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Candy Bar Fundraiser

"The Candy Bar Fundraiser is a Tradition of Continuing Success"

The candy bar fundraiser is one the most traditional types of fundraising available on the market. Millions of dollars are invested and raised every year by groups who carry out the ever reliable candy bar fundraiser. A JustFundraising Hershey's, One Dollar bar or Two Dollar Chocolatier fundraiser can help you make money the easy way. With over 50% profit to be made off our massive cases of classic and high quality candy delights, doing a candy bar fundraiser with JustFundraising may be the formula to success your group has been looking for..

The Candy Bar Fundraiser is Effortless and Reliable

 Click here to get your free info kitThe candy bar fundraiser is a performance proven fundraiser. Candy bars are an inexpensive crowd pleaser and a simple, money making opportunity for fundraisers. Sports and cheerleading teams have to deal with equipment and tournament fees, church choirs may need new gowns or equipment while thousands of students struggle to find the most efficient ways to raise funds for school activities. Rid yourself of these hassles with a JustFundraising candy bar fundraiser that meets your group's financial challenges.

Let us Help you Select A Candy Bar Fundraiser that Rakes in the Dough

Since the candy bar fundraiser is a continuing success for thousands of groups across the nation, you may be wondering how you can make your candy bar fundraiser outperform the competition. Our qualified staff of fundraising assistants are here to make sure every minute you spend fundraising is nothing but productive. Within minutes they can hand select a candy bar fundraiser that will suit your group's needs and make an instant impact. Here is a list of candy bar fundraisers that are known for spectacular payoffs and high quality candy:

  • Hershey's: Massive carrier cases overloaded with America's favoured candy classics like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Kit Kat, Caramelo, Take 5, Twizzlers etc…. Make up to 60% profit

  • One Dollar Bars: 1.5 Oz Chocolate treasures that are bursting with palette pleasing flavours like Truffle, Crispy Rice, Mint Chocolate etc… Make up to 53% profit.

  • Two Dollar Chocolatiers: 2.25 Oz Chocolate treasures that are bursting with palette pleasing flavours like Crispy Rice, Roasted Almond and Creamy Caramel. Make up to 65% profit.

The Candy Bar Fundraiser Does What it is Designed to do

The candy bar fundraiser is far from overdone. No matter what your reasons are for fundraising, a candy bar fundraiser can be smooth, quick and efficient. JustFundraising continues to prove this time and time again as fundraisers from all across the continent reach new financial high points just by carrying out a JustFundraising candy bar fundraiser. Call or email us right now so we can set you up with a candy bar fundraiser that never lets up and requires minimal care.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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