The Return of Prom: 6 Easy Prom Fundraising Ideas for Spring 2021!

Prom 2021

Many graduating students sadly had to forego prom last spring due to the pandemic. Thankfully, this year’s class might not have to suffer the same fate, thanks to COVID-19 vaccines rolling out at record speed. While we must still anticipate that this year’s prom-goers may have to be socially-distanced and masked up (hello, formal face masks!), it’s looking like there will be opportunity – and plenty of reason –  to celebrate come the end of the school year.

Even if you don’t know whether prom will be a go this year, we still recommend getting a head start on planning, and of course, fundraising. We’ve compiled a list of 5 easy and fun prom fundraising ideas to help students pull off the enchanting night of their dreams. After all, it’s been a long time coming.

1) Design and Sell T-Shirts

This graduation fundraising idea is in every graduating class’ arsenal, and for good reason. Not only is it uber-profitable, it provides students with a wonderful keepsake commemorating their high school journey.

Our t-shirt fundraiser offers a vast array of premade designs and slogans. We also encourage you to come up with your own design. In fact, you can boost your profits by holding a t-shirt design contest and charging a small fee per vote. And remember, the more you sell, the more you make: with JustFundraising, your class can earn up to a whopping $12 per t-shirt!

2) Prom-ote Student Art With an Auction/Sale

Have some creative students in your midst? Commission some of your best artistes to create works of original art that can be auctioned off online. Alternatively, you can sell prints, allowing for many copies of the same piece to be sold. While this requires a bit more of an investment, you’ll likely make your money back in spades. Plus, your local printer may be willing to offer a discount for such a good cause.

3) Bring In Lots of Dough With – You Guessed It – Cookie Dough!

When it comes to raising funds in the thousands, our gourmet cookie dough fundraisers are a sure bet. In fact, one of the comments we hear most about these irresistible sweet treats is that they sell themselves. This is particularly true in a pandemic year, when family time and movie nights are paramount.

We know that times are tough for many families, financially-speaking. This is why we now offer a $10 cookie dough fundraiser, featuring the same quality and variety as our deluxe options, just in a slightly smaller format. Plus, your JustFundraising cookie dough fundraiser comes with your very own online store for completely contact-free fundraising!

Just what we needed for our graduation ceremony!

Our graduation class raised over $2,000 profit with the cookie dough fundraiser to put towards caps, gowns and a few other prom expenses.

4) Make and Sell Bundles as Candy-Grams

Our huge variety of lollipop fundraisers as well as our $1 pretzel rod fundraisers are perfect for bundling up and selling as candy-grams around school. Simply group 5 of each item together using sandwich bags and ribbon and sell for $5. Make them anonymous, or add the option of a personalized note for $1. Get permission to have a team of volunteers deliver bundles throughout the school during the last period of the day.

5) Foster Friendly Prom-petition With a Change War Fundraiser

This grad fundraiser idea can be done a variety of ways. Each homeroom class gets their own labeled jar in a designated high-traffic area. The winner can simply be the class that raises the most money, no fuss no muss. Or you can spice things up by assigning positive and negative points to each type of coin. For instance, each silver coin carries its value in points (5, 10, or 25), while each penny is -1 point. This way, students can “sabotage” other classes by tossing pennies into their jars.

6) Offer fun prizes to the winning class, such as a pizza party, a skip day, or red-carpet VIP treatment during prom.

Offer Prom-Appropriate Style and Safety With Custom Face Masks
While there’s certainly light at the end of this long tunnel, we aren’t quite out of the woods yet. This doesn’t mean that prom will be canceled – you may just have to get creative. Some examples include holding prom outside, drawing social distancing circles on your dance floor, and of course, requiring face masks be worn.

Our custom face mask fundraiser offers plenty of stylish designs that are perfect for prom. Or you can create custom designs specifically for your promgoers. Some of our faves include “prom king” or “prom queen” slogans, tuxedo or corsage designs, or simply your school’s name with “class of 2020”. Let your creativity shine while making your classmates’ safety a priority.

It’s been a difficult year, and your class deserves a reward for getting through it with spirit and resilience. Here’s hoping we can soon lift our punch glasses to a memorable year gone by and a bright future ahead.

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