What Cookie Dough Fundraiser is Right for You?

What cookie fundraiser is right for you

So you’ve decided: your group is planning a cookie dough fundraiser. Great! It’s a smart and easy fundraising idea because, hello, cookies are an all-time family favorite that can’t be beat.

But deciding to hold a cookie dough fundraiser is only half of the equation! We have a bunch of cookie dough options, so the next step is deciding which fundraiser is best suited for your group.

We’re going to break down all of our cookie dough fundraisers so you can quickly see the benefits of each one. But first, let’s talk about what to consider when making your choice!

What To Consider For An Easy Fundraising Experience

When deciding which cookie dough fundraiser is the best fit for your group and community, there’re a few things you’ll want to consider.

1. How Much Time Do You Have?

How much time do you have to properly plan, launch, and run your fundraiser? We all know that time and dates can sneak up on us, only to point out that we have far less time than we thought.

For shorter time frames, we suggest running an online fundraiser. Virtual fundraisers can earn your group the same or more than you could have raised in person because of the sheer volume of people it can reach. Because it’s so shareable, online fundraisers often take significantly less time to hit or exceed your fundraising goal!

2. Income Range Of Your Supporters

Before you solidify your fundraising idea, make sure it’s within a comfortable price range for your supporters! Better to offer a product with a lower price point and encourage supporters to buy more if they can afford to.

3. Know What Your Supporters Want to Buy

Sure, it’s true: for a good cause, most supporters will dutifully donate their money even if they don’t love what you’re selling. But your group will raise so much more money if your community is excited about what you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to survey them and find out!

4. Online or In Person?

Online fundraising was a lifeline last year and continues to be a highly convenient and safe option as we ride out the pandemic. But, fundraising in person may be the best option for your community or the favored method. Only your group knows what’s best for your community.

Our elementary school raised $8,500, more than double our goal!

Our cookie dough fundraiser was so easy. We had not fundraised in several years, so we didn’t know what to expect. We were hoping to raise $4,000 profit, and we ended up earning over $8,500 profit!
Gina, Fundraising Coordinator, Elementary School, Wyoming

So, using these four points above as our guide, let’s get down to the heart of it: what cookie dough fundraiser is right for YOU?

Cost: $

If You Want: To keep things simple, easy, and affordable + selling in person is not a problem.

We Suggest: $10 Gourmet Cookie Dough

Our highly popular $10 Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser offers a selection of favorite flavors for an affordable price! At only $10 for a 2lb tub of fantastic gourmet cookie dough, it’s our lowest price dough, and inclusive to a range of incomes. And supporters can always buy more tubs if they’re able!

Your group earns up to 55% profit and it’s free to start. This fundraiser is in person only with color brochures to help you sell – although cookie dough sells itself, right?!

Cost: $

If You Want: Simplicity with a little extra + the option for online fundraising.

We Suggest: $10 Gourmet Cookie Dough Plus

$10 Gourmet Cookie Dough Plus is our most accommodating cookie dough fundraiser! It features 6 of the best flavors in 2lb scoop-and-bake tubs for $10 each. PLUS it offers the additional option of buying a 2.7lb box of preformed, ready-to-bake chunky chocolate chip cookies for $17.

And, to make it a super easy fundraising experience, it’s available to sell both online and in person. We’ll create your group an online store for free, which makes selling your cookie dough a breeze.

Cost: $$

If You Want: Our #1 selling cookie dough fundraiser + an in-person fundraising experience.

We Suggest: Crazy About Cookies

Crazy About Cookies is our best-selling cookie dough fundraiser for 10 years straight! It features 10 different delicious flavors, from classics like snickerdoodle and chunky chocolate chip to gourmet flavors like white chocolate oatmeal cranberry.

Each tub is 2.7 lbs of scoop-and-bake dough, which makes approximately 40 cookies! But you don’t need to make these all in one batch, all of our cookie dough can be stored in the freezer for up to one year.

Depending on the flavor, the cookie dough costs $16 or $17/tub. There’s no up front costs to starting this fundraiser, and your group earns up to 55% profit!

Crazy About Cookies is available as an in-person fundraiser only, but we’ll send you free color brochures to get your fundraising campaign started.

Cost: $$

If You Want: A convenient cookie dough fundraiser for on-the-go families + fundraising in person.

We Suggest: Preformed Gourmet Cookie Dough

Our preformed cookie dough fundraiser is a great choice if your supporters want a convenient and hassle-free cookie dough option. Preformed cookies come in a box, perfectly shaped and ready-to-bake!

Each 2.7lb box is $17 and contains 40 cookies. Supporters choose from 8 popular flavors like m&m’s, chunky chocolate chip, and peanut butter. PLUS, a Chocolate Lover’s Variety Pack is available for $20.

Your group earns up to 55% profit with no upfront costs. This fundraiser is only available as an in-person fundraiser.

Cost: $$$

If You Want: If you’re a group of 25 or more + want a cookie dough fundraiser with a huge variety + the option to sell online!

We Suggest: America’s Favorite Treats

America’s Favorite Treats is hands down our cookie dough fundraiser with the most variety. It offers a full selection of 36 gourmet cookie dough options, like preformed dough, different sized tubs, colossal cookies, and edible dough. It even offers sweet treats like brownies and gourmet popcorn, and a few savory items!

Each item is priced between $16-$18 and your group can earn up to 45% profit. This fundraiser is available for groups of 25 or more, and is available for in person selling or as an online fundraiser.

Get Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser Started Today!

Now that you’ve narrowed it down and know which cookie dough fundraiser makes sense for your group, give us a call to get started!

Call us toll free and speak to one of our fundraising experts at Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114 or email us helpdesk@justfundraising.com

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