Our Top 5 Favorite Easter Fundraisers for Church Groups

Top 5 Ester Fundraisers

Spring will be here before we know it, bringing with it the arrival of rain showers, crisp morning smells, and Easter!

Easter and the celebration of spring are worthy events to fundraise around. Tulips, daffodils, and mid-May blossoms are on everyone’s minds and moods, and pastel palettes peek through shop windows. Easter bunnies come to lay chocolate eggs, and jelly beans are the only legumes we care about.

So, with Easter on our mind and spring around the corner, let’s talk about fundraising ideas for church groups!

Take out your notebooks, ‘cause we’ve listed our top 5 favorite Easter fundraisers to inspire you into action.

1) Chocolate & Candy!

Obviously, chocolate and candy are not the origins of Easter, but they’ve long been associated with it! Eggs are an ancient symbol of new life, and the chocolate Easter egg dates back to early 19th century Europe. Later, in the early-mid 20th century, jellybeans and little yellow marshmallow peeps became traditional Easter candy. And today, well, there’s no shortage of variety!

Classic Candy Bars

Okay, so it’s true that candy bars aren’t *egg shaped*, but they’re most certainly chocolate and we think they make an awesome Easter fundraising idea! Plus, we don’t think the Easter Bunny is above leaving full on candy bars in baskets, *wink*.

JustFundraising has a selection of chocolate bar fundraisers, but our two most popular are the $1 America’s Variety Pack and the $1 Chocolatiers Variety Pack.

Both candy bar programs offer a variety of your favorite flavors in a convenient carrying case. Plus, at only $1 each, how can anyone resist? Your group only needs to order 1 master case (containing 4 carriers) to start and shipping is free!

Hot Tip: Stack two or three bars and tie them with pastel-colored ribbon (in pinks, purples, yellows) and sell them as an Easter bundle!

Candy, Cause EASTER

We love any excuse for a candy fundraiser and Easter is as good as they come! We have a big variety of candy fundraisers, from our candy dipped $1 Pretzel Rods and $1 Fortune Cookies to our big selection of $.50 Lollipops!

To get started, your group would need to buy 1 master case which contains individual carrier cases for your team or group members to start selling!

Hot Tip: Go candy-gram style and bundle two or three different candy items together in a cute cellophane package. Add easter grass and tie it with ribbons, and charge $5 for each one! Hold an actual candy-gram fundraiser or just sell them as tiny Easter-themed bundles.

2) Popular Easter Fundraiser? A Raffle Basket!

Everyone loves a raffle basket, especially when it’s an Easter basket filled to the brim with irresistible prizes! Your group has a lot of options:

  1. Fill it with decadent chocolate and candy, donated from local chocolatiers and retailers.
  2. Fill it with gourmet food items for a delicious Easter dinner.
  3. Or, the basket can resemble a colorful Easter basket while the prizes inside are a variety of luxurious items!

The sky’s the limit with raffle baskets! Just be sure to start planning and asking local businesses for donations far in advance. Sell tickets, make the draw, and voila: an easy, profitable fundraiser.

We Raised Over $2,000 Profit!

The Journey Of Faith candle fundraiser was great. Our church group was raising money for summer camp and we raised over $2,000 profit!

3) Journey of Faith Candles

If your church group is looking for a fundraiser to hold around Easter that celebrates faith, we recommend our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser!

Each 12oz candle is hand-poured in a beautiful canning jar, in a range of 8 soothing scents. They feature a different title like Hope and Faith on each label, along with a corresponding verse.

We love candle fundraisers and think they’re appropriate for any season! They also make great gifts, so if gift-giving is part of you and your community’s Easter tradition, a candle fundraiser could be the perfect fit.

4) April Showers Bring May Flowers

One of our favorite Easter fundraisers is selling flower bulbs! Nothing says springtime like dewy flowers in the early morning sunshine.

For this, we suggest our Art In Nature flower bulb program! This fundraiser offers a selection of 30 bulbs that will blossom into gorgeous colorful flowers, a reminder of Easter’s teachings of rebirth and renewal.

Your church group earns 50% profit and it’s free to start!

5) Easter Egg Decorating Party

Did you know that decorating Easter eggs is a tradition that dates back to the 13th century?? However, it wasn’t until the Victorian era when dying Easter eggs became a tradition that included children.

We love the idea of holding an Easter egg decorating party as a church fundraiser! The materials (eggs, food coloring, crayons) are inexpensive, and you can easily include other simple fundraisers to make it a fun and profitable family event.

Charge admission, but also sell tickets for cake walks, face painting, raffles, and games of chance (like guessing how many chocolate eggs are in the jar!). These are all additional fundraisers to add festivities and profit to your party.

Ready To Plan Your Easter Fundraiser? Let’s Hop To It!

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