November’s Winner!

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In the month of November, a cheerleading team in Miami, Florida completed a fundraiser with our Snackin’ In The USA program and made over $1,500 in profit!

“We are raising money for Cheerleading uniforms. This is the first time we have had a team in 15 years, so we don’t have any equipment or uniforms yet!

We wanted our group of 22 girls to work as hard as they could without making them feel like the had to hit this certain quota to be successful. And we encouraged them with additional ideas and strategies along the way. We had a sit down each practice to get an update, remind them of our goals, and ask team members if anyone had seen specific success with a certain strategy they could share with the team.

We spoke with the girls about reaching out to as many family and friends as possible. We talked about fun strategies and how they could get them as little stocking stuffers for holiday presents. Overall, the team is so enthusiastic about getting uniforms that their passion and excitement did most of the work! This is our one fundraiser attempt of the year to reach our goal so they knew that had to push!”

JustFundraising is proud to be contributing another $100 check to their fundraising efforts.