Celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month With An Oh-So-Good Pretzel Fundraiser!

National pretzel month

Did you know that April is National Soft Pretzel month? That’s right, those tender, chewy, salty-with-a-touch-of-sweetness knots have their own month, and deservedly so! Given that springtime is when a lot of schools and sports organizations kick their fundraising into gear, it’s the perfect opportunity to launch a pretzel fundraiser!

Before getting into the ins and outs of earning bread with bread (sorry, we had to go there), let’s take a look at the twisty-turny history of one of America’s favorite snacks!

A Treat (Almost) As Old As Time

Contrary to popular belief, pretzels were not invented by a streetwise New Yorker, or the Major League Baseball Association. Legend has it that they were first created by an Italian monk way, way, waaaaay back in the year 610. He called them pretiola, which is Latin for “little reward”. They were indeed little rewards at the time, for children who learned their prayers. In fact, the classic pretzel shape is said to mimic the folded arms of praying children. (You can vaguely see it if you hold it upside down – maybe we’ve been holding pretzels wrong this entire time!)

Pretzels have a long-standing connection to Christianity. Their simple makeup of flour, water, and salt allowed them to be eaten during Lent, the 40-day period of reflection and fasting leading up to Easter. You might also be surprised to know that pretzels were not introduced to America until the 18th century, and not by Italians, but by Swiss and German immigrants. It’s crunchy counterpart, however, was an American creation. The hard pretzel’s appeal was that it kept longer while soft pretzels would quickly go stale The first hard pretzel bakery opened in Pennsylvania in 1850.

To this day, Pennsylvanians are the biggest consumers of pretzels in the country, eating 6 times as many as the national average per year. However, while not quite at Pennsylvanian proportions, both soft and hard pretzels are popular all across the country. In fact, it’s safe to say that the salty snack has secured a permanent spot on the roster of classic American foods.

So how can your group take advantage of this love affair with the famous twisty treat? There are actually a few ways (yes, we love pretzels so much we have more than one pretzel fundraiser).

Auntie Anne's pretzels

Which Type of Pretzel Fundraiser Suits Your Group’s Needs?

Each group has its own set of goals, needs, and desires, so fundraising campaigns are not usually one-size-fits all. This is why we offer such a wide range of products and programs, including order-takers, 1$ sellers, and online stores. And in all three of these categories you’ll find pretzels. Let’s take a look!

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Fundraiser

This classic order-taker pretzel fundraiser invites supporters to select and pre-pay for items from a catalog (provided to each fundraiser participant free of charge). It’s a great option for groups whose members have access to a network of friends, family, and neighbors who might be willing to spend a bit of money for quality food items – and to support a good cause.

This fundraiser features whole soft pretzels and fun-sized pretzel nuggets. Each order is accompanied by salt and cinnamon sugar packets for both the savory-lovers and sweet-tooths in your midst. For those looking for a bit more variety, there’s also snickerdoodle cookies and cinnamon sticky bread from everyone’s fave bakery, Cinnabon!

This fundraiser delivers ample portions for less than $20 each, making it the ideal family- or party-sized treat at a competitive price. And given that supporters pay in advance and brochures are free, you can get started without having to spend a penny.

Snackin’ In the USA Fundraiser

This order-taker features a selection of candy-coated hard pretzel twists for the pretzel fiends in your circle. That’s not all, however. This Nuts & Snacks fundraiser caters to all types of snackers. From gummy candy, to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and caramel treats, to healthy nuts and trail mixes, your supporters are guaranteed to find something they love. And with each item priced at $8, there’s no reason to resist!

Again, items are prepaid, so there are no startup costs involved. Another fun twist: this fundraiser comes with your very own online store! This way, you can simply send the link to friends and family, and they can purchase directly from your site. Not only does this save time by eliminating the need for door-to-door sales, it allows you to reach an exponentially larger number of supporters. Plus, it’s the perfect option for those fundraising during COVID, as it can be done completely contact-free.

$1 Pretzel Rods Fundraisers

This fundraising programs works a little differently – but maximum profit remains the goal. You pre-order the number of cases you expect to sell, paying for the product at cost. Participants then carry the items with them to sell to friends and family, classmates, at the sidelines of a game, or at an event fundraiser. The key here is volume. And, trust us, that won’t be a problem.

These crispy gourmet dipped pretzel snacks are quickly becoming a fundraiser favorite with schools, sports teams, non-profits, and church groups alike. Dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with toppings like crunchy toffee and candy-coated chocolate chunk, they’re impossible to resist. Especially at $1 each.

The low price of each item offers more flexibility for donors. Those without a lot to give can still support your cause without stretching their bank accounts. Those with more financial wiggle room, on the other hand, can simply purchase more. In fact, we encourage you to sell pretzels by the case or carrier for even more profit!

Ready To Get Started!

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