Cookie Dough for Band Fundraising

Getting to play music in school is an experience you’ll take with you for a long time. Music becomes a life long passion for some and even if you don’t get to play professionally it’s always a great pastime. Playing in school is a great way to improve with your instrument as well as a social tool.
School bands are always under funded. If the school board is making cuts it’s usually the first on the chopping block. Fundraising is more important to schools helping them provide instruments, uniforms and traveling. Your school probably holds fundraisers to help with these costs and we’ve come up with some ideas for you teachers and parents for new ideas for this year’s band fundraising campaign.
Campaign Choices
Consult with a professional fundraising company to see what options are available to you for a campaign. It’s been noted that the most successful fundraising campaigns are product related. Your choice is if you would like to sell something to collect the money up front or to place and order to be delivered later.
The cookie dough campaign is a great example of an order taker campaign. The student gets the order and that exact number of cookie dough tubs is shipped. There’s never left over product, which you’ve paid for.
Cookie Dough is the Way to Go
One of the most popular campaigns over the past couple of years has been cookie dough sales. The cookie dough sales can produce some of the highest profits in the industry. The dough comes in different flavours and actually has zero grams of trans fat! The tubs are easy to store and can be thawed and re frozen. Some professional fundraising companies have the cookie dough tubs in pre-proportioned varieties. All you do is place on the cookie tray and in the oven!
The Cookie Dough Fundraising Procedure
The volunteers can collect orders selling door to door or by setting up booths at school or the mall. The orders are tallied by the team lead that calls in to the fundraising company. Once the order is shipped the fundraising participants deliver the product and you’re done.
Put on a Precision Campaign
Your band puts on one maybe two fundraising campaigns a year. For the 2-3 weeks that they last you need to get the maximum return in the time you have. Call a professional fundraising company to help you raise the money needed to keep your band playing.