Christmas Fundraising Campaign Ideas

With the Christmas season fast approaching, there are ways to tie gift giving in with your fundraising goals. A Christmas fundraising campaign is a concern with some schools and charitable organizations, but it is possible to make it work. With a change of thinking you can combine fundraising with providing Christmas shopping to potential donors.

Preparing For Your Christmas Parties

Many professional fundraising companies provide special catalogues that are available for the Christmas season. These catalogues range from the basics of chocolate and snacks to holiday crafts and gifts.

The season is a yearly wrap up and booster for businesses and schools. So many parties are held that food is an obvious choice to buy. Chocolates are available for the season in a wide variety. Some professional fundraising companies offer chocolates in the $9.00 to $13.00 range. These chocolates are a little fancier than the usual fundraising chocolate bars. Chocolate almond bark, chocolate covered peanuts, fudge and vanilla peanut butter cups are among the styles available.

The fundraising campaigns are simple to be run. The fundraising participants take orders and the money from the donors. The orders are placed with the fundraising company for the exact amount of product. Then the product is delivered promptly to the donor. There is no storing of extra and no intricate bookkeeping required.

Christmas Crafts

If there are no Christmas parties in your donors horizon the chances are good they will still need to buy presents. The seasonal catalogues that are available to your participants are filled with great Christmas ideas.

The gifts available cover just about every age group and gender. For the ladies there are elegant poinsettia picture frames, tea light candles, bracelets and earrings. Also personalized picture frames for mother and grandmother. For the guys there are character tie racks and for the do it your selfer in the family multi function tape measures.

In addition the fundraisers Christmas catalogue has items for around the house. Microwavable trays, ultra grip jar openers, address books, calendars and ornamented trinket boxes. Then of course who could not use wrapping paper and ribbons at Christmas?

Christmas fundraising Options

There are still opportunities to be had for the school fundraising campaign at Christmas. Instead of feeling like everyone is spending money on gifts and won’t have extra money left over, simply combine the two ideas.