6 Choir Fundraising Ideas During COVID-19, and Why They’re Needed

Choir Fundraisers

Many areas have banned choir singing all together. However, as COVID-19 drones on, community leaders are faced with tough decisions. These include allowing important activities to resume while keeping safety a priority. And for a great number of people, choir singing is a crucially important activity. In fact, for many it’s a source of joy and purpose in their lives. Thus, choirs in some communities have been allowed to start rehearsing and performing together again. There are, however, fairly strict safety measures to follow. The fact that the reality for choirs is different doesn’t mean the need for fundraising isn’t still there. Quite the contrary: new rules and regulations mean a whole different set of needs for your choir. They also spell out a need for fresh choir fundraising ideas that work with COVID-19 restrictions.

Why Is Fundraising Needed During COVID-19?

If your choir is meeting in person again, you may need a larger rehearsal space. You’ll also want to provide proper PPE to your choir group members. Plus, you’ll likely have to disinfect your space and equipment before and after you use it.

Next, it may be necessary to invest in new equipment. This new gear can help compensate for the fact that your group is more dispersed. It can also help improve the sound of your online rehearsals and performances. Further, a number of choirs serve underprivileged groups. Many of these people don’t have access to proper equipment or reliable Internet. Funds raised could go to upgrading to your choir members’ networks or electronics.

Finally, perhaps your choir is already set up and has no real need for extra funds. Or maybe you’ve decided to take a break until the worst has passed. Your group can still band together – figuratively, of course – to create positive change in your community. You can donate funds raised to your local food bank, animal shelter, or cancer charity. In fact, there’s an endless list of organizations that could use a helping hand in these challenging times.

Only 8 Sellers Raised Over $700 In Profit!

Our handbell choir was raising money for new music stands. We ended up raising over $700 in profit with the cookie dough fundraiser and a group of only 8 sellers!!

Now let’s look at some easy and effective choir fundraising ideas to help keep your supporters engaged. And of course, opening their hearts and wallets.

1) Play it safe with an online product fundraiser!

Product fundraisers are the easiest way to raise money. Now you can make it even easier, believe it or not, with your very own online store! JustFundraising has a handy online option for many of our top-selling products. You simply share the link with your social network and invite friends and family to purchase quality products right from their devices. Here are some of the programs offered:

  • Gourmet cookie dough. Our bestseller for years running, you can’t go wrong with sweet, gooey, fresh-baked cookies. JustFundraising offers the most variety in terms of formats and price points. This means you can tailor your fundraiser to your supporters’ tastes and budgets.
  • Nuts & Snacks. Featuring a mix of sweet treats and savory snacks, along with a few healthy options, our Snackin’ in America fundraiser is a sure crowd pleaser. And priced at $8 per product, it’s a great budget-friendly option – a consideration that is more important than ever these days.
  • Gourmet popcorn. During long lockdown periods, there’s not much else to do but hunker down and binge-watch your fave TV shows. Offer your supporters a comforting treat to go along with the Netflix marathons. With plenty of sweet, salty, and sweet’n’salty options, there’s something for every gourmand in your midst.

2) Reach your choir fundraising goals through crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding campaigns have collectively raised billions of dollars for various causes around the world. It’s an incredibly easy way for supporters to donate. Plus, many platforms such as GoFundMe and Fundly offer user friendly platforms on which you can tell your story, post photos and videos, and easily track your progress. Crowdfunding pairs well with your favorite product fundraiser, too!

3) Keep the choir fire alive with a candle fundraiser

We could all use a little warmth and positivity these days. Offer your supporters just that with an inspiring candle fundraiser. This is one of our favorite choir fundraiser ideas, with good reason. Our candles are hand-poured in the USA (a great way to support the economy!) and feature a wide variety of delightful scents and aromas. They also come in a trendy canning-jar or elegant hourglass format.

Our Quote Candles feature labels adorned with uplifting quotes for that extra boost of positivity. Church choirs and other religious singing groups might prefer to opt for the Journey of Faith fundraiser. These feature beautiful faith-based words and scripture.

More good news: both these fundraisers are now available online!

We also have holiday-themed candle fundraisers, $10 candle fundraisers, wax melts, aromatherapy products, and much more! View all our candle fundraisers here.

Church Raised Over $900 Profit!

Our church raised over $900 profit with Journey Of Faith candles for our building fund in a little over 2 weeks! We will definitely be using this fundraiser again!

4) Good things are a-brewin’: gourmet coffee fundraiser

Many people are working from home during the pandemic. This means no more picking up that cuppa joe on the morning commute. Give your supporters some fresh and fun java choices with our award-winning coffee collection.

Donors can choose between 15 delicious blends. Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop, and French Vanilla are just a few of mouthwatering flavors available. Our coffees are available in both drip and Keurig K-Cup formats.

On lockdown? No problem! Simply share the PDF link with your supporters and have them text or email you their selections. Once your items have arrived, you can organize safe drive-by delivery or curbside pick-up sites.

5) Host an online auction

Ask local businesses to donate items or experiences, and post them on your choir group’s Facebook page. You can also use an online auction platform such as 32auctions or BiddingOwl. Then, give your supporters a window during which they can place bids.

Remember that this is a difficult time for a lot of businesses, particularly bars and restaurants. Therefore, it might not be a great time to ask them for donations. Instead, focus on businesses that are doing well. This includes online retailers, garden supply centers, and other lockdown-friendly merchants.

6) The safest of all choir fundraising ideas: host an online benefit concert!

Platforms like Zoom, Facebook, and Instagram have made it possible to keep your choir singing and performing together. Plus, remote singing is without a doubt the safest option for choirs. Once your choir members have become familiar with the ins and outs of remote singing, you can offer your supporters an evening of entertainment – and, of course, fundraising.

There are some online platforms that offer pay-per-view services, such as Givebutter and Evivoo. You can also stream for free using Facebook Live or IGTV. Make sure to provide a link to your website, online fundraiser store, or fundraising platform. And don’t be shy about reminding your viewers to donate, donate, donate!

Whether your community is allowing choir activities to resume, or you’re simply wanting to help out your community while lockdowns are in effect, there’s always a need for fundraising. We hope this list has provided you with all the COVID-safe choir fundraising ideas you need to hit your targets.  Check out our blog for more tips and tricks on how to run the perfect choir fundraiser. And get ready to make your voices heard!

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