Maximize Team Funds – Combine GoFundMe and JustFundraising

Maximize profits with gofundme and justfundraising

Since its inception in 2010, GoFundMe has helped people raise over $5 billion to support their causes. You can use this amazing and popular platform to get the most out of your team fundraisers, too.

But don’t stop there.

JustFundraising has helped groups raise $82 million for their causes. By using both platforms, you can reach a wider audience with minimal extra effort and hit or exceed your fundraising goals even faster.

Here’s exactly how to use these two platforms to reach more people and raise more funds for your sports club or team.

Why Mix JustFundraising and GoFundMe?

You’ve heard about GoFundMe, right? Most people have. It’s a popular platform people all over the world use to raise funds online for various causes.

These can be specific causes for one unique individual, for small groups, or entire disaster relief programs. In the heat of the coronavirus epidemic, there’s even a GoFundMe page to support relief causes.

GoFundMe and JustFundraising feel like they’re made to work together. Why? GoFundMe helps you reach a wide and far virtual audience through social media sharing. You can get support from people who care but may live far away, like grandparents, aunts and uncles, or old friends.

On the other side of the coin, you can leverage JustFundraising to seek financial support from your more immediate community, in-person. It’s different in that instead of collecting online donations, you are selling quality items or delicious snacks, such as cookie dough or candy bars, of which you keep up to 55% of all sales.

Get Started with GoFundMe

Get started with gofundme

It’s easy to get started with GoFundMe. They even offer specific pages for teams and other group types, so you can select what templates matches your organization.

They let the entire team or group create an overall fundraising goal so they’re motivated by the big number, and they can break down contributions for each team member.

You have an easy way to have competitions for who raises the most money and you can keep track to make sure each team member is hitting their targets.

To get started, you have to create a campaign. This is just basic information, like your fundraising goal, and your cause.

Then add a photo, or even better, a video about your sports team. Make a point on how the fundraising funds will help the team hit goals, like provide transportation to state competitions or pay for field rentals for the season.

Once your campaign is live, share share share! You can send out the link over texts to long-distance friends and family, or share it on your social media pages to hit up all your Facebook friends.

GoFundMe makes it easy to reach a broad network. Parents and teammates can share it on their networks, but then those friends can share it out to their networks, and beyond. All just by creating a video and sharing a few links.

And on top of that, you keep 97% of the money raised with GoFundMe. Free set up, keep almost all of the money, and reach a wide and far-spread network. You can’t go wrong.

Pro Tips to Get the Most out of Your GoFundMe Campaign

Get personal. People who are considering contributing to support your team want to know about the people behind it. Go ahead and brag. Inspire community spirit and the love for the sport itself. Make your team feel real, and not just another sports team.

Post regular updates. Let those who support you know what’s going on in your team’s season, and how well the fundraiser is going.

You can also let supporters know where you’ll be fundraising with Just Fundraising products so supporters can meet the team in person, and continue to support your efforts.

Be grateful! Make sure you let the people who support you know how grateful you are to have them backing you up! And be grateful to all the people who put forth the effort to make your fundraising possible in the first place.

Reach Your Community With JustFundraising

Reach your community with JustFundraising

Like we said, GoFundMe is great for reaching a wide virtual audience that may want to support the local team players or school. You can even hang flyers around your community with your GoFundMe link and dates you plan to set up fundraising booths in and around the community.

But to really reach your community, you shouldn’t ignore old fashioned product fundraising. Setting up booths in front of grocery stores, or reaching out to friends at church groups is a great way to bring in extra funds. If you work, you can sell your products to your work colleagues. With a parent, you can always sell items door to door in your community, as well.

With JustFundraising, you have a physical product, often a delicious edible, to offer supporters. While some people won’t necessarily just donate their hard-earned dollars to a cause, they’re often willing to support a local organization when they’re getting some tasty goodies in return.

Whether your target is a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand, JustFundraising has the most popular fundraising programs for you to choose from.

Get Started With JustFundraising

Getting your team fundraiser started with JustFundraising is easy. We even have a free online step by step fundraising guide to help you get your fundraiser fully organized to ensure your team, school or charity makes top profit.

To get started, select the order-taker program you want to sell for your fundraiser and order your free order takers for your team. Inform your players about the product and why they’re raising funds. Then have them to ask for support from the community.

Supporters place their orders and pay upfront. Team members keep track of this and strive to hit their goals and return the order forms and funds to the fundraising organizer. They in turn place the order, pay for it with the collected funds, and keep the rest for their team!

Our most popular products let your team keep 50% of the profits or more!

Why JustFundraising?

JustFundraising has been helping schools, teams and other non-profits organizations hit their fundraising goals for over 22 years! All of our fundraising products are of high quality, so your supporters will be willing to support your team again, year after year.

On top of that, JustFundraising has a no-up-front cost platform, so you can start raising funds with $0 down.

We have a great support platform and we’re here for your success. That’s why we provide great resources and tips, as well as expert phone and email customer service, to help you get the most out of your fundraising campaign.

Pro Tips to Get the Most out of Your JustFundraising Campaign

Work through our step by step fundraising guide. It has useful details about calculating quotas for each player and tips to boost your sales. We have proven ideas to motivate your team, school or other group, and organization distribution day so nothing gets lost in the mix.

This guide can make your fundraising campaign less stressful, and more successful.

If it ain’t broke, don’t change it! We stand by our products and we know your supporters will love them too. If your community has responded well to your fundraiser, don’t change it. It can become your annual fundraiser that your supporters look forward to.

Some communities look forward to the baseball team selling cookie dough every year and look for our products and the teams that sell them. Creating consistency and reliability in your community can encourage supporters to keep returning.

Choose a product your group or team will love. If your team members have tried the cookie dough and absolutely love it, then they’ll be that much more passionate about selling the product. If your team is more into popcorn than they are into candles, have them sell popcorn. Passion sells!

Set prizes for the best raisers. Turn it into a game. If your team members can compete against each other to see who can raise the most funds in the quickest amount of time, they’ll get out there with a bit of fire in their pants. By gamifying the fundraising process, you can help your team or club raise even more.

We have many more tips for each team or fundraising group. Every organization is different, so we’ve highlighted some of our best tactics.

Combine GoFundMe and JustFundraising to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Campaign

Combine GoFundMe and JustFundraising to maximize your fundraising profits

GoFundMe helps your non-profit reach a broad audience that wants to support the players, but may not be a part of the community. For instance, grandparents, aunts and uncles or distant friends.

With GoFundMe, you get to keep 97% of the funds raised, and it takes minimal effort – just set up the page, and share the link!

JustFundraising is the perfect fundraising medium to seek financial support from the rest of your community. You can have one on one conversations, and offer them a great product in return for their support.

Meet or exceed your goals even faster and get the most out of your campaign by selling JustFundraising’s quality fundraisers and GoFundMe’s online fundraising tools.

Curious about the products your team can sell for their fundraising campaign? Browse our product catalog here.