Pathfinders Make $1,500 Profit Fast!

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Our Story

“This was the first ever fundraiser for our Pathfinders that was founded just 3 years ago. In 2-3 weeks, our 16 pathfinders, aged 10 -17 years old, sold 239 candles making us a much unexpected $1500 profit. Of course, we’re very pleased with the results – the funds will be used to buy supplies and pay for camporee in Florida in 2016, which is an event that includes all Pathfinders clubs located in the Southern Union – awesome tradition and experience for our kids.

I was amazed to see that one of the girls sold 45 candles all by herself. So many local groups have been selling candy bars for years, so when they saw our candle fundraiser, they recognized it immediately as something worthwhile to buy and support… these candles were literally flying off the order form. We will do it again next year!”

Their Game-Changing Ideas

  • Sold something that nobody in the community had sold before

How great is that story? Check out the fundraiser they used!

Candle Fundraiser

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