Trend Alert! Why You Should Be Using Video For Fundraising In 2021

Use video for fundraising

More and more, social media platforms are abandoning text in favor of more visually-appealing content. While Instagram introduced us to the world of photo-based social media, even that is starting to take a back seat. With the advent of popular apps like TikTok, the new medium du jour appears to be video. And everyone from online marketers to fundraising experts have taken note.

In fact, one of the emerging fundraising trends for 2021 is the use of video storytelling. Read on to find out how using video for fundraising can have a serious impact on your success – and your profits.

Is Video Really That important?

According to a recent article by Influencer Marketing Hub, “if you’re not using video to market your brand, you’re losing out on sales”. This may seem like a sweeping generalization, but the reality is that this statement applies to every single individual or organization trying to sell something. And that includes you, the fundraiser.

A 2018 survey conducted by Animoto has got the receipts to prove it. They found that 93% of businesses report having gained a new customer thanks to a video on social media. Not only that, video is customers’ favorite type of content. In fact, it’s more than twice as popular as photo content, and almost five times as popular as text!

The Myth of Cost In Creating Quality Video Content for Fundraising

You might be wondering, isn’t it expensive to create video content for social media? While it can be if you want it to, it certainly doesn’t have to be. In fact, the newest smartphone camera technology combined with various video apps have leveled the playing field. These tools allow virtually anyone to create quality content, easily, and in many cases, for free.

The beauty of TikTok, for instance, is that it values trends, creativity, and authenticity over production value. And the addition of ‘Live’ and ‘Stories’ features on many social media platforms shows that people want “real” content. Having a fundraiser kickoff party? Post a short clip on your social media channels. Trying to settle on a design for your T-Shirt fundraiser? Create a video showing the various contenders and follow it up with a poll. The point is that your video does not have to be expensive or a big production to be effective.

Let Your Team’s Creativity Shine!

Today’s consumers are looking for authenticity in their online content, and one way to provide that is to showcase real people doing real work. This can be achieved by sharing unfiltered content created by your own front-line workers.

What does this mean? It can be as simple as sharing a TikTok of volunteers pounding the pavement making sales. Or a series of Instagram videos in which each fundraiser participant talks about what your fundraiser means to them. Take advantage of the ‘unboxing’ trend by showing clips of your supporters receiving and opening their items (this may encourage others to follow suit).

Remember that millennials and Gen Z are the future of fundraising – both as fundraisers and supporters. So if your participants belong to these groups, consider giving them creative freedom to express themselves. Be sure to incorporate video into your high school fundraiser in ways that students can share. After all, teens have been shown to have a significant influence on their parents’ spending. Plus, they have an unmatched ability to reach younger donors. Just be sure to get parental permission if there are minors involved.

There Is (Almost) No One-Size-Fits-All In Successful Fundraising Video Content

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the various social media platforms before you start creating content. Not only do they have different interfaces that will affect how a video looks, they also vary in terms of ideal video length.

Here is the ideal video length for each major platform:

  • Facebook: 1-2 minutes
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: 30-45 seconds
  • Pinterest: 3 minutes
  • Youtube: under 3 minutes or 6-8minutes
  • TikTok: between 9 and 15 seconds

Don’t forget that some apps prefer landscape while others only accept portrait mode (we’re lookin’ at you, TikTok!).

Don’t Forget to Include a Call to Action and a Link!

Wrap up longer videos with an invitation to visit your online store, make a donation, or attend your fundraising event. For shorter videos you can include the call to action in the accompanying text. Finally, always provide a link to your store, donations page, or website.

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