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1 Master Case = 8 Carriers (640 Pops Total)
Each Carrier Contains: 80 Pops
Available in many surprising, mysterious, and irresistible flavors that will burst with intense fruit flavors and colors.
Each Pop Sells For: $.50
Minimum Order: 1 Master Case

Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops


Sweet Yummy Lips

Color Xploder Gourmet Lollipops

100 5 100 0
Color Xploder Gourmet Lollipops are fun and excellent year round sellers. You can raise thousands by simply selling them to friends and co-workers, and fans in the stands at every game.

Your Profit Per Master Case:

1 - 9
*1-9 cases: $10 per case shipping fee (added in cart)
*10+ cases: FREE shipping


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  • Min. Order: 1 Case

Color Xploder Gourmet Lollipops!

Product Availability: Year Round.

Each Master Case Contains: Available in many surprising, mysterious, and irresistible flavors that would burst with intense fruit flavors and colors

Color Xploder gourmet lollipops paint your tongue: red, blue, green, or purple. Kids and adults enjoy these sweet, mouth watering , and flavorful treats. and excellent year round sellers. You can raise thousands by simply selling them to friends and co-workers, and fans in the stands at every game.
Each pop sells for $.50.

Each lollipop is Milk, Shellfish, Nut, Gluten, and Egg Free

Shipping Fee: A $10 / Master Case shipping fee is added to all orders under 10 Master Cases. Orders of 10 Master Cases or more qualify for free shipping.

Your Group Keeps Up To 52% Profit!

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

Your Profit Table
# of
# of Items Sold / Member
The More You Sell,
The More You Profit!
*Based on average retail price of $0.5
# of Members # of Items Sold / Member
  80 160
10 $200 $400
25 $500 $1,000
50 $1,000 $2,088
100 $2,088 $4,175
250 $5,219 $10,438
*Based on an average selling price of: $0.5

Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!
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How Does The Color Xploder Gourmet Lollipops Fundraiser Work?

1. Determine how many lollipops you feel each of your group members can sell, so you know how many cases to order. Each case contains 8 bags of 80 pops each, for a total of 640 lollipops per case. The minimum order is only 1 case and shipping is free.

2. Place your order online or over the phone. You may pay using a credit card, money-order, or if you’re a public school you can issue a purchase order form.

3. Shipping is quick: We always ship out your product the next day following receipt of your payment. Depending on your location, shipping time is 3-5 business days.

4. Prepare and send a letter to your group members and their parents so they are aware of the objective of your fundraiser, collection dates, and your contact info.

5. Keep track of how many lollipops you have distributed to each of your fundraising participants. Ideally, have the parents pick them up so they become more engaged in the fundraiser.

6. Your participants will sell each of these Pops for $.50 each, and collect their money on the spot.

7. Keep a tally of all the money you collect from each of your participants throughout your fundraiser.

8. When the fundraiser is complete, be sure to send a Thank You note to all parents and kids who participated.

9. Count the profit made from your fundraiser!

Safety Tip: If your participants choose to fundraise door-to-door, they should always be in the company of an adult.

Customer Reviews:

  1. We Loved Selling These Pops! review by Vickie on 2/19/2020
    Customer Service

    Thanks to Just Fundraising our Clubs had fun selling a quality product and are able to get club t-shirts this year! Thanks Just Fundraising!

  2. Our students love these pops! review by Sue on 5/17/2019
    Customer Service

    We started the first ever Cheer Team for our Elementary School. We used our funds for Pom-poms, t-shirts, bows and snacks/water during the games. The quality of the product exceeded expectations. Students were disappointed when I ran out - will definitely place a larger order next time!

  3. PTO Raised Money For Student Prizes review by Thomas on 4/26/2019
    Customer Service

    Our PTO group used this fundraiser to provide prizes for Cub of The Month to 6 students, 2 from each grade monthly. Also we (PTO) do family projects at PTO meetings, such as art night paintings to hang around school with positive affirmations.

  4. sold them in one day. review by Lady Tiger Track and Field Team on 2/5/2014
    Customer Service

    We recently did the lollipop fundraiser. We were worried about how many we could sell, because we were only having 13 sell. We ordered one case of 640 suckers and the girls sold them in one day. We ordered a second box and plan to order a third!! I can't believe that I was not going to do this fundraiser. I am SO glad that we did! So far we have raised $320 in less than one week!! Thanks Justfundraising.com!!

  5. love the lollipops review by Simon on 4/17/2012
    Customer Service

    All the kids at our elementary school absolutely love the lollipops. We put them up for sale at various events and they sold very quickly. We will definitely be ordering again soon.

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