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Magic Melts

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Quick Overview

New Magic Melts! Not actually magic, but only Magic Melts are so highly fragrant! Create welcoming scents in your home with our long lasting fragrance bars.

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Magic Melts - Not actually magic, but only Magic Melts are so highly fragrant!

A Choice of 10 Beautiful Scents: Vanilla Ginger, White Cotton, Cinnamon Apple, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Christmas Spice, Gardenia, Pomegranate, Sea Mist & Lavender,Warm Home and Baked Apple Pie.

Create welcoming scents in your home with our longlasting fragrance bars and there is no Flame! Simply break off portions of your favorite fragrance and add them to a warmer, For use at Home, Dorm or the Office.

FREE to Start: The Magic Melts fundraising program costs absolutely nothing to get started. Simply let us know how many fundraising participants you have and we’ll send 1 order-taker for each of them, at no charge.

Reach Your Fundraising Goal: Your group keeps 50% of everything they raise.

Priced To Sell: 2 ounces bars, At only $4 each scent, these are very affordable, making a perfect gift to yourself, a family member or a friend.

Free Shipping and No Minimums: Your group receives Free Shipping when you sell $1,000 retail or more of fundraising product.

NEW T-shirt Prize Plan Available! When your sellers reach a pre-determined sales target, reward them with a T-shirt personalized with your group name and logo! Offered at an introductory highly discounted price of only $7/t-shirt – that’s 67% off the regular price. Please call us toll-free 1-888-440-4114 to have it included with your fundraiser! Learn More

Your Group Keeps 50% of Everything You Sell!

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

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# of Items Sold / Member
The More You Sell,
The More You Profit!
*Based on average retail price of $7

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How Does the Magic Melts Candle Fundraiser Work?

1. Order 1 Magic Melts Candle order-taker PER fundraising participant – they’re FREE of charge!

2. Have your group members show the order-taker to friends, family, neighbors, and or co-workers and invite them to purchase 1 or more. (Note: Your participants will collect the funds up-front, and will take note of their supporter’s name and mailing address on the order form included).

3. Collect all of the order-takers and all funds raised from your group members, at the end of your fundraiser.

4. Place your product order with us by completing and submitting the Order Form online or by fax, and forwarding payment.

5. Count your profits – your group pays only the cost of the product and keeps everything else.

6. JustFundraising.com will ship the entire order to you, so your group can distribute the products to your supporters.

Safety Tip
Please ensure that no minor goes fundraising door-to-door alone. If they choose to go door-to-door, they need to be in two’s or three’s, and or with a parent.

Product Availability This brochure and products in the brochure are available year round.

  1. Great addition to our fundraiser review by Benjamin on 1/11/2017
    Customer Service

    The Magic Melts were a great addition to our candle fundraiser. It added a nice variety to what we were selling, and our customers were very impressed with the low prices.

  2. smells up my whole house! review by Help Shannon Fight on 10/22/2014
    Customer Service

    order was wrong but were very easy to work with to correct. Candles are strong which I love, smells up my whole house! My good friend has stage 4 cervical cancer and has been having to travel alot to Oklahoma for treatments. This fundraiser helped with airline tickets and medical expenses.

  3. Awesome products and customer service. I will definatly use this company for future fundraisers. review by Nicole on 1/27/2014
    Customer Service

    Easy to get started. Fast delivery. Awesome customer service. Great return!!!

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