5 Best Church Fundraisers To Get Back On Track!

Best church product fundraisers

Over the past several months, many churches have found themselves precariously afloat and struggling to paddle the rough waters this year has delivered. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, churches have been grappling with a big decrease in member donations which would normally amass a significant portion of their income. There has never been a more pertinent time to come up with strategic church fundraising ideas, and JustFundraising is here to help.

Church Fundraising Is A Big Priority

On top of dealing with financial stress, clergies had to make the swift transition from preaching in front of congregations to delivering sermons online. Many youth groups also followed suit, gathering virtually for prayer, discussion, online games, and keynote addresses. Other things, like choir rehearsals and missions trips, were temporarily paused while we all nestled at home.

Now that churches are cautiously reopening their doors or have found the rhythm of their online service, fundraising can begin with fresh vigor. Choirs, missions, youth, and community outreach groups are beginning to reassemble and plan their activities for the upcoming season while creatively adapting to the social distancing restrictions in place.

2 Benefits To Holding Your Next Church Fundraiser

It’s understandable if the thought of holding a fundraiser right now is intimidating, when so many of your church’s congregants may be financially struggling. But aside from its main goal of raising money, there are two other reasons why fundraising is important and why now is an ideal time to hold one.

1) It’s a good way to expand your donor base.

A church fundraiser does not have to deplete a financially strained congregation. In fact, fundraising is an amazing opportunity to look outside your church to your community at large and not only raise money, but raise awareness. It’s a great chance to talk about your church and how important it is to you!

People are more likely to give money if there’s a story they can relate to and an emotional connection they can make. So tell them about the cool things you’ve done with your church, and the ways in which it’s contributed to your neighborhood or town. Perhaps you’ll even acquire new members in the process.

2) More than ever, people need to feel like they belong to a community.

This is especially true if your church services are continuing online and stay-home orders are still in place in your region. Working together towards a collective goal can strengthen bonds and friendships, and remind people that they are not alone.

This is especially true for more vulnerable members of your church community, such as elderly folks or people living on their own. Organizing a fundraiser is a great way for everyone to feel like they’re involved in something important, a reason to meet up and plan, or an excuse to pick up the phone and check in on one another.

Top 5 Fundraisers For Your Church

Fundraising church group

So now that you’re feeling inspired to start planning your next church fundraiser, let’s take a look at some of our most popular products!

1) Tried and True: Is A Cookie Dough Fundraiser For You?

Cookie dough fundraising program

A quintessential favorite, cookies have a special place in the heart of anyone who’s ever been invited to stay after a recital, a service, a wedding, or a church dinner for “refreshments.” The perfect sweet treat for any occasion, it’s not surprising that cookie dough is one of our most popular fundraising options.

Time To Raise That Dough

JustFundraising offers a selection of Cookie Dough Fundraisers to suit a variety of appetites. Choose from gourmet dough in decadent flavors like mint chocolate chip and pumpkin pie spice, affordable $10 cookie dough tubs, extra large cookie dough tubs, and preformed dough that’s already shaped and ready to bake!

Because of the universal belief in the power of cookie dough, as well as its unwavering popularity, it’s a great fundraiser to run while expanding your church’s outreach and seeking donations from new patrons. Start the conversation by asking people about their favorite cookie flavour, or their very first memory of tasting cookies.

How It Works

Cookie dough fundraisers are a top choice because they’re a big income generator, simple to run, and they don’t require any investment up front! We’ll create your group an online store at iRaiseMore.com so you can safely run a socially-distanced fundraiser. Campaign online by sharing the link to your virtual shop and a story about why your church is awesome on social media or through email and text. Supporters can make their purchases online, and then all you have to do is thank them for their generosity.

Check out a demo store here.

2) Illuminate Joy With a Candle Fundraiser

Journey of faith candle fundraiser

Candles have always been symbolic of church, faith, and religion, and are a welcomed peaceful offering in this unpredictable time. JustFundraising’s Journey of Faith Candles are a popular choice with church organizations and an excellent way to raise money while staying on theme.

Let The Light In

Journey of Faith candles offer spiritual guidance with words like Praise, Hope, and Trust written on every label, followed by a corresponding verse. They’re hand-poured in the United States, made with premium blended wax, and come in 8 different aromatic scents like Garden Rain, Juicy Peach, and Cedar & Spice.

Journey of Faith Candles are a wonderful way to create a tranquil environment for at-home worship or to make your home a little more cozy and comfy for any occasion. They also make excellent gifts! Each candle arrives packaged in a gift box, so donors can support a worthy cause while also getting a head start on holiday shopping or upcoming birthday gifts.

How It Works

With no upfront costs, this fundraiser is ideal for churches who don’t have the initial investment to spare. Plus, JustFundraising will set you up with a virtual store so you can safely and easily run this fundraiser online. Share the custom store link through email, text, or social media and send your friends, family or donors a note of thanks for their support. Once the fundraiser ends, we’ll ship your order to one main location, free of charge.

If selling in person is preferred, we’ll mail your church group a set of beautifully photographed, color-printed order-takers for your supporters to peruse.

View all of our amazing candle fundraisers

3) Try Face Masks For Your Next Church Fundraiser

In the age of COVID-19, the most altruistic thing you can do is wear a face mask. Selling masks for your next church fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your group, while offering something that everyone needs and benefits from. Luckily, JustFundraising has you covered with our new Custom Face Mask Fundraiser.

Take Care of Each Other

We’ll print your church group’s name and logo across the front of your masks so you can take pride in promoting your church and looking out for others. Along with our customized options, JustFundraising offers face masks with playful designs like cartoon mustaches, goofy grins, or cat and dog noses. Display your patriotism with an American flag print or get a little glitzy with our rhinestones studded options. And if something a little more simple is your taste, we offer masks in a variety of solid colors.

Selling custom face masks is a way to embrace this challenging moment with leadership and grace, and to remind church members that they are part of a community, especially if they’re not able to see one another as often as usual.

How It Works

Our masks are $15 each or sold in threes for $39, a helpful option that caters to different income levels. They also come in adult and child sizes and are machine washable. We’ll set you up with an online store, and all you have to do is share the shop’s custom link with friends, family, and patrons and thank them for their support! Supporters can make their purchases from the online shop, and after your fundraiser has finished, we’ll ship your team’s orders to one location.

4) Hungry For Your Next Church Fundraiser? Try Snacks!

Snack fundraising program

Who doesn’t love a good snack? American’s have been snackin’ up a storm since the 1950s, and they’re not going out of style anytime soon. Pack them in lunch boxes, tuck them in your purse, or curl up with them on the couch to watch a movie — snacks are the star of many occasions and a winning choice for your next church fundraiser.

Snack Attack

JustFundraising’s Snackin’ In The USA offers a large selection of 20 different delicious snacks, from healthy trail mix and roasted nut options to the best of the sugary and chocolate coated favorites. With no up front costs and each snack item only $8, it’s an accessible fundraiser for a variety of budgets!

How It Works

As with all our new virtual fundraisers, we’ll create your church group an online store at SnackFundraiser.org with a custom link to share with your supporters via text, email, and social media. Supporters buy online and we ship your snack orders to one location, ready for your group to distribute accordingly.

Check out a demo store here.

5) The Fortune Cookie Says: Big Profits Await Your Next Fundraiser

Fortune cookie fundraiser

Our Famous Fortune Cookies predicts a soaring success for your next church fundraiser! These delectable treats are like no other fortune cookie you’ve had before; gourmet cookies dipped in premium chocolate and sprinkled with candy coatings, they’re an irresistible take on the original design. And, they wouldn’t be fortune cookies if an uplifting prophecy didn’t live within their cookie shell.

An Affordable Fundraiser For All

At only $1 per cookie, selling fortune cookies is a great church fundraising idea for lower income communities or to pair with another event, such as a bake sale, a flea market, or a fair. Because of the low price point, selling in sets of 5 or 10 should be very achievable and before you know it, you’ll have sold the whole case!

It’s also an excellent fundraiser for youth groups to organize as a way to impart leadership, marketing and communication skills. Because the product is fun, playful, sugary, and low cost, your group will have no problem finding eager supporters to donate to the cause.

How It Works

Cookies come in a 60-piece carrier case containing 4 different mouth-watering flavors: birthday cake, chocolate bits, cookies and cream, and salted caramel. You could even keep a box in the entry of your church to accommodate the sweet tooths of your congregation. All you need to do is order one master case (containing 4 carrier cases) to get started.

Get your fortune cookie pdf here

Start Fundraising Today!

Fundraising for your church doesn’t have to be intimidating or a challenge. With several options to fit an array of budgets, tastes, and groups, there’s no reason to wait.

If you’d like us to help you get started with your next fundraiser, or if you would like more information:

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