4 Students Raise $2,300 With Cookie Dough Fundraiser

colombia exchange group

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“Hola- We represent Maple Grove Senior High Spanish Club. This Club has a long history of being part of a host-family exchange program with schools in Bogota, Colombia. When we advertised this year’s itinerary, 10 students immediately signed on but under one condition-that we do some fundraising. As a new chaperone up for this exchange program, I had no idea where to start with Fundraising. So, we did a Google search and I found JustFundraising.com. I decided to go with the easiest item- Cookie Dough. I was able to sign up immediately and print out order forms. I gave them to my 10 charged- After 3 weeks of selling, we placed an order for 230 tubs of cookie dough-$2,300 retail! And this was done by 4 participants. Out of 5 different fundraising events- JustFundraising.com cookie dough fundraiser has been by far the easiest and most profitable!