We Love Flowers: Why Flower Fundraisers Are a Pretty – and Profitable – Choice For Spring!

Spring flower bulb fundraiser

It seems everyone has grown a green thumb in the past year or so thanks to the slowed-down pace of this pandemic year. Yards, porches, and balconies everywhere are exploding with greenery. Dinner plates are made colorful with vegetables grown from seed. And gardens full of fresh flowers tickle the senses at every turn. In fact, surrounding ourselves with a kaleidoscope of plants and flowers has felt like a salve, a much-needed symbol of beauty and hope. One that will surely continue into the coming spring and beyond.

Our collective newfound love for gardening has made flower fundraisers the hot new fundraising trend for spring. Our Art In Nature spring flower fundraiser is perfect for end-of-year school fundraising efforts. It’s also a great way for sports teams to raise money for upcoming summer programs. And it’s money well spent for your supporters, too, providing them with a rewarding activity resulting in months of enjoyment

Little League Raised Over $1,700 Profit!

Our little league used the flower bulbs as part of our yearly fundraiser for operational costs. We ended up raising over $1,700 in profit!

As if that weren’t enough, here are 5 more reasons why we think flowers are the perfect spring fundraiser for 2021.

1) They’re Versatile

Everyone’s tastes differ. Luckily, our Art In Nature fundraiser offers a variety of beautiful blooms, colorful mixes – even herbs, veggies, and strawberries! – for every type of gardener. There’s also the option of bulbs, seeds, or easy-to-use flower mats. Plus, you don’t have to have a big yard with a garden to enjoy most items. Many of our products do well in pots and make a wonderful addition to any porch or balcony.

2) They Can Help Beautify Your Community

Building a community garden is a wonderful way to add color and beauty to a park or school campus. It’s also a great project for kids and teens, as it allows them to connect with their community while teaching them valuable new skills.

A flower fundraiser pairs perfectly with a community garden project. Not only will it help you cover the costs of materials and equipment needed to get started, you can also invite supporters to double their contribution by donating some of their purchases to your garden.

3) They’re Environmentally-Friendly

Not only do flower fundraisers involve relatively little waste, growing plants has a positive effect on the environment, as well. Plants help purify the air around us. Plus, they’re a safe haven for insects, which play an important role in your local ecosystem. They also attract butterflies and, most importantly, the world’s most invaluable living being, bees!

In fact, with every purchase of our honeybee garden flower mat, a portion of proceeds goes to honeybee conservation. How’s that for giving back!

4) They’re Affordable – and Profitable!

This spring fundraiser is particularly affordable, especially given the fact that many people are going to be making gardening purchases anyway. In fact, gardening sales increased significantly across America in 2020 compared to previous years.

Our bulbs, seeds, and flower mats also come in a variety of price points, offering supporters more flexibility when it comes to their contributions. This is especially important in these financially-tumultuous times.

As for its advantages for you, this easy spring fundraiser requires no upfront costs. It also allows you to keep 50% of profits, no matter how much or how little you sell. And you needn’t sell a lot to see significant profit. A group of 25, for instance, can easily raise more than $1,000 by selling a mere 10 items each. This means you can raise a large amount of funds in a short amount of time, allowing you to focus on the next steps for your group.

5) They’re Valuable In So Many Other Ways

As we’ve already noted, flowers are a positive symbol for hope and beauty. And as your group and your supporters watch their efforts grow, it’s a great reminder of what we as humans are also capable of. Just as a beautiful flower can burst through the soil and thrive, we too can blossom in times of adversity. As long as we take care of ourselves, and each other.

We Raised Over $900 for a School Trip!

We only had 12 sellers participate in our fundraiser but we raised over $900 profit which will go towards a school trip to Alaska.

For more information on how our easy-to-run flower fundraisers – and our many other fundraisers – work, visit our website here.

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Spring is about to bloom – get started today and watch your profits bloom, too!

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