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Cheesecake Fundraiser - Sweet Perfection

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The Sweet Perfection fundraising program is our #1 selling fundraiser. It offers 7 mouth-watering pies, cakes and cheesecakes in a beautiful 1 page Brochure.

Amazing Cheesecakes And More!

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Cheesecake Fundraiser - Sweet Perfection

The Sweet Perfection cheesecake fundraiser is a recent addition to our fundraising line-up. The popularity of cheesecakes and cakes combined with the quality of our sweets, make this an excellent choice. Offer your supporters 7 scrumptious choices including: Cookies & Crème, Boston Crème Pie, Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake, Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake, Variety Drizzle Cheesecake and Turtle Drizzle Cheesecake. You’ll find that by just showing this brochure, the cheesecakes will sell themselves!
Quality & Convenience: Cheesecakes may be frozen up to 6 months. All of our products are produced in a facility that uses milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.
FREE to Start: The Sweet Perfection fundraising program costs absolutely nothing to get started. Simply let us know how many fundraising participants you have and we’ll send 1 order-taker for each of them, at no charge.
Reach Your Fundraising Goal: Your profit varies from 30% up to 55%! Smaller groups can aim to sell at least 336 items, which is at the 40% profit level, for earnings of over $2,900 profit. Larger groups can aim for the 55% mark.
Priced To Sell: Only $20-$22. All Cheesecakes are 8in./32oz.
Free Shipping and Low Minimums: Your group receives Free Shipping when you sell 150 items or more, easily attainable by even a small group of 15 participants (only 10 items each!). And our minimum order is only 84 items!

Your Group Keeps Up To 55% Profit!

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

# of Items Sold
Your Profit
% Profit
84 - 149
150 - 335
336 - 701
702 - 1,205
1,206 - 3,005
3,006 +
$438 - $932
$990 - $2,211
$2,957 - $6,169
$6,950 - $11,930
$13,266 - $33,055
$36,373 +
*Based on an average selling price of: $22

*Orders less than 150 units incur a shipping fee calculated as follows: $1 x (200 - qty sold)
The amounts in the Profit Chart is including any shipping costs.

Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!
Your Profit Goal?
How Many Members?  

How Does the Sweet Perfection Fundraiser Work?

1. Order 1 Sweet Perfection order-taker PER fundraising participant – they’re FREE of charge!

2. Have your group members show the order-taker to friends, family, neighbors, and or co-workers and invite them to purchase.(Note: Your participants will collect the funds up-front, and will take note of their supporter’s name and mailing address on the order form included).

3. Collect all of the order-takers and all funds raised from your group members, at the end of your fundraiser.

4. Place your product order with us by completing and submitting the Order Form by fax or email

5. Count your profits – your group pays only the cost of the product and keeps everything else.

6. JustFundraising.com will ship the entire order to you, so your group can distribute the products to your supporters.

Safety Tip
Please ensure that no minor goes fundraising door-to-door alone. If they choose to go door-to-door, they need to be in two’s or three’s, and or with a parent.

Product Availability
Shipping to remote areas... or "off-the-beaten-path" sections of the Western states such as Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, etc may not be possible. Please call us for details.

What Does Pack-to-the-Case Mean?
Pack-to-the-case means that we will round up each flavor to a multiple of 4.
Example 1: if you order 3 items of a given flavor, we will round it up to 4 items.
Example 2: If you order 21 items of a given flavor, we will round it up to 24 items.

Who pays for these extra items? The cost of these extra items is charged to your group. Don't forget - selling these items will make even more profit for your group.

Top Reasons Why Pack-to-the-Case is Perfect for Your Group!

More Profit: It's a great way to make extra profit and after all this is your fundraiser! Simply sell them to your supporters- many will want a 2nd or 3rd item, especially once they've tried it! There will be others that can still be approached. If you want, you can sell them quickly by offering them at a fire-sale price i.e. only $10 each!
Less Hassle: Groups often end up being short several items because a few fundraising participants turned in their order late or forgot to, all together. The extra items you receive with your pack-to-the-case order will help you cover that shortage. This will help avoid the very expensive costs of refrigerated shipping for the items that you were short.

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