Preparing for a K:12 Fundraising Campaign

Every school year it’s the same thing. With school budgets these days the financing covers the essentials like teachers salaries, books and select pieces of equipment. After the money is divvied up among the necessities, there isn’t much left over for sports, music or trips.

There is more importance placed on fundraisers to help make up the gap to keep Schools going. Whether you are a student activist, parent, teacher here are a few quick tips to help you start a successful fundraising campaign.

Pick the Right Goal

Before taking any serious look into fundraising for your schools check their fundraising policies. In some K-12 schools you may need approval from the student union, the principal or even the school district superintendent.

Which goal is the most important to your school this year? What item, trip, activity or charity is the school most passionate about right now? The opposite might be true, what is it that nobody seems to be looking after? Petition the teachers and students to find out what most interests them.

Take a walk around the school grounds is it soccer balls that need replacing. Does the Library need new books and computers? Is the music department looking for new instruments and uniforms? After selecting a few potential items call the suppliers for these items to find out the replacement costs. By calling a few of these businesses will insure you get the best deal available. This information will give you the campaigns financial goal.

Partner Up

Head to the Internet and do some research on professional fundraising companies. These companies will offer you a hand and experience creating a money making campaign. Ask these companies for ideas on how you and your fundraising participants can hope to raise your money. These companies will give you feedback on what campaigns will generate the most money considering the age of your participants, the area being canvassed, the amount of money you want to put into your campaign.

Also consult your potential professional fundraising company and ask them who pays for shipping of the items? Are there any organizational tips they can give you for collecting money and delivering the item?

Pedal to the Metal

With a plan in place, gather up support from volunteers at the school, teachers and the PTA. If you have put all this together and shown this much initiative you just may be able to get your parents involved too! Now your on your way to getting your school fundraising going.