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Tips for A Successful Bowling Fundraiser

A bowling fundraiser can be a fun and profitable event for your club. The event keeps people active and with a little advertising, brings more recognition for your cause. Here are a few tips and techniques to make this years bowling fundraiser wildly successful.Bowling-Fundraiser

Everyone Loves A Good Bowling Fundraiser

A bowling fundraiser appeals to many people everyone from elementary students to seniors can take part. It is an active fundraiser that gets people moving and socializing. If you have a large group participating you can divide them up between age and skill level.

How to Generate A Lot Of Exposure

Get local celebrities to participate in your fundraising event. A local TV station hosted the best publicized bowling fundraiser in our area. The on air announcers did live broadcasts from the event and the entire city was invited to come and watch the event. Almost every person in the area knew about the cause and the group hosting the event. Lots of great publicity and profit for the cause came from that union!

If you don’t have a local TV station ask local ministers, radio personalities, politicians, actors and musicians to donate some time and attention to your fundraising cause. They’ll be happy to help you and it is also helps develop a great public image for them.

Generating Maximum Profit For Your Group

Ask your local bowling arena if they will donate a few lanes or rent them to you for a cheaper price. Ideally you will want to have as many participants as you can. You should also invite family and friends to your event because they’ll have fun watching the event and allow your club to charge the admission plus profit from food sales. Sell items like sandwiches, salads, pizza and snacks.

Bowl a ThonGet Your Free Kit Now!

Your school or cause can host a bowl a thon. Have competing teams see who can bowl the longest. Individual players can collect pledges for each hour played in order to play. In the wee hours of the morning keep the music pumping and have the bowlers dig down deep for your cause. Award prized through the night for best string or high score to keep people motivated.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Many bowling lanes are equipped to put on glow in the dark fundraisers. The balls, lanes and even pins are prepared so when the lights go down the neon starts glowing. Throw in a theme to your glow in the dark bowling fundraiser like rock star, movie star, the 80’s and you’ve got a fun fundraiser ready to go!

The Mighty 50-50 Ticket

For the price of a roll of tickets, you can add an extra stream of income to your bowling fundraiser. This gives a lucky winner half of the take while the cause gets the other half. If the event is publicized enough and you have people dropping by, 50-50 tickets can be very lucrative for your organization. Along the same lines get pledges from people to donate extra money for every strike or spare scored. You can ask people around the community days in advance for this support.

A Bowling Fundraiser Keeps Them Happy

Because bowling appeals to such a large audience and is fun, with a little preparation your next event can be a very successful bowling fundraiser.

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