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1 Master Case = 4 Carriers (240 Cookies Total)
Each Carrier Contains: 60 Cookies
15 Birthday Cake, 15 Chocolate Bits, 15 Cookie and Cream, 15 Salted Caramel. (Flavor quantities are subject to change based on availability.)
Each Bar Sells For: $1.00
Minimum Order: 1 Master Case

Famous Fortune Cookie Fundraiser

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What could be better than selling gourmet treats that come with inspiring messages? These gourmet dipped fortune cookies come in 4 amazing flavors and are packaged in take-out boxes of 60 cookies each. Make up to 50% on your sales! Perfect for youth and adults.

The Best in Chocolate!

Your Profit Per Master Case:

1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 59
60 +
Dry Ice Fee: If it's warmer than 77 F, a small dry ice fee will apply.*

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  • FREE Shipping
  • Min. Order:1 Case
About This Fundraiser
Temporarily Unavailable

Gourmet Dipped Fortune Cookies Fundraiser

Each 60-count variety carrier contains: 15 Birthday Cake, 15 Chocolate Bits, 15 Cookies and Cream, and 15 Salted Caramel. There are 4 carriers PER master case for a total of 240 fortune cookies.
(Note: Flavor quantities are subject to change based on availability.)

The $1 Gourmet dipped fortune cookies are a brand new fundraiser which is quickly gaining popularity with youth and adults alike. Kids and other supporters will find a positive, uplifting message of encouragement inside each cookie. These tasty cookies will bring smiles to students, teachers, parents, and customers! What's great is you can order as little as 1 case at time and still get free shipping. Famous Fortune Cookies are a delicious addition to any fundraising campaign. They're inexpensive at only $1 each, feature 4 delicious flavors, and your supporters will likely buy several at a time!

Bring the Fortune Cookie brochure to your next meeting: Download PDF

Minimum Order: You only need to order 1 case of Famous Fortune Cookies to get started.

Free & Quick Shipping: Always free, no matter the size of your order. Delivered within 1 week.

Peanut-Free: Making these cookies perfect for kids to bring to school and camp.

Enter to win a $25 Retail Gift Card!!! Inside each carrier of Fortune Cookies is a postcard with a code on it that enables you to enter to win great prizes from popular national retailers. One winner will be selected at random weekly. You will be emailed immediately if you win. Please check your email regularly. Enjoy your fundraiser and GOOD LUCK!

*Dry Ice Fee: During the hot summer months, we must ship your fortune cookies with Dry Ice. This guarantees the integrity of our product and prevents bars from melting. If it's warmer than 77 F, a small dry ice fee will apply. 1-9 cases: $15 per case, 10-24 cases: $8 per case, 25+ cases: $75 flat fee. Reminder - the cost for shipping is free.

Potential Profit

Your Group Keeps Up To 50% Profit!

The More You Sell, The More You Profit!

Your Profit Table
# of
# of Items Sold / Member
The More You Sell,
The More You Profit!
*Based on average retail price of $1
# of Members # of Items Sold / Member
  104 208
10 $425 $849
25 $1,105 $2,210
50 $2,210 $4,680
100 $4,420 $10,400
250 $13,000 $26,000
*Based on an average selling price of: $1

Calculate How To Reach Your Goal!

Additional Details

How Does The Fortune Cookie Fundraiser Work?

1. Determine how many fortune cookies you feel each of your group members can sell, so you know how many cases to order. Each case contains 4 carriers of 60 cookies each, for a total of 240 bars per case. The minimum order is 1 case and shipping is free (additional shipping may apply if temperature is above 80F).

2. Place your order online or over the phone. You may pay using a credit card, money-order, or if you’re a public school you can issue a purchase order form.

3. Shipping is quick: We always ship out your product the next day following receipt of your payment. Depending on your location, shipping time is 3-5 business days.

4. Prepare and send a letter to your group members and their parents so they are aware of the objective of your fundraiser, collection dates, and your contact info.

5. Keep track of how many fortune cookies or carrier cases you have distributed to each of your fundraising participants. Ideally, have the parents pick it up so they become more involved in the fundraiser.

6. Your participants will sell each of these Famous Fortune Cookie for $1 each, and collect their money on the spot.

7. Keep a tally of all the money you collect from each of your participants throughout your fundraiser.

8. When the fundraiser is complete, be sure to send a Thank You note to all parents and kids who participated.

9. Count the profit made from your fundraiser!

Safety Tip: If your participants choose to fundraise door-to-door, they should always be in the company of an adult.

Customer Reviews
  1. So glad we found these! review by Vanessa on 9/1/2022
    Customer Service

    My daughter is raising money to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum: Explore STEM summer camp at the University of Texas at Dallas.

    We are so glad that we discovered the Famous Fortune Cookies through another group that was selling them. We reached out on social media and in our neighborhood and these cookies were a perfect addition to party bags, and treats for school lunches and break rooms at work. We’ve done our best not to eat our profits!

  2. We Just Ordered Another 5 Cases! review by Tava on 10/2/2020
    Customer Service

    Our students have been selling the Fortune Cookies to raise money for their yearbook. We ordered 5 cases last week and they quickly sold out, so we just ordered another 5 cases. The students absolutely love the Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake flavors!!

  3. Absolutely Delicious! review by Mike on 1/17/2019
    Customer Service

    I'm in Customer Service at JustFundraising. We just started offering these. We received samples in the office which we shared with our staff and their children. Everyone was wowed by the quality and taste of the fortune cookies. I highly recommend trying them out - you can simply order a samples for $10 which includes free shipping.

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