Getting to What Needs to be done in Tough Economic Times

There are only ways that you and your charity or school fundraising organization are going to get through this recession. By ducking your head and not coming out till it is over or getting on with what needs to be done.

The question really is how do you continue to bring in new revenue during a downturn in the economy? By continuing to be proactive during this recession will eventually place you in a better position when it is over.

Keep on the Move
Communicate with your donors. You don’t have to spend a lot to accomplish this. Little gestures like sending out updates on your fundraising efforts and how the money is being spent will keep your organization fresh in their minds. Make sure to emphasize the emotional part of your work by telling them how their continued support of your charity of fundraiser is changing lives. Show the donor how the money contributed is being put to good use and this will ensure their continued support.

Be Honest in Communications
Don’t hide the fact that your organization is going through tough times. This won’t come as a surprise to your donors. Show them how you are meeting challenges with courage. Meet with your donors when they have time. Show them respect as they are shareholders in your non profit corporation.

Often just by keeping people informed and by being honest your donors will respect you and continue to support you.

Continue to Fundraise
You will need a continuous flow of money to keep your organization solvent. More capitol is needed to keep the services that you have and well as any option of adding new ones. Increased importance should be put on fundraising

Contact long term supporters through the year while updating them on how the school or organization has been responsible with past donations; ask for more. Research professional fundraising companies on the web and contact them looking for ideas that would best generate money and represent your organization. Ask these potential partners who will take care of shipping? What products generate the most money for your type of organization? How long should the fundraising campaign be and what have similar organizations sold before?

There is no real trick to keeping going in an economic downturn. You need forward motion, honesty and a game plan to keep things moving. The more active your charitable organization is now the better positioned they will be once the recession is over.