Active Fundraising Ideas for the Holidays

Fundraising ideas for the holidays

Although the holidays generally are not the best time of year to put on a fundraiser, it is possible to run a successful campaign. Money may be tight for many at Christmas or Easter but they are still seasons for healthy contributions.

Donors get a lot of mail from charities during these holidays. However there are activities you can do to take advantage of these seasons and help out your school or non profit organization.

Carol Signing

This active fundraising idea is a lot of fun to do and despite a few practice sessions there is little money invested. Gather a few singers together and practice a few Christmas carols. Approach malls, community centers, hotels restaurants and old age homes a few weeks before Christmas.

Selling/Decorating Christmas Trees

Many non profits organizations get involved with selling Christmas trees. You can buy Christmas trees at bulk and sell them for profit. One of the key ideas is to get your lot situated with a lot of traffic and to book it early. Find a place to hang a sign advertising your non profit or school group. There will be competition but with a little preparation you can make money.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays a lot of people are squeezed for time to put up and decorate Christmas trees. You can arrange a time and a price to come over and put up the donors tree. For an additional price you could even sell a tree to them, bring it over and decorate it. This is a great opportunity to offer a service that isn’t being marketed.

Easter Egg Hunt

Talk to a local park or playground about booking the premises for an Easter egg hunt. With a little advance preparation you can get some exposure in local papers to advertise your non profit event. Open this Easter fundraiser to the public and sell tickets. The money raised would go to purchasing your chocolates and other supplies. Not only would this generate revenue for you put create great press for your cause.

Professional Fundraising Companies

No matter what if it is Christmas or Easter there are specially produced catalogues that are available to you from professional fundraising companies. These catalogues will have items tailor made for you for your fundraising needs. Search the web for a fundraising company and contact them for more information.

Collecting money during Christmas and Easter may take a little more tactical thinking but there are opportunities still to be had.