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1 Master Case = 4 Carriers (120 Bars Total)
Each Carrier Contains: 30 Bars (1.8oz Each)
8 Kit Kat, 8 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 8 Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds, and 6 Twizzlers.
Each Bar Sells For: $2.00
Minimum Order: 1 Master Case

$2 Hershey Fundraising Assortment

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Temporarily Unavailable

Candy lovers love Hershey's! Our Hershey's candy fundraiser is top selling and high profit. When people think fundraising, they think Hershey's. Start Now!

Super-size Your Fundraiser!

Your Profit Per Master Case:

1 - 6
7 - 9
10 - 23
24 - 60
  • FREE Shipping
  • Min. Order:1 Case
About This Fundraiser

Temporarily Unavailable

$2 Hershey Fundraising Assortment

Each Carrier Contains: 8 Kit Kats, 8 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 8 Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 6 Twizzlers. 4 carriers per case for a total of 120 candy bars per case of $2.00 Hershey Fundraising Assortment. Candy bar size range from 1.85oz to 5oz.

Your supporters will love the sweetly familiar taste of Hershey's chocolate, and will love the super-size format even more! Priced at only $2, your supporters now get to eat more of what they enjoy, while your group makes twice the profit with every bar sold!

Up to 45% Profit: Your profit varies from 30% profit to 45% profit depending on how many cases of candy bars you order.

Minimum Order: Just 1 case to start your candy bar fundraiser.

Free & Quick Shipping: Shipping is completely free, no matter how many cases you order. Expect delivery within 7 days.

Temperature Warning: Is your weather hotter than 80 degrees? If so, we may need to ship by a refrigerated truck which means shipping costs may apply.

Potential Profit

Your Group Keeps Up To 45% Profit!

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

Your Profit Table
# of
# of Items Sold / Member
The More You Sell,
The More You Profit!
*Based on average retail price of $2
# of Members # of Items Sold / Member
  60 120
10 n/a $850
25 $1,063 $2,400
50 $2,400 $4,800
100 $4,800 $10,800
250 $13,500 $27,000
*Based on an average selling price of: $2

Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!

Additional Details

How Does The $2 Hershey Fundraising Assortment Fundraiser Work?

1. Determine how many candy bars you feel each of your group members can sell, so you know how many cases to order. Each case contains 4 carriers of 30 candy bars each, for a total of 120 bars per case. The minimum order is 1 cases and shipping is free (additional shipping may apply if temperature is above 80F).

2. Place your order online or over the phone. You may pay using a credit card, money-order, or if you’re a public school you can issue a purchase order form.

3. Shipping is quick: We always ship out your product the next day following receipt of your payment. Depending on your location, shipping time is 7-10 business days.

4. Prepare and send a letter to your group members and their parents so they are aware of the objective of your fundraiser, collection dates, and your contact info.

5. Keep track of how many candy bars or carrier cases you have distributed to each of your fundraising participants. Ideally, have the parents pick it up so they become more involved in the fundraiser.

6. Your participants will sell each of these Hershey Fundraising Assortment candy bars for $2 each, and collect their money on the spot.

7. Keep a tally of all the money you collect from each of your participants throughout your fundraiser.

8. When the fundraiser is complete, be sure to send a Thank You note to all parents and kids who participated.

9. Count the profit made from your fundraiser!

Safety Tip: If your participants choose to fundraise door-to-door, they should always be in the company of an adult.
Customer Reviews
  1. We raised money for our New helmets and bat bags for the team. review by Fair Lwan Cutters on 7/21/2014
    Customer Service

    Wish the Hershey Bars did not have the almonds in them. They would have all sold much easier without. We raised money for our New helmets and bat bags for the team.

  2. sold everything in less than 2 weeks, review by Sara on 4/17/2012
    Customer Service

    This was the first time our daycare used Just Fundraising and we are definitely happy we did. Our kids sold the 2$ Hershey Bars and we sold everything in less than 2 weeks, the delivery was quick and easy and being able to work with a fundraising assistant made the whole process a breeze.

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