Inspirational Stories Of Our Local Heroes Fighting The COVID 19 Pandemic

There are so many of you and our fellow Americans working together, doing what they can to help put an end to this pandemic!

From our brave nurses working 20-hour shifts, to our courageous cashiers servicing shoppers, to individuals putting on live online arts and crafts lessons to keep our children busy and creative, to the teachers putting together material to keep our children educated, to the school cafeteria workers still working to feed our children in need, and so many more.

We want to take this opportunity to spotlight those that have gone above & beyond their call of duty.

We asked our JustFundraising community to submit stories about their own efforts, or of someone in their community that has gone above & beyond their call of duty to lend a helping hand during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As a thank you gift, we will be sending 2 of our inspirational Quote Candles as a token of our appreciation.

Our Pharmacy Is Staying Open To Serve The Public

My name is Maria and I work for CVS Health in Customer Service. Yes, I deal with customers, but our Pharmacy is really working hard to take care of our customers.

From our Pharmacist Milton Keen down to Pharmacy Techs such as Stephanie Bolton. We are all going out of our way to help each customer the best we can. Our local police department, along with our Fire Department and Triple A Ambulances are working to ensure our community is listening to the state wide precautions and doing their best to help anyone they can .

These are the heroes. We are thankful for each one. I am praying this will be over with soon.

– Maria, Picayune MS

Our Church and School Haven’t Stopped Working

I just can’t believe how people have pulled together to bring a sense of normalcy into the lives of people in our community.  I actually have 2 situations that have had a huge impact on me.

First, our pastor Kathy Popp from Everett Zion Lutheran Church has been working diligently to not only bring us church service in our homes but also bible studies during the week. Just knowing that although we are far apart, we can worship together and lift our spirits during this difficult time. She and council members are also working on putting together an elaborate virtual Palm and Easter Sunday Service.

Second, I would like to recognize the school district that I am proud to be a part of.  Forbes Road School District in Pa may be small, but we are mighty!!! With the limited internet access that our students have, we have been able to provide quality continuing education to all of our students. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the prospect of our Seniors missing their graduation, we have all pulled together to deliver graduation messages to them.  Our Librarian and High School Guidance Counselor (Amanda Brown and Courtney Hykes) are putting together a slide show of these student’s school memories with encouraging comments and videos from teachers. I am proud to be part of such a loving, caring school district.

– Amanda, Waterfall PA

Our Parents Are The Real All-Stars

We have a nurse, teacher, and first responder as parents on our Baseball team. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of, from delivering food to kids, taking care of elderly, and ensuring that the city wastewater plant is operating properly. It is all of the little things that make the biggest impacts. Thank you for all you do!

– Dustin, Macomb IL

Those Behind The Scenes Make A Big Difference

I work at Sampson Regional Medical Center.  We are a rural hospital in the middle of North Carolina.  We have many heroes here. Yes, you are right the medical staff, cafeteria staff, housekeeping the list goes on and on.

I just want to add the group that no one else has mentioned.  That group is our top administrators and materials management team, who have been working tirelessly day and night to acquire the supplies our staff will need.  They started this process long before we knew much about the pandemic.  They followed CDC guidelines to prepare and prepare quickly.  Their quick action has Sampson Regional in a good place to help our community and others when needed.

Our CEO Dr. Shawn Howerton has shared some of our supplies with our local clinics so they too can be safe and assist with some of the COVID-19  testing.  We appreciate our doctor, nurses and all support staff, but sometimes there are many behind the scenes who work very hard to provide those needed supplies and have difficulty when they can’t meet those demands.

– Judy, Clinton NC

Ex Military Saluting Our Medical Professionals

I would like to salute my wife and daughter. Both licensed and active nurses. Being ex military, I am very aware of the terms dedication and commitment. I have witnessed them work countless tiresome hours with limited or no supplies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others. Today I salute you and other medical professionals across this great country and world.

– Anthony, Smithfield NC

My Sister In Law Has Been My Hero

I want to personally thank my sister-in-law Deanna because she has helped me through my pregnancy. I’m 20 weeks pregnant, she’s a nurse and also a single mother with six children. She still goes to work every day to fight this pandemic, and when she gets time she drops off supplies and helps me with my pregnancy and my two boys. She’s an amazing person and a great mother.

– Brittney, Syracuse NY

My Daughter’s Hard Work Has Been Inspiring

My daughter works for the local grocery store. She has to work no matter what and they have her changing departments as needed.

She also does her grandma’s shopping after work. She picks up her shopping list and card, works all day then does the shopping and drop off. My mom’s apartment does not allow visitors so she has to call just before getting there to drop everything off.

She doesn’t complain, and knows what she is doing is a real help.

– Shawn, Muskegon MI

The Honeycutts Are Helping Throughout NC

I can provide you with many stories. However one couple that sticks out is Mr. and Mrs. Honeycutt of Fayetteville NC. This couple has been donating food to shelters along with providing clothing, and in some instances cash to families suffering from coronavirus.

Their helping hand doesn’t just stop in Fayetteville but extends throughout the state of NC. We as Americans need to do all we can to help during this time. This is when American spirit is tested the most. I ask all of our fellow Americans that want to help the Honeycutts and other teams in their mission to give a helping hand.

– Luis, Roseboro NC

Learning To Teach In A Whole New Way

I am a first grade teacher at St. Mary’s School in Pontiac, Illinois. I have been working from home for over two weeks and trying to continue to  teach my first graders the necessary material in order to succeed in future grade levels.

Coming up with ideas to help the students move forward in their material and not overwhelm them has been difficult.  It is harder to teach with E-learning than to go in to a classroom and teach. I am using internet based programs and videos to enhance my students skills while providing them opportunities on paper and in their home environment to practice the skills taught for the day.

This has been very stressful on me and my fellow teachers because we are learning to teach in a whole new way than all of us have ever done before. My students send me pictures of them working, praying, playing, and completed work so that I can keep tabs on them.

We are going to do a google meet soon, so that they can all see each other and talk to one another.  I miss my students and hope that one day soon I will be able to see them personally again before the end of the school year. I am also going to try to provide my students with a treat some day soon.

– Anne, Pontiac IL

Our Infection Control Nurse Keeps Us Safe

I work a rural level 4 trauma center as an ER RN in Livingston County KY.  Here at Livingston Hospial and Healthcare services we have the best infection control nurse, Jessica Head.  Jessica spends countless hours keeping up to date on this virus.  She also does her best to keep us supplied with the proper equipment to keep us on the frontlines safe.  Because of her we feel good about coming to work everyday. If we didn’t have Jessica, I don’t think we would be as prepared as we are.

Little rural hospitals are often forgotten and not helped like the bigger hospitals in nearby towns.  In a time like this, Jessica needs to know how much she truly is appreciated.  We couldn’t do what we do without her and this is why she needs to be recognised and rewarded.

– Christa, Livingston KY

My Family Has Put Others First

It brings a great comfort and smile to my face that my niece Heather, my daughter in law Jessica, all three of my sons, Jeremy, Chad and Shane work essentials jobs. They put themselves in the frontline every day during this pandemic.

Every day they and myself worry about bringing the virus home to their families. They keep their heads up and continue doing their jobs to help others, fully knowing that they can be infected any day. I’m so very proud of each one of them.

– Tina, Newbern TN

I Work 3 Jobs To Keep Others Safe At Home

I am an essential employee. I work 3 jobs and during this time and all 3 are opened. Firstly, let’s start out with my job as a front desk agent at a hotel, we are housing people who have no choice but to work.

I am also an instacarter, I shop for and deliver groceries to those who can’t get out. I am also a doordasher so I will deliver hot food to people as well.

Every job is essential. I may not be a medical professional or a first responder nor will I take anything away from them and their acts of heroism. They are doing everything they can on the front lines, but I’m right behind them helping the ones that are quarantined.

It gives me great satisfaction to know that instead of a person being out there risking contracting the virus, I can make sure they get what they need and stay in where they can remain healthy.

– Lindsay, McKeesport, PA

Keeping My Clients Healthy and Safe

I am a caregiver and still continue to work due to my clients needing help with their daily tasks, along with their doctor’s appointments and taking trips to the grocery store. We have been working hard to provide them with food, medication, and  keeping them healthy in this rough time.

– Laura, Grandview WA

Sewing Masks For Those In Need

I went out and bought a sewing machine so I could learn to sew and help make masks for individuals and nursing homes who need them.

– Andrea, Ontario CA

Thank You To Everyone On The Front Lines

I work for a police department and ALL of our officers are protected, safe, and healthy.  This crisis has given me a chance to reflect on how precious life really is.

I do thank those that are on the front lines in the medical field (including my personal doctor).  They are not just proving that they are heroes but they are proving that they are not quitters. When many would have said, I don’t want to be exposed to the virus, they said, I have a job to do.  So to them I say God bless you and your families.

– Stephanie, Akron OH

Distributing Food Packages

We are Gods Chuckwagon, a Mobile soup kitchen. We serve hot meals to people on the streets, 3 days a week in 12 different communities.

Due to the corona virus we have not been out serving ( the pastor has COPD ). Last year we served over 11,000 meals to those in need.

Since we are not out among the people we are doing our best to help, we are distributing emergency food packages and will be giving Easter Care packages as well.

– Janet, Coal Township PA

My Daughter Is A Real Hero

I’d like to thank my daughter Tameka Miller, who is a nurse. During this Covid-19 pandemic she is going around and checking on people, helping with food and medicine and other necessities. She is a real hero.

– Sandra, Tyler TX

We’re Here For Our Students

Throughout this COVID19 pandemic, the teachers and staff of Park Ridge Academic Magnet School ( PRAMS )have selflessly supported students, parents, and each other.

As a 1st year teacher,  I never understood the importance of teamwork, until March 13th. My principal called all staff into a meeting to inform us we would not be returning to school, Monday. Teachers had to prepare lessons and packets, at a moment’s notice.

The teachers and staff of PRAMS banded together for an easier transition into Distant Learning. We worked over the weekend to print packets and finalize parental information. We will remain a source of encouragement and support to both parents and students COVID19 pandemic or not.

– Jessica, Baton Rouge LA

Sharing Internet Access With My Neighborhood

I have a 12 year old son at home, and due to this Pandemic I have come to realize that not everybody is fortunate enough to have access to the internet. To help out around my neighborhood, I went out and knocked on peoples doors and provided them with my network ID Name, and password.

Times are very hard right now for everybody, and I believe that lending a helping hand to my community will bring smiles to many faces. We are all in this together and we will get through this!!

– Tiffany, Providence RI

Making Fabric Masks For Children’s Hospital

My group of friends and I have been making fabric masks and giving them to a local children’s hospital where our friend works as a nurse in the cancer wing.

– Lindsey, Des Moines IA

Handing Out Blessing Bags to The Less Fortunate

Besides caring for sick children in the pediatric unit, I work full time and am currently battling liver cancer. I stood at an area where it is common for those in need to ask for food or money. I handed out blessing bags with protein bars, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers and hand sanitizer.

– Lynn, Saginaw MI

Teaching My Students Online In Our Virtual Classroom

I am a teacher. We are having online morning meetings with our students. Emailing families for activities, some that can be printed out and some are accessible on the computers. We hold story time. It’s hard because not everyone has internet. I still have some parents without email addresses.

The kids seem happy when we are in our virtual classroom. The kids are happy to see their friends and it makes it easier for them to understand they’re not the only ones staying home and being safe with their families.

– Jodi, Baldwinville MA

We Can Get Through This Together

I’m one of those on the front line working and caring for those that are sick. Praying we all get thought this and for a fast recovery.I pray that as I help others I don’t get my own children sick in the meantime too.

On my day off, I check in on a few older residents in my neighborhood and I make trips to grocery stores for things they may need. I think that if we all work together we can get through this with a positive outcome.Every little bit helps.

– Sonya, Allentown PA

My Dad Is Supporting Our Family

I am 12 years old, and my dad is working every day to help keep the inmates at a federal prison safe from the virus. He does this to support our family while my mom is furloughed from work.

– Billy, Yankton SD

I Am Dedicated To Caring For Others


I have been caring for the elderly since before I was licensed in 2014

I work a memory care center in Pottawatomie County. My passion for caring for others is something I was born with. Even during these tough times, I show up for my residents because I realize that I may be one of the last people they see before they physically leave this Earth.

I am a servant

I am a care giver

I am dedicated to keeping my residents in good spirits during this time

– Shantel, Shawnee OK

Flecia Cooke Has Gone Above & Beyond

Flecia Cooke is an excellent teacher and has been well noted for this by many.

Even during this time where she is not allowed to be in the classroom, she is not only teaching from home, but she has started her own “Reading With Aunt Flecia” online story time.

This jewel of a teacher has gone above and beyond her call of duty. She is truly a “Treasured Teacher”.

Thank you Flecia! We Love you and what you do!

– Ruth, Charlotte NC

Helping The Elderly With Whatever They Need

I work at my local hospital. We are all doing our part to help the elderly with getting their meds and making sure they have what they need.

I will give the candles to a patient as a sign I am here for them if they need me.

– Darla, Manning IA