Are You An Individual Looking to Fundraise?

JustFundraising prides itself in working with groups of all types and sizes to help them achieve their goals.  This fall, we received an increasing amount of individuals looking to fundraise on their own.  Their situations were all a little different. We had some students that were part of their cheer team going to state and national events who decided to kick-off a personal fundraiser, in order to cover their personal travel costs. While their cheer team was doing a fundraiser for the entire squad, there were some individuals who decided they needed to raise even more on a personal level, if they were to be able to join the team. We had many other individual students who had committed to an educational school trip to Europe or South America or were planning on their upcoming Spring Break trip and needed to raise funds. We also had many youth who were starting one of their many fundraising programs in order to have enough funds to go on a mission’s trip this summer through their church youth group. We had adults that has contacted us because they were raising funds in order to support an upcoming adoption, and others raising money on their own, in order to hit their mark so they could participate in their Team in Training or Run for the Cure event.

Well, JustFundraising has a lineup of product fundraisers that are completely adaptable for people who are fundraising on their own. Here are just a few:

Candy bar fundraisers – we have several best-sellers in this category which include the recently popular pretzel rods, Chocolatiers candy bars, and our Yummy Lix lollipops. Besides their great taste, these are great options for individuals because the minimum order is only 1 master case, and they are all under $150 to get started. As well, shipping is always free, so it won’t eat into your profit.

We also feature many order-taker fundraisers such as Snackin in the USA (choice of 24 nuts and snacks), gourmet popcorn, flower bulbs, and scented candles. There are no minimum orders on these fundraisers, and they cost nothing to get started. Simply let us know which program you’d like to run, and we’ll send you several order-takers, so you can start selling! We’re catering more to individual fundraisers with our reduced-shipping cost program. With order-takers, our standard offer is to charge $50 for orders under $1,000 in retail sales, but if you register as an individual doing a fundraiser, your charge will only be $25. Any invoice over $500 will be free shipping. Just be sure to mention code ‘ind18’ when you place your order.

I recommend you stay away from our frozen products such as cookie dough and cheesecake, because they require a minimum order of 84 items, which will be difficult for an individual student to obtain on their own.

If you need other ideas on how to set-up your individual fundraiser or student fundraiser, we’re here to help. We have over 20 years experience – just give us a call at 1-888-440-4114.