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How to Start a Fundraiser – Guide and Tips

STEP 4: Distribution and Thank Yous!

If you’re doing an order-taker fundraiser, the products will arrive about 2 weeks after payment. Consider the following to ensure a smooth delivery and product distribution, and that all are properly thanked.

1) Tips for Distribution Day:

  • Have a few volunteers ready to help out with sorting.
  • Let parents know the pick-up time for their items. A good time is usually at morning drop-off, lunch or immediately after school.
  • When delivery arrives, always count the number of boxes.
  • Use your invoice to confirm receipt of all your group’s ordered items.
  • For order-taker fundraisers, return a copy of the order forms along with the respective product to your members, so they know who they need to deliver the product to.
  • If there are any missing or damaged items, you should report it to your fundraising company immediately.

2) Thank You! Tips:
Make sure that everyone who participated in any way is thanked for helping you reach your goals.


  • Your Group: say THANK YOU to any sponsors and other organizations that supported you.
  • Group Leader: say THANK YOU to all your volunteers – they’re your most precious assets and their hard work often goes unnoticed!
  • Volunteers: When parents and kids pick up their product, say THANK YOU for their participation
  • Parents and Children: Say THANK YOU to your supporters for being so generous and caring towards your cause!

Use social media to say THANK YOU!:

If you have a group site or Facebook page, make sure a big THANK YOU is shouted out to all the volunteers, parents, children, supporters and sponsors.

Mention the financial results and what you’ll be able to purchase and accomplish with the new funds. Some groups have taken creative and fun group pictures holding up a huge THANK YOU sign - and as you know a picture is worth a thousand words!

Fundraiser Planning Checklist

Get our entire Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide in a 1-page checklist. Use your checklist to make sure your fundraiser is planned out well and executed perfectly!

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We Want To Help!

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