Are Candy Bar Fundraisers Making a Comeback? (Hint: Yes, They Are!)

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If you’re reading this, you’re likely old enough to remember a time when candy bars were pretty much the only fundraiser. As kids, we all toted around our little candy bar carriers at one time or another. And there seemed to always be at least one chocolate bar fundraiser on display at all times in every office in America.

In recent years, however, candy bar fundraisers have taken a seat on the bench in favor of newer, flashier product fundraisers. While this newfound array of creative fundraising ideas is certainly welcome, we’re here to tell you that candy bars are back in a big way. And JustFundraising has raised the bar, so to speak, with the #1 candy bar fundraiser on the market today!

Selling Quicker Than Expected!

We are raising money for equipment for our youth sports group. Our group has sold the America’s Variety candy bars even quicker than we expected. We ordered 5 cases and already need to order more!.

The Problem With Yesterday’s Candy Bar Fundraisers

There were a few issues with candy bar fundraisers that may have contributed to their temporary fall from the top spot. Let’s take a look at what went down.

Candy bar fundraiser fatigue

As we mentioned above, candy bar fundraisers were everywhere for a time. Eventually, fundraising groups had to look for items that would make them stand out from the crowd. Things like candles, cookie dough, and other gourmet treats soared in popularity as a response.

Peanut allergies

Many of the name-brand candy bars were produced in factories that also made products containing peanuts. Since these companies were unable to guarantee that their products were peanut-free, many organizations – schools especially – stopped allowing candy bar fundraisers.


If you check out your local corner store, you’ll see that most brand-name candy bars have decreased in size quite a bit, while the price has remained the same. This is called shrinkflation, and the fundraising industry has not been immune to it.

Low profit margins

Fundraiser organizers may have been unsatisfied with the percentage of sales they were able to keep. Especially when paired with rising candy prices. The combination meant lower sales, forcing their teams to work harder for less revenue. Fundraising groups may have turned their attention to event fundraisers instead where they could keep a higher percentage of profits.

Luckily, JustFundraising has been hard at work revamping the chocolate bar fundraiser scene! Read on to find out just how we got to be the #1 candy bar fundraiser, and the best choice for your school, sports team, or nonprofit.

Raising Money For Youth Camp

We have been raising money with candy bars for our summer youth camp. We have to cover the costs of each child that will be attending the camp, along with all adults and camp staff. We have already sold 25 cases of the America’s Variety candy bars and just placed an order for another 11!

JustFundraising is the #1 Candy Bar Fundraiser. Come See What’s New!

We’ve taken an old classic and made it new and exciting again. Here’s how!

Choices, choices, choices

Gone are the days when you had one or two options for your fundraiser. In fact, at JustFundraising, we’re all about giving you the most options, so you can choose what suits your group best.

Our roster of 6 different chocolate bar fundraisers is designed to match all tastes and budgets. From old favorites like classic Hershey brands, to fun flavors priced at just $1, there’s something for everybody.

Peanut-free guarantee

Our America’s Variety and Chocolatiers candy bar fundraisers are guaranteed to be peanut-free. In fact, it says so right on the box, so buyers can feel safe in their purchase. This peanut-free designation means that candy bar fundraisers can be welcomed back into schools once again!

Same low price, bigger size!

Our $1 candy bars are the same price as the nation’s leading candy bar – and 10 to 20% heavier. That means our bars pack a punch with more candy goodness per square inch.

We also have one of the largest selections of $1 candy bars out there! And as always, quality is paramount, so you can be sure that your lower-priced items have the same great taste as your favorite retail brands.

Higher profits for you!

Did you know JustFundraising actually guarantees the highest profits in the biz? If you find a candy bar fundraiser that offers a higher percentage of profits, we’ll match it!

These high profits mean your group can keep up to 50% of all sales. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders, so you’re not spending much-needed money when you don’t have to.

Small groups are important to us, too. That’s why we don’t impose a minimum order. You can order as little as one master case and still get the same free next-day shipping as our largest orders. Have you ever seen a sweeter deal?

Check out our selection of yummy and profitable candy bar fundraisers here. We also have a handy profit calculator that’ll quickly tell you how many bars each participant will have to sell to reach your goal. And for more tips and tricks to help you run a successful fundraiser, check out our blog!

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