America's Favorite Cookies

    America's Favorite Cookies is the ultimate white glove cookie dough fundraiser designed for larger groups like schools and leagues. Sell 6 delicious treats in 2 different formats - Scoop & Bake and Pre-Portioned! Enjoy our convenient online store with ship-to-home option and free student pre-pack. Let's raise some dough!

How Does a Cookie Dough Fundraiser Work?

Firstly, select which of our cookie dough fundraisers you’d like to use. Then, order 1 free cookie dough order-taker for each of your sellers. Your group members will then ask friends, relatives, close neighbors and even work colleagues to purchase 1 or more tubs or boxes of cookie dough. They will collect all fronts up-front, and jot down the name, address and phone number of the supporter on the order-taker. After 2-3 weeks of fundraising, the group leader will collect all the order forms and funds from the participants and place one bulk order with us. Your group pays the cost for the cookie dough product and you keep the rest for profit! We’ll then ship the product to you, and your sellers will distribute the cookie dough to their supporters with a big THANK YOU!


What Makes Our Cookie Dough Fundraising Programs Better?

  • Quality Gourmet Cookie Dough: we know that great taste and superior quality is the #1 ingredient for a successful cookie dough fundraiser. From our popular peanut butter and chunky chocolate chip, to unique flavors like caramel pecan chocolate chip, M&M candies and peanut butter cup (made with Reese’s), our cookies are going to tease pallets and fill your wallet.
  • Highest Profit GUARANTEED! Our profit varies from 30% profit to 55% profit depending on how many units your group sells. We do our best to put the money in your pockets. If another company offers better pricing on the same branded products, we’ll beat it by 5%!
  • Lowest Order Minimums: we have the lowest order minimums in the industry. You can order as few as 86 cookie dough items, where most other companies have a minimum order of 150 to 300+ items.
  • Free Shipping: we offer you free shipping when you order 150 items or more. So a small group of 15 sellers, selling 10 items each, will reach that level.
  • Attractive Order-Takers: The cookie dough photos and the brochure design are developed by industry professionals. With such appeal, the cookie dough becomes such an easy sell.
  • Convenience: our cookie dough can remain at room temperature for more than 7 days. That means that on delivery day, your sellers don’t have to pick-up and distribute the dough within 2 hours for the fear of it spoiling.
  • Program Selection: we’ve got half a dozen cookie dough fundraisers including $15 cookie dough, prep-portioned cookie dough, dry mix cookie dough, and a collection that includes cookie dough, pretzels, cakes and more.
  • Personal Fundraising Assistants: our team has been helping organize cookie dough fundraising campaigns for over a decade. We’ll help you find the right one for your group!
  • FREE to Start! We’ll send you free cookie dough order-takers so you can start selling today!


Tips and Ideas for Cookie Dough Fundraisers

  • If you find your community is more price sensitive, try the $15 cookie dough fundraiser.
  • Make sure each of your sellers knows how many units of cookie dough you expect them to sell.
  • Make sure you collect all your funds up-front from your supporters.
  • Have the sellers’ parents bring the cookie dough brochures to work for quick, easy sales from work colleagues.
  • Looking for a cookie dough program with big brand recognition? Then check out our Otis Spunkmeyer fundraisers.


Making Raising Dough Easy
Our fundraiser went very well. We ended up raising a lot more than expected, even more than we did last year. The cookie dough is great, we like that it does not need to be refrigerated immediately which makes it easy to store and distribute to our group. The brochure is also very visually attractive and makes it easy to sell.


Dylan Olympic High School


Get Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser Started Now!

Simply choose your preferred cookie dough fundraiser online or by calling us, and we’ll send you FREE order-taker brochures for your entire group.