Teaching Students Life Skills Through Fundraising

Fundraising activities may be held after school or on the weekends but as a teacher it is still a good opportunity to teach kids. Here are a few traits that can be instilled in students through what they experience doing charity work. For the students that are willing to spend a little time with you the experiences you can give them are well worth it.


The ability to relate to other people and their hardships opens the heart. This has become a me centered society but by focusing the attention on someone else it helps establish balance in your life. It has been proven that by volunteering people experience a “Helpers High” a documented good feeling people get from just lending a hand. So yes, there is a payoff. Also by being in service to another it helps to give you a break from your own problems.

The Meaning of Community

With the modern fast paced lifestyle and uncertain financial times ahead volunteers have to spend more time looking after their own before getting involved with charities. It is a great time to get kids involved in helping out. They may not be thrilled at first but the seed has been planted.

Public Speaking And Sales

One of the greatest fears that people have is speaking in front of others. This fear is so common that it ranks up there with the fear of death. Imagine the confidence this can instill by conquering this. By approaching potential donors and talking about your charity and how your organization will spend the money the student will get practice talking and interacting with people. People skills are considered soft skills but by talking and leading people you aquire leadership skills and they are highly valued in today’s workforce.

Entrepreneurial Skills

If you can get a student to take part in fundraising this is a great experience for them to work for themselves. If a teacher is able to take them under their wing they can see the amount of money coming in and the decisions that have to be made regarding how it funds certain projects and how some will not make the cut. Show them the ordering of products, shipping and handling considerations, the tally from the street team and they will get a sense of the finer points of running a business.